Playboy Beauty – In the Mood gloss, Amaretto Tease liquid luxe lipstick, Velvet Body Balm Reviews

Playboy Beauty capitalizes on the aspirational Playboy lifestyle and its place in American history by extending its brand portfolio with a sensual line of color cosmetics and beauty products.Women are invited to experience Playboy Beauty through fresh colors, textures and finishes. This multi-functional line rouses the five senses with cutting-edge innovation and novel product categories. From girl-next-door sex appeal to modern-day siren, Playboy Beauty allows you to express your every personality!

Now, let me tell you what I thought about Playboy Beauty’s line!

Talk about a fun and indulgent beauty line! Playboy’s empire is so vast that they even have a full line of beauty products, which are adorned with their trademark bunny, and of course, denoted by playful names. I tried four different products, but I have to say my favorite was their mood gloss in In the Mood ($18), because it had a delightful scent of cinnamon spice, subtle color, but it stained so well. It really did react “with the natural PH of [my] lips” to give me a great pink hue. I’ve really been on the hunt for a good lip stain, so this was well-timed!

I haven’t tried many liquid lipsticks in my time, so I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed by Liquid Luxe in Amaretto Tease ($16.00). Besides coming in an adorable bunny-topped tube, the color itself is a gorgeous plummy brown, but it’s not so brown that it’s not wearable for me. It’s a dark, sultry color, a bit vampy, but only slightly. I also tried their long-wear eyeliner pen in Wanna See My Tan Lines? ($18) which is a a rich dark brown, and it really is like a pen, so it helps you with accomplishing precision. I definitely like a pen point more than some of the brushes I’ve used in the past for liquid liner!

Velvet Body Balm in Balm Shell ($24) is such a great pearlized body and face highlighter. It’s smooth, ultra-sheer, and has subtle shimmer. You won’t find yourself turned into a frosty mess in the slightest! It has a natural look, and I love that it dries to a vevlet finish. I’ll definitely be putting this on my shoulders and cheekbones for holiday parties!

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