Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipsticks, Lip Kits, & Everything Kit for Holiday 2016

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick
Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick

Turn your lips on and make your mouth a metaphysical masterpiece with this six-piece kit. Satisfy your cravings for unorthodox glamour and experience altered states of lip luxury with these cult classics. Let the ritual begin in one swipe, and lay down a velvety rich canvas of color. Wear these lush, matte shades on lips alone, or combine them to create immaculate, custom ombré effects. Glide on the Clear Vinyl Gloss over the matte lipstick for miraculous shine that will leave your lips dripping in decadence. Layer the Metallic Gold Pigment over lipstick, gloss, or both for dramatic intensity. Then press on the Microfine Glitters for an enchanting look.

Now online for VIB/VIB Rouges, September 8th for everyone

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The Details

Lust 004 Lipstick, $25.00 (Limited Edition)

Turn your lips on and make your mouth a metaphysical masterpiece with Lust 004. Let this lip color satisfy your cravings for unorthodox glamour and experience lip luxury with this cult classic. Let the ritual begin with one swipe with Matte Trance. Lay down a velvety rich canvas of color, slipping the lush, matte lipstick over lips.

  • Blood 1 Red
  • Blood 2 Burgundy
  • Flesh 1 Peach
  • Flesh 2 Brown
  • Venom 1 Red
  • Venom 2 Deep red

Lust 004 Lipstick Kit, $60.00 (Limited Edition)

A five-piece kit of perverse lip paraphernalia that features two sinfully pigmented matte lipsticks, a clear vinyl gloss, a metallic gold pigment, and a mesmerizing microfine glitter.

  • Bloodwine Blood 1, Blood 2, Clear Viny Gloss, Metallic Gold Pigment, Blood Microfine Glitter
  • Flesh Flesh 1, Flesh 2, Clear Viny Gloss, Metallic Gold Pigment, Flesh Microfine Glitter
  • Vermillion Venom Venom 1, Venom 2, Clear Vinyl Gloss, Metallic Gold Pigment, Venom Microfine Glitter

Lust 004 Everything, $150.00 (Limited Edition)

A kit of perverse lip paraphernalia featuring six sinfully pigmented matte lipsticks, a clear vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment, and three mesmerizing microfine glitters.

  • Lipsticks Flesh 1, Flesh 2, Venom 1, Venom 2, Blood 1, Blood 2
  • Viny Gloss Clear
  • Pigment Metallic gold
  • Microfine Glitter Flesh, Venom, Blood

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick
Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick
Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick
Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick

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Got my everything kit this morning, i’m very very excited to get it! Originally only planned on getting the red glitter kit, but then I saw the gold/nude on a model and it changed my mind, so pretty!

I don’t know how I feel about Pat’s stuff. For one the price is ridiculous. Yet I like that she is putting the price at what she thinks it’s worth and that’s how you do it right but EH!!

I like that this particular set can be broken up into two different sets for I think $60 a piece and that’s pretty sweet of a deal.

I am getting annoyed with the price hike of cosmetics due to popularity because that’s what it is. Am I overreacting Christine? It really seems like they have raised the price on cosmetics in general about $5 + even with drug store brands and it’s crazy. I wish I didn’t work in retail like I did to understand cost v sell price because it ruins how I see products.

Will you be getting this?

The price is ouch and everything sells out in the blink of an eye so buying feels like pure reaction to hype. I have avoided thus far. That being said, I really haven’t done any serious homework on this line so I truly have no idea. It gets under my skin like TF limited editions..that whole love/hate thang.

I’m with you, the whole limited edition gets to me. Like why not just make it regular…what’s with the urgency to have only a few sell out then restock down the line; that’s not limited edition that’s limited selling lol.

I definitely agree, Mo. Having worked the other side of the counter, even though over 30 years ago, pretty much taints my perspective on the price points going up, up, up every time I turn around. Especially since we know the true value as opposed to MSRP.

It’s really difficult. I can’t buy anything; clothes, shoes, etc. without thinking of the cost price first. Once you know it, you never forget it.

Ack, I’m so with you again. Soon to be fall here, and I’m looking at fall coats; just a topper really, and my mouth is hanging open agape like a carp at the price of a thinner wool longcoats and ponchos. If I wanted synthetic clothes, I could easily grab something for next to nothing. It seems I’m either spending 100 bucks or 1,000 bucks. CRAZY.

I ordered Bloodwine (Kit) as soon as I got the in stock email this morning. I went back and forth between Bloodwine and Venom but thought that Venom looked “warmer”. I also liked the glitter better in the Bloodwine Kit. I’m hoping it does well since some of her product releases have been hit or miss.

Which do you think are misses? The colors of 002 were not really my style, but for a high end/not everyday look, I think they are pretty awesome. 003 seems to have been very highly reviewed. 001 was practically impossible to get!

Krista, I missed 001 so I can’t comment. On 002 I got the copper and fuchsia; both are very pigmented but the copper does not apply as it swatched. the copper is more of a pink-copper (which for me was fine but I know others were not happy). On the 003 release I got both sets, the brush was absolutely awful. It was rough, did a poor job of blending, and had bristle fall-out. The stick highlighter was so-so – not really better than other products “out there”. The highlighters were also ok, just not great. I think my biggest issue was the cost for the products. i felt that for the cost, the products should have been better quality. Bloodwine is scheduled to be delivered to me today. I’ll be swatching it and posting the swatches on my Instagram/Twitter.

I ordered the “everything” kit this morning. I LOVE my highlighters from the 003 release – I bought both, and wear them every day (sometimes just the stick, sometimes just the powder, sometimes both). Also I really admire Pat- she’s the finest living makeup artist, IMHO. She does ART – not just glamour looks (nothing wrong with a straight glamour look, but she goes next level and invents new ideas).

I ordered the everything kit I’m pretty excited about it!On the launch day her website crashed but all the Everything sets sold out immediately.I really wish she would bring back Fetish 003 because I have the Nude one and the balm is almost gone I use it so much and I never got a chance to buy the Gold.They are the prettiest highlighters!!

Whoa. These are innovative and artsy as heck. I do love the concept, as my own brain cooks up some fairly conceptual looks that can get both admiration AND funny looks! But uber mucho glitter lips on a 57 y.o. woman? Oh well, they’ll get over it! I *might* go for Venom. ?

Uber mucho glitter lips on a 57 y.o. woman? Hell yes, if that’s what you want to wear! It’s funny; I was just saying yesterday to a friend that one of the great things about getting older (I’ll be 60 in January) is that one truly doesn’t GAF about other peoples’ opinions regarding one’s choice of lifestyle, clothing, makeup, etc. etc. I mean, look at Pat Field and Vivienne Westwood, to name only two of the many fabulous older female icons in the beauty/fashion biz. “They’ll” get over it, indeed lol. I’m looking at the Bloodwine kit myself 😉

Go for it Nancy T- trust me! You know and I know- that Pat McGrath creates trends- she doesn’t follow them. You will see this look everywhere in the months to come. No, you don’t eat glitter all night long, and dry & patchy? Nah, not buying it.
I tweaked my application a bit after talking to a few insiders, but you’ll figure it out in a flash. Venom is brighter compared to Bloodwine, but both are gorgeous.

I just don’t like the packaging she uses – and I don’t just mean the sequins, which annoy me enormously. They look like testers that you see in behind the scenes photos from beauty companies when they try out new colors. I don’t know – maybe that appeals to some. Not taking product quality into account; I’ve never tried her line and I do respect her work as an artist – I just see a major disconnect between pricing and packaging that makes zero sense to me.

I think this is a niche product that has a very narrow targeted appeal. I’ve seen numerous pictures of these kits put to use and invariably the models’ lips look rough, dry, and flaky. Not a good look. As for price, you’re paying to own a bit of Pat’s legend.

Could go for the four red lips only, minus the kit shtick, but really, how different could they be? That would be a Ben, and I already ordered from Mac and visited Ulta for a couple of 1/2 price Lorac blushes today. Plus, I’d be a cranky little lizard, to go on Sephora and see them gone. Which they probably are. Begone, hype and overdrive!

I ordered the Flesh 2 shade, as it looked like a good MLBB color for fall. Also just really curious about her line. I’m a little concerned that the color name is Brown. Brown?!? Did not see this on the Sephora site. Hopefully this is more mauve than brown.

If you haven’t received your lipstick yet, I love the Flesh 2 shade. I’ts a bit warmer and rosier; a solid mauve in my book. I’m medium-fair with light eyes and dark hair, and this color looks fantastic on me.

Nothing about any of her stuff appeals to me. The price is too high for cheap looking product and the sequins would annoy me. Eating glitter does not sound appealing, either. To each their own.?

I admire Pat’s work, she’s so talented, and I’m curious about her products, but I want to see swatches and reviews first, but since everything sells out in 2 secs, hard to get a hold of anything. But it’s good to see different price points here, some more affordable too than the original launch, which was an $80 highlighter kit. But with so many A rated lippies this year, I don’t feel the need to spend $25 on lipstick with no swatches or reviews. And while the metallic lip glitter looks gorgeous and creative on the models in a runway show, I don’t have any place to wear it, and I’m not sure how I can eat or drink anything without also eating glitter and sequins. Hmm, maybe that will be a good diet. If I glue some glitter and sequins on my lips, I won’t be able to eat anything, and I’ll be as skinny as those models ! 😉

I don’t have an opinion on the products but this ad copy is just wild.

“make your mouth a metaphysical masterpiece” (ok as someone with a philosophy degree this is just killing me.)

“experience altered states of lip luxury” (is it lipstick or lsd???)

Wow! I have always WANTED to be “a metaphysical masterpiece….dripping with decadence…” but had no idea how to make it happen. I will buy!

I received my everything kit from the original launch on her site a couple of weeks ago. The lipsticks are amazing. The colors are beautiful. They are creamy, matte perfection. Opaque in one swipe. Still plenty of color on my lips 8+ hours later (although faded after eating, drinking, etc.).

I know the kit is expensive but for the amount of stuff you get and the quality, it’s really wonderful.

I got my LUST 004 LIPSTICK KIT in Flesh today! I had fun playing around with it. The 2 flesh lipsticks and clear gloss can be worn every day. The gold pigment (and I mean OMG it’s GOLD) is nice to mix with the gloss or even used as a highlighter or eyeshadow. The microfine glitter is ssooo pretty. Patting it on my lips took some practice but my lips dazzled!

I actually got the Venom set simply because the lipsticks themselves are beautifully pigmented. And I’m not gonna lie – the gold pigment will be used on my eyes (although that liquid gold look with the gloss is gorgeous). The glitter, well….it’s a gimmick, but maybe I’ll feel silly at some point and try it. 🙂

Oh man, I’m gonna be sooooo broke ? First I thought I wanted the gold set (fetish) then I saw a video of someone using the bloodwine kit, and I couldn’t decide….so I bought the everything kit ? I better pick up an OT shift at work lol

I am very intrigued but have some concerns. What happens if you swallow that glitter? Is it any safer or at least has smaller particles than MAC reflects? Is it marked safe for use on eyelids? There used to be a brand with safe glitter by Tony and Tina, I believe. It would dissolve if swallowed or if it gets in water. Someone said that no one else is making safe glitter anymore. Is it still true?

Hello. Can anyone recommend a good dupe for Flesh 2? I tried to buy it from Sephora but they don’t ship to where I’m at. 🙁
Thanks in advance!

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