Hourglass Surreal Light Ambient Lighting Edit for Holiday 2016

Hourglass Surreal Light Ambient Lighting Edit for Holiday 2016
Hourglass Surreal Light Ambient Lighting Edit for Holiday 2016

Discover the most covetable Ambient® Light yet. Introducing Surreal Light – a sheer nude powder evoking the magic hour of perfect lighting where the sun brings the softest, most flattering glow to the complexion. These never-before-released shades of powder, bronzer, blushes and highlighter are available exclusively this holiday season.

Now available to Sephora VIB/VIB Rouges

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The Details

Surreal Light Holiday 2016 Ambient Lighting Edit, $80.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Surreal Light (Ambient Lighting Powder) Sheer nude powder evoking the magic hour of perfect lighting
  • Surreal Bronze (Ambient Lighting Bronzer) Neutral tan shade fused with Surreal Light
  • Surreal Glow (Ambient Lighting Blush) Pale peony pink blush mixed with Surreal Light
  • Surreal Effect (Ambient Lighting Blush) Cool, pink rose fused with a soft, warm peach
  • Surreal Strobe Light (Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder) Glimmering peach powder imparting an alluring highlight

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I’m curious how much product is in there for $80. I remember the last $80 palette was a really bad value, and upset a number of potential customers, so let’s hope Hourglass has learned their lesson

Yup – I was one of them. I was all set to rush out and buy that palette til I read how overpriced it was, and at a time when most other companies are offering a bit of extra value to us. And as I said below, I’ve not purchased a single Hourglass item since. I should probably write to them (a paper letter, not just an email) telling them this!

I haven’t purchased a single hourglass product since the holiday palette and for that reason , when I hit pan I was absolutely devistated i couldn’t believe how quickly I went through it , I liked 2/3 shades one more so than the other but mixed them together , and I had to depot them so that I could finish off the remaining of the product that was kinda hard to get to with any sized brush , I haven’t used much of the bronzer or blush , but I do really like the 1 out of the 2 blushes . I wish I could some how buy singles just to replace the product I used in the palette cause after those two powders are completely used up it will make the palette itself look sad . I didn’t mind the product itself but if I can find a similar product , better value for more product i will totally get it

I wonder if they’d change their tactics if enough people wrote to them and actively complained about this, pointing out that all the competition offers something a little extra (rather than a whole lot LESS) at this time of year. There are enough makeup lovers just here at Temptalia who are ticked off by this. So few people actually complain right to the source (I’m totally guilty of this) but I bet if they were to hear from, say, 100 people, their PR folks would realize just how many that 100 represents and maybe change. Maybe it wouldn’t make a bit of difference but maybe it would. I did notice that last year’s palette didn’t sell out in store at Sephora for months and that’s an unusual thing….generally, LE holiday stuff flies off the shelves. But for now, honestly, I’m much more likely to give my loonies and toonies to Becca if I want glowing blushes or to UD or Sephora for highlighting type powders.

I complained last year! Sent a very cordial email expressing my thoughts on the palette and how I felt unappreciated as a loyal customer. I NEVER got a reply. Which left me feeling even worse!

Brina (there doesn’t seem to be “reply” link under your post), this sort of confirms for me that Hourglass’s attitude is that they simply don’t care a fig and that there are enough customers out there who’ll be suckered in that they really don’t need to bother with us. That’s why I think a mass written letter campaign to their head of Marketing or PR or Sales might actually get some notice…if there were enough of them.

Moi, aussi. Only mood gets any love here. Haven’t succumbed since the original palette, and only one of those looks good, and that only in summer. Kind of a regret on the original. And no one should think that Hourglass or anyone else really gives a s what customers actually think. Hype and social media are the drivers. They would put a lot more over on us, if we didn’t have Christine for the true story. At least we get an advanced caveat emptor, if you look at it that way.

They didn’t! 0.34oz they are justifying the price because they put limited ed colors in here. You can go to their website and get all the information and color info. you can also sign up to get on the waiting list. Very disappointed!

This looks gorgeous and practical!! I’m really hoping that Surreal Light is a less pink version of Dim Light. Depending on size/price per ounce and swatches, this is going on my wishlist. 🙂

Goawhddd I know it’s probably not a good value for the price but it’s all so beautiful, inside and out. Hnnnghhh. I’ll probably try to appease myself with something else from Hourglass.

If these contain a more generous amount of product as opposed to last year’s holiday palette, then I’m game! Definitely curious to see how this palette fares.

There’s a lot of negativity about these palettes. I had never bought an Hourglass product before this one and had only tried one of their products, the mineral primer (Sephora GWP). I am new to highlighting/contouring and world of glowy looking make up.

I wanted something easy to use, with subtle colors that I could not overdo, and with several choices in one container. I travel constantly for work (75% of the time at least) so if it isn’t portable, I won’t use it more than a few times a year. The swatches and reviews of the Hourglass products made them seem like a perfect fit. During the VIB Rouge sale, I bought this palette, the Ambient Lights 3 pan palette, the Stila Star Light, Star Bright holiday palette, a single Sephora highlighter, the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champange collection, and Guerlain Meteorites in Clair to try. Yes I went hard on the highlighters! Getting 20% off of them helped, too. Again, I am not an expert but here’s why the Hourglass Surreal Light is my fav:
Ambient Lights – 3 colors, no blush, the two darker tones are a bronzer on me and I use bronzer sparingly. This means I will likely use the middle one up and be left with two bronzers that are only okay. Surreal light has a better ratio of bronzer to all over powder for me.
Stila – No setting/all over product. Hated the pink tone of the blush. A little too highlighter-y (too easy to apply too much for this amature).
Sephora – ugh it had chunks of glitter. Only one color is not ideal
BECCA – I want to love this so much but the few times I’ve used it, I’ve struggled to get it to look good on my skin. It goes on a bit heavy. I’m going to keep trying though. No setting powder is a drawback.
Guerlain – amazing, beautiful, 0% portable for travel.

I love my Surreal Lights edit. I’ve used it every day since the VIB Rouge sale. I got it for my SIL for Xmas (who only wears very subtle, neutral make up) and she’s crazy about it, too. I got 20% off so the higher price point/lower value isn’t as much of a factor for me, plus I will absolutely pay a premium for anything that lightens my suitcase while allowing me to travel with more make up options. The only one color that I’ve had issues with using is the bronzer. I think it is just that I suck at contouring and have super pale skin so need a little more practice with applying lightly, blending well, and putting it in the right spot.

Marble packaging is my everything but I’ll skip this. Last year’s palette fiasco was educational and I’d rather not try it this year.

I’ll wait for your review, Christine (if you plan on reviewing it) to see how it breaks down value-wise. Last year’s overpriced palette left such a bad taste in my mouth that I’ve not purchased a single Hourglass item since. A few things in here look like they might not be my colour but that PINK BLUSH…..ooooh! (to be honest, it’s probably the only thing I’d really want).

Whyyyy Hourglass?! Why do you entice us with these pretty compacts. I think they’re so appealing because they’re like opening an Easter egg box. Colors are so soft and cushiony looking. Love the marble packaging. But I don’t need do I? But I want…

I don’t mind the expense – it’s getting overcharged for the amount of product that I really, strenuously object to. They did it last year and they’re doing it again.

This looks like they based it on olive or tanned skin tones . I’m more like NC20 and the last palette there were a few powder shades I didn’t make use of one in particular because it gave my skin an odd hue even though I was very lightly dusting it over my face . The bronzer and blush shades in that set I can’t imagine I will ever use up but the two lightest shades I’m almost through , so I will sadly never buy another pre picked colour palette like this ? I wish I could depot the used ones and replace them with the shades I like

I am so drawn to Hourglass products even though I don’t really like highlighting or sparkles. I don’t know what it is exactly but I totally want this even though I’m not sure I’d ever use it.

I saw an early glimpse of this several weeks ago and my feelings haven’t changed – it’s an easy pass for me. The colors just don’t appeal to me. I have looked at the make your own palette version they have on the Hourglass site, but I ha ft pulled the trigger yet. I need to use the ones I have more to justify buying a trio I think.

Bummer!!!! I was so hopeful that hourglass would re-release the palette they just put together for the Nordstrom sale as a holiday item. It sold out before I was eligible to buy. I wanted that one so bad. Guess I’ll start creeping makeup blog/vlog/declutter sales but given the very limited release I’m not holding my breath on coming across one. Womp womp

As a VERY fair person, I think only the blush shades would work for me. The rest are geared more towards medium toned people. I get it that’s the “average” person, but what about the two very opposite ends of the spectrum? We don’t exist? If you’re going to make a palette “for all skin tones”, release different versions. Not one palette is ever one size fits all. This one is also literally too little in size to be one size fits all. Very easy pass for me.

I’m a fan of John Singer Sargent’s “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose,” which is what I always think of when someone talks abut something like “the magic hour of perfect lighting” (though that image is more about dusk than that last hour of sunlight, which is what I assume they mean), and the association has piqued my interest. Now I want to know how “Surreal” differs from any of their other products. I’m not interested if it’s ridiculously-sized for the price, but maybe if it’s well-received they’ll decide to seell the main powder separately. There are quite a few images of it online already, and most make it look golden, which would be perfect for me. Very, very curious.

I think I am the only one not enamored with the packaging, it reminds me of a cheap bathroom soapdash and toothbrush holder I used to have, :/.
Of course it is the products that matter and since I love everything I have ever purchased from that line I will definitely keep an open mind. I do understand that people get upset about the cost-weight ratio of these edits but I have not come close to hitting pan on any of my powders and blushes so not really a concern for me. The decider, I think, will be how they look on my skin tone.

LOL, that’s what I thought about the white marble too! I think they were trying to go with a marble theme to match the marbled product, but it looks too cold and white next to the product. I like their traditional shiny chrome metal packaging better

Me too!! It is cheap looking and takes away from the luxury factor. I would have loved to see a bronzed marble, but this is just plain, unattractive packaging.

With all the stash I already h have, I doubt that there’s a color I couldn’t dupe outright our by mixing if I needed to do so. I just don’t need more.

This looks like a beautiful palette, but I do question the overall value (as so many others here do). I’ll check it out in person, but I feel like I’ll probably pass on this one.

If you go their site you can signup to get on the waiting list. There’s only 0.34oz of product in this! I guess they thought because they put limited edition colors in here it would justify the price.

It looks beautifully tempting even though those “nude” shades may be a bronzer on my fair skin, and “glimmering” might mean OTT for me. In the end though, even if swatches look good, price point and value matters.

I’m definitely going to have to skip this one. I usually like marble, but the packaging looks tacky and cheap to me. It just seems like they’re trying to jump in on the “moment” that marble is having on blogs and instagram.

Last year when I saw the holiday palette at Sephora I was surprised by the small size of the pans but I purchased it for my daughter for Christmas as she had been wanting to try the Ambient Lighting powders. I was sure that she would not be happy with it but she loves it and uses it frequently. I purchased the permanent palette for myself and primarily because I wanted dim light. I love these powders. I understand the frustration with value for money but in my opinion, if you love the product and want /use most/all of the shades then this is probably an okay deal. Every thing is one nice convenient travel size and I have certainly purchased other HE items that were just as expensive for less product. I guess it depends on what you think value for money is and what you will use. I think the colors in this palette are actually better for my daughter than last years palette and I will probably purchase this for her for Christmas.

This pallette has as much as 2 full size ambient lighting powders with will run you $92 US dollars, the value is in how many different powders you get.

I bought last year’s Ambient Edit palette despite of all the advice about the price vs amount of product because I didn’t have any of the Hourglass powders and I was dying to try them, so it seemed like a good opportunity to me.
Well I’ve been using that palette everyday since, and it completely changed my makeup game. I think I haven’t seen my skin looking so nice with any other product, excepting maybe the Charlotte Tilbury red carpet bronze and glow.
I use that palette every time I travel and it doubles as eyeshadow, contour, bronzer, blush, setting and finishing powder in one. I can use it for touch-up’s through the day.
I can’t love it more!!!
And after all that use and abuse, I haven’t hit pan on any of the 6 powders yet!
I already bought the new one, I just can’t live without this lovely palettes.

I’m still on the fence about this palette. I think it could be beautiful (especially the blushes) used on fair skin… but I need to see some swatch first!

I might still get it as it is travel friendly and a good opportunity to try out several formulas…

it’s definitely not worth it, just over $61 worth of product if you work it out from their full size versions. But then if you look at what Hourglass charge per single travel size (1.4g) product they charge $22. Officially Hourglass suck if they continue pricing this way I won’t be buying their products every again.

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