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OCC Nylon Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

OCC Nylon Lip Tar
OCC Nylon Lip Tar

Does It Get Any Brighter Than This?

OCC Nylon Lip Tar ($16.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “neon pink.” This color is electric–it’s absolutely a bold, bright neon pink with subtle blue undertones. I really think this is the brightest pink I own. MAC Dear Diary is darker, less bright. MAC Candy Yum Yum is a bit more magenta and less bright but comes the closest.

OCC’s Lip Tars are supposed to have the wear of a lipstick with the ease of a gloss–long-wearing, lightweight, and satin-matte in finish.  Nylon is insane. It’s blindingly bright.  True to form, a little goes a long way for opaque color coverage.  There is a learning curve with Lip Tar, but if you apply with a brush, you’ll learn quickly and easily. It’s just such a pigmented formula that if you over-apply, you’ll end up with too much product, which will end up on your teeth and will be prone to feathering.

The texture is a creamy liquid, not so thin that it’s watery, but not thick or heavy. On the lips, it feels lightweight and sets after a couple of minutes to the satin-matte finish (initially, it may look a wee bit glossy, depending on how much product you’ve applied).  When I wore this, it lasted for eight and a half hours–and there was still a pink-y stain left behind.  (It stained my arm when I did a swatch for it, and it couldn’t have been on my arm for longer than a few minutes.)  It lasted through a meal and two coffees. The best part, aside from the awesome wear, was that it wasn’t drying.

Quick note: this launches tomorrow on Sephora, so you won’t see it up ’til then. 🙂


DCDiscontinued. $18.00.

OCC Nylon Lip Tar
OCC Nylon Lip Tar

OCC Nylon Lip Tar
OCC Nylon Lip Tar

OCC Nylon Lip Tar
OCC Nylon Lip Tar

OCC Nylon Lip Tar
OCC Nylon Lip Tar

OCC Nylon Lip Tar
OCC Nylon Lip Tar

OCC Nylon Lip Tar
OCC Nylon Lip Tar


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elrus Avatar

That is in-frickin’-sanely bright. I love it on you. Is Sephora going to launch the OCC Lip Tar collection or just this NYLON shade? I can’t stop looking at your lips! (that didn’t sound wrong at all, did it?) 🙂

Christine Avatar

They’re launching the Lip Tars’ range, but I don’t know if they’ll have ever shade or not. I’m thinking they will launch both tomorrow, but I’m not 100% sure – I’m just guessing it’s a way to kick off their launch since this shade is exclusive to Sephora.

Mercedes Avatar

wow. OCC just keeps jacking up their prices. A year ago the tars were 12.50, then 14.00, then 15.00, and now $16 bucks?? What have they done to justify the price increase? Added SPF? Nope. Increased the quantity? Nope. Just seems like they are feeding into their own hype and getting greedy and I’m not feelin’ it.

Cassidy Avatar

I loooove it!! I don’t usually like pinks, admittedly, but this is just perfect. and it could be worn toned down or as a blush. so versatile. I’m getting Belladonna and Strumpet later with the Concealer and I juuuust might have to pick this up. 🙂

Jessica Avatar

This looks awesome! I have never used these before, does it last long if you are a person who constantly licks their lips a lot? I can never get a lipstick to stay glossy or not fade away on my lips :'( LOL

Sabrina Avatar

I know someone who licks their lips rather obsessively. She says these are the only lip colours that stay on more than a few hours. I know a lot of people are amazed by the wear time. It gets through drinking and eating fine.

J.C. Avatar

WOAH! That would glow under a black light!!

It’s been just under a year since I purchased, and I was wondering if their formula was still mint scented.

It’s not a deal breaker or anything (I LOVE their formula) I just like to use it as a blush as well, and find it a little strange to have minty fresh cheeks!

nicole Avatar

Why are they $16 @ sephora. ..but only $15 on occ’s website? love the color so I’m definitely waiting to place my sephora order until tomorrow! !

Emma Avatar

Will this be available in Canada? Or at least ship online to Canada? I desperately hope they don’t put a limitation on OCC, I already can’t get so many amazing brands 🙁

Stephanie Young Avatar

I remember OCC released a teaser picture of this on their Facebook a few weeks back, and I nearly stopped breathing! They had this next to Anime and it made Anime almost look demure. This is definitely going to be in my makeup bag!

KK Avatar

This color is a little too nuts for me, but I’m excited that Sephora is going to carry the Lip Tars–after reading your reviews, I definitely want to try the formula. These are the kind of thing I’d want to swatch on myself in person though, so I never ordered online. Looking forward to trying them out!

Barbie Avatar

omg that is absolutely gorgeous. this post is great because i just bought two sets of lip tars from suite7beauty plus the sugarpill heartbreaker palette 10 lip tars total i’m so happy

moena Avatar

I would love this if I could figure out how to apply lip tars well. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but mine have kind of a chemical smell, at least in the packaging, that really bothers me. Maybe it’ll go away?

ChristineK Avatar

LOVE the liptars! And – as with any of the more “intense” lip pigments – I usually make sure I sheer it out with either a little white, hush or clear. Works for me. And then – sometimes – a girl just needs to have some BRIGHT lips 😀

Safyre Avatar

This is just awesome, I totally missed out on Candy Yum Yum – both times 😐 but have heard there were some issues with the texture despite how pretty it was. I was actually considering looking into which lip tars I might use to mix up a similar color but looks like OCC already did the work for me. No need to worry or be sad now. 😀

Miss J Avatar

I acted like a loon and checked the site all through the night. This just MADE my morning, LOL. NEON BARBIE PINK TWIN OF CYY!!! Mine. *flails while squeeling* 😀 The site says it’s limited edition, hmm, suppose I am glad I acted like a look considering I missed out on CYY 2x now. I woulda been pissed if I missed on this.

Anne Avatar

I thought the whole idea behind the Lip Tars was that you combined them to form your own custom shades. If that’s how you use them, I can understand the inclusion of a shade like this in the line. The only thing is that you’d have to own many colors to have the greatest flexibility in creating your own–and the willingness to waste some product in the interest of experimentation!

Veronica Avatar

Ah man, you brought out the underline for the description. That’s gotta be one fierce color.

For some reason, I’m not so keen on loud eye colors, but I love the heck out of a bright and bold lip. This is definitely going on my wish list. (And it’s not LE, yay!)

army wife in alaska Avatar

Now I remember why I get MAC more than any other brand carried by Sephora. MAC ships FREE to Alaska, whereas all the other brands I use to get from Sephora charges $16.95 to ship to Alaska and Hawaii. Just gonna skip this one for now. If Nylon is still there next month maybe I’ll get it…

Miss J Avatar

I think you misunderstand what the OP is trying to say. She’s saying she’s reminded why she purchases MAC OVER any brand that Sephora carries because of Sephora’s sucky shipping fees to Alaska. She’s not saying Sephora carries MAC. 🙂

theamberexperience Avatar

She never said MAC was sold in Sephora. I lived in Hawaii before and it’s ridiculous that even though there is a Sephora there, they still charge pretty expensive shipping.

blkrox Avatar

Hi Karina! On a Mac(book) you can actually select any of the pics from this post and drag to the main screen then do the same with pics from the Candy Yum Yum review to compare them. That’s what I always do to see similarities/differences in colors I’m interested in. I’m sure there are similar options on PCs. Hope this helps! =)

blkrox Avatar

I love that feature of the Swatch Gallery Christine! I personally prefer the images with the full face view for lipsticks because we have similar coloring =)

Ericka Avatar

I love lip colors in a tube like MAC Lipmix and OCC Lip Tars. I noticed that the lip tars expire after 12 months. What happens to them after they expire? Do they smell bad or break down? I would like to get more items that do not contain carmine (bugs) but I also want it to last because I know that I would not finish the entire tube in a year.

sarah Avatar

Ericka, the OCC website says that if there is separation, you can just turn the tube over and it will re-mix. So even if it separates you should be able to use it again!

Jasmine Avatar

That is a gorgeous neon! You seem to make any color look amazing, but is the staining left on your lips a rather unattractive stain? Any tips so my lips won’t get stained by this color? And BTW you are beautiful!

sarah Avatar

Do you apply it in layers? I’ve only worn my lip tar twice, so maybe I’m not over the learning curve yet, but I feel like your coverage is a lot better than mine. When I try that much pigment, it gets feathery.

(By the way, I’d been wanting to try OCC for a while but didn’t know how I’d feel about them… so I read like every review you’ve done of their products before taking the plunge. I love everything I’ve tried so far. Thank you!)

Christine Avatar

Hi Sarah!

I don’t apply in layers really – I just apply the initial amount that’s on the brush or fingertip, and if I need more for the edges, then I go back for a little more. If you feel like it gets feathery, definitely try thin layers.

Thank you so much! What have you tried so far?

Sarah Avatar

Whoops, sorry, took me a long time to see this. I’ve tried the Vintage lip tar and the Red Light eye shimmer. Again, I don’t get great coverage with the lip tar, but I think I have to play around with it more. I do love the color! And the eye shimmer is a dream to work with. I also ordered the NSFW lip tar, but it’s on backorder, so I’m trying to wait patiently…

Today I noticed their new Heroine lip tars, and came here to see if mayyyybe you’d reviewed the Black Dahlia, because I like the look–and bam! You had! Your site is such a great resource!

Tisaya Avatar

Christine, I’m new to lip tars and just purchased a bunch of them but not getting the kind of coverage you’re getting with your swatches and pictures of your lips. Do you put anything on top to make it look glossy? And how do you get such opaque coverage? Maybe I’m not using as much.

Anna Avatar

I bought this beauty after seeing your review, because I loved the colour. I wear bright lips colours most days and being from outside the US I decided it was worth paying 60 us dollars in taxes and received it last week. Unfortunately, this is so drying on me. An hour or two and my lips will feel and look so bad. I have fairly large lips, and normally don’t experience this problem, but this was so bad. So unfortunate, since it is the prettiest colour and easiest application 🙁

Gemini Avatar

I bought NSFW at Sephora and I am so freaking happy I did. This lip tar is EXTREMELY long wearing. I ate 2 meals and drank coffee all day and it stayed put! Seriously this lasted longer than any lip stick I own, which is perfect because I hate reapplying throughout the day. It was a bit drying but my lips are constantly dry no matter what I use but, compared to other matte lipsticks it is not that bad. PLUS the red is a true RED, it stands out and looks great (on me at least :). I love it!

diana Avatar

this color just blew my socks off. I love bold lips, I have CYY but I can tell you this is a much better neon pink. I am sold. Heading to Sephora today! YAY! Thank you Christine!

Lisette Avatar

I just ordered this lip tar after seeing it on here! I haven’t received it yet, but I noticed on Sephora’s website, the picture did not show a brush along with it as the other lip tars did. Is my Nylon lip tar going to come with a brush like the other non-limited edition lip tars?

Kesha Avatar

You probably have received yours by now but yes, it should still come with a small brush and in a small plastic zip-type package. I wish the ones ordered from OCC directly came in the same plastic packaging (none of the 5 I received in Friday did).

Lisette Avatar

Well that sucks that ordering directly from OCC does not include the bag and mini brush?! 🙁
And yes! My lip tar did come with a mini brush! The color is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for replying to my question Miss Christine and Miss Kesha!! 🙂

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