SEPHORA’S COLORVISION is about transforming a face, a mood, or even an attitude. They had a vision: “Color sets the tone, ignites the moment, defines a mood as quickly as it transforms a look. Open your eyes to our bold new way to see, feel, learn, wear and love color.” Sephora has taken inspiration from this season’s color stories to create and explore a deeper connection to color. It’s less about a single trend, but rather a state of being. Sephora wants YOU opening your eyes to color, YOU connecting with color, and YOU feeling total color confidence. With their vast expertise, Sephora has created three distinct color visions inspired by the hues and shades of fall.  The first vision to experience is NOUVEAU PURPLES.

This fall, experiment with NOUVEAU PURPLES to bring out the eyes and find new ways to enhance your beautiful peepers beyond neutrals.

Soft Eye
Combine soft purples with effortless neutrals for a soft eye look that incorporates a dash of purple in the crease. Start by applying a light purple over the lids with small, feathered strokes, and blending just above the natural crease. Take the color and lightly glide it along the lower lash lines for added definition. Next, take a deeper shade of purple and apply it into the crease for a gently defined crease. Give lashes added volume by applying black eyeliner between top lashes and then smudging a dark purple eyeshadow along the upper lash line. As a final step, sweep a bronze shadow along the creases to balance the look and add warmth, and then finish with two coats of mascara.

Iridescent Eye
Fall in love with the gorgeous hues of purple with a wash of iridescent shimmer–and it’s so easy and has just enough drama to make it interesting! Start by applying an iridescent navy shadow along the upper lash line and diffusing the color just beyond the outer corners. Next, blend a glimmering purple shade into the creases using small, feathered strokes and brush color along the lower lash lines. Finish by applying two coats of mascara over top lashes.

Smoldering Eye
For an intensely smoky, smoldering eye, bold purples will take your look to the next level of drama! Begin by sweeping a mushroom shadow over lids, blending from lash lines up toward the creases, and build up the color for richer coverage as desired. Next, layer on a shimmering amethyst shade and work from the outer to the inner corners, then wrap the color along the lower lash lines. To add definition, line top and bottom lids, including the inner rims, with black eyeliner. To avoid harsh lines, blend the pencil and shadow together. You can add warmth as well as dimension by sweeping a matte peach shadow above the creases and bring it along the lower lash lines. Finally, finish the look with two coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes.

You can check out full how-tos and breakdowns of the looks from Nouveau Purple here.