OCC Lip Tars Lip Swatches


OCC Lip Tar Lip Swatches!

As promised, here are lip swatches of all of colored shades of Lip Tars. I will definitely do some mixing and matching later on today, and I’ll be sure to share the results!

To reiterate, the Lip Tars are designed to be mixed with each other! This means you don’t have to wear bright yellow all by itself — instead, get your creative juices flowing and start thinking about color theory and how to mix and blend colors to get your own custom shades. 🙂  I’ll definitely be trying my hand at it this afternoon, and I will keep you all posted on the results.

See all of the lip swatches!


OCC Tarred Lip Tar

OCC Feathered Lip Tar

OCC Traffic Lip Tar

OCC Rx Lip Tar

OCC Safety Orange Lip Tar

OCC Pageant Lip Tar

OCC Grandma Lip Tar

OCC Melange Lip Tar

OCC Katricia Lip Tar

Uber Lip Tar


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hi Avatar

WOW! NSFW looks AMAZING on you!! Grandma leans more pink-peach on the lips, though, and Feathered looks kinda matte, to me. Safety Orange looks nice on you, lol 🙂

Kae Avatar

Hi, I live in the UK and bought Grandma from OCC’s website, I got it finally and it’s nothing like the pinky peach in all the swatches I’ve seen – my liptar labelled Grandma is a (very) bright neon coral – very bright.

Lovely colour but OCC customer service is so bad at getting back to customers I’ve enquired about it thinking I have the wrongly labelled tube – o have they changed the formula?? I so wanted the colour in the swatches and it’s not a case of misinterpreting the colour – the colour I have here is VERY different and not like the others advertised.

Has anyone else found this? I want the colour I thought I had bought!

lesleykat Avatar

these look AMAZING. i can’t even handle it! i think you’d have to put down a layer of white pencil and top it with feather for it to look as opaque as the others. same with traffic, or maybe you’d use a nude pencil with traffic.


phuong k Avatar

OMG, I have never seen lipglosses like this! This is amazing pigmentation and color. Looks like some are more reserved for photo shoots or stuff like that but I’m definitely digging all of them, especially the black color. It looks so punk, but like sexy punk?

Nicole15 Avatar

Unbelievable! The combos with these colors are endless. This is the second review I’ve read on OCC Lip Tars & so far all thumbs are up. You really feel like your getting the true color of what’s in the tube & that a little will go a long way. These are just AMAZING 🙂 Thanks Christine for doing swatches.

Natalie Avatar

Really Christine.. If you had ketchup on your lips, I would say it looks fantastic on you. Nothing could look ugly on your lips – they are so pretty! Now back to OCC lip tars..:) They are HOT!

Briseida Avatar

They are so pretty!! I have heard so much about OCC. I have been wanting to try out the lip tars and thier loose colour concentrates since i first saw them but what they charge for shipping is killing me!!

Kat Avatar

!!!! I want to be american (but only for the make up and low shipping rates)

…Is the finish as glossy as depicted? The site claims a satin finish on these. ?


Sarah Avatar

You ACTUALLY wore them aswell, the black, blue, white, yellow… gasp!
Kudos, Christine, you brave, bold girl, you!

ps. Those pillarbox red, coral/orange look smokin’ hot! I want!

Glosslizard Avatar

NSFW look fantastic on you, I’d love to see a full-face shot with that lip! 🙂 I’m really tempted by Grandma (LOL!) and Katricia!

reesa Avatar

wow! these are amazing. i would love to play around with these, however, i don’t think i’m that creative with mixing and making my own colors. although, this may be the perfect opportunity to start. i love these and the concept! thanks christine!

Mara Avatar

These are fantastic!! Somebody mentioned in another post a concern regarding touch-ups on lip combos. I think I would whip up a batch of whatever combo I like, and scoop it into a 3-gram jar… stick it in my purse with a lip brush, and no worries! What could prove difficult is getting the right mixture again once it’s all used up! On a side note, I’d love to see a combo with Melange and Grandma.

Yasmine Avatar

These Lip Tars look so amazing!! I can’t wait to pick them up at IMATS next week. I’m so excited!! Jude (from YouTube) also has some fabulous lip swatches on her blog. She did different mixes and created some pretty colors. Check it out http://www.girly-show.com/

Carrie Avatar

Christine, thanks for these!

I was wondering if you have any MAC Lip Mixes? I wonder how these compare to Lip Mix. I just got the ochre Lip Mix and am having fun mixing it into other colors.

Jen Avatar

I was begining to think I was losing my mind! Thank goodness another person who is not going to add this flavor of the day product to their makeup case only to try to trade out of it six months from now. Hello…it looks like colored sunscreen on your lips! Can you imagine the bleeding factor or the rings this would leave on your fork/cup? I say uber-ugly. :0

Christine Avatar

If you use lip liner, you shouldn’t have any color bleeding issues — I didn’t use any here so that you can see exactly how they wear naturally, so you can determine whether you’d bother with liner or not (because some people don’t have time to line their lips). I think most makeup has a newness factor and gets forgotten about after a few months. That’s part of the fun – there’s always something new to try!

Jennifer Avatar

these pictures juxtaposed together like that look like something that Andy Warhol would have made! Beautiful colors, almost convinced me to shell out some cash on these.

Tami Avatar

Wow these are some funky colors! I’m liking Safety Orange, Pageant, and even Rx to a certain extent. I would love to see a lip combo of Tarred and Feathered:)

Letitia Avatar

I had been WAITING for you to swatch these since I first started to see them pop up on blogs and on youtube. I have Grandma…and for my NC42 skin it’s a bit too bright, so I’m thinking of getting Feathered to mix with it and bring it down a bit. I’m so happy you’re doing this!!!

bananabelle Avatar

LoL, I thought you were claiming the post was NSFW. I was like, “why? It’s just gonna be a bunch of pictures of her lips.”

Oops, I guess you meant that was the name of the color ^_^’

I can’t wait to see combinations that you do with them!

Bonnie Avatar

The colors are WONDERFUL! But I have two questions: how do they feel on the lips (drying or sticky at all?), and do they wear well (how long until you have to touch them up, and do they bleed around the mouth)?

Jody Avatar

Christine, these all look gorgeous on you! I cant imagine how I could wear most of them but I really want to try Feathered and Pageant, I think Pageant would work great with Saint Germain.

Jessica Allison Avatar

I’ve been waiting for I don’t know what to order some of these- I’m also curious about how they compare to MAC lipmixes. Also, do you have any thing (liner, lip primer, etc…) under these?

Christine Avatar

I haven’t tried MAC lip mixes yet, so I can’t compare. The concepts seem similar, though. I didn’t use any lip liner, primer, etc. I prefer not to when I do swatches, because I feel it is important to know (and see!) whether a lip color bleeds and the like!

Brie Avatar

I’m in the minority here I guess – I hate em! They are very bleedy and look too heavy. And I guess I’m just far too lazy to get down with the idea of mixing up my own color hah! I’d rather buy the color I want already mixed up and just put it on rather than trying to concoct a color every few days lol ;D

Jessica Allison Avatar

No, I agree w/ you, I am concerned about the bleeding. That’s why I asked if she was wearing anything under them. I have a feeling she doesn’t so that we can see the true colors, in which case a liner would hopefully remedy that issue.

I am also interested to know about how they compare to lipmixes, because w/ pro discount the MAC is cheaper.

BTW: Obsessive Compulsive does offer a pro discount of 20% if you qualify.

Christine Avatar

They definitely bleed, but a lip liner would solve that issue for sure! My lips were also pretty dry from removing each one after application, so that wasn’t helping the bleeding issue!

To be honest, I wouldn’t bother mixing up a color every few days… I’d just make a whole bunch at once, and then you’d have several to choose from that you could use whenever you wanted!

IvyTrini Avatar

I have not tried these but they look amazing!! They just launched 2 new colours tonight!! Plum and Vintage. Can’t wait to try the Plum…..

Rosie Avatar

Hi Christine! I was waiting to see when you were going to get these… and here you are with the swatches. They all look great on you. I actually purchased them a few weeks ago after seeing a few gurus on YouTube and other blogs talking about them. There are two new colors that are on their website (Vintage and Plum). They sent me the email this morning announcing them. I ordered the new ones… we’ll see how they look. They sound nice though. 🙂

kali Avatar

I’ve been meaning to buy these for awhile but I’m concerned about the texture. Would you say these lip tars are drying? What’s the texture like? I purchased a bunch of MAC Lipmixes a few weeks ago (which hold the same concept of OCC lip tars) but I’m starting to feel like some of them are so drying (mainly white and gold.) If you’ve tried both OCC Lip Tars and MAC Lipmixes, would you say the lip tars are more drying or moisturizing.. or the same? Thanks. Any help would be really appreciated.

Boompsie Avatar

LOL Uber is funny and haneous – my husband said looks like eating too much peanut butter – but there are many that look great on their own without having to be mixed even! I’d be interested in trying this out although I fear I’d prolly make a mess…

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