Storage Solutions: Temptalia’s Beauty Stash 2009

Newest storage solution!

I’m always on the hunt for a new and improved storage solution for my makeup, and it seems like it is a never-ending quest. Keeping everything in my TV-stand-turned-vanity worked when I didn’t have to keep it in a closet, but for the past year, that’s where it has been. It makes using anything from it a pain in the butt, so stuff often goes unused instead. My bathroom was also starting to look like a Sephora threw up in it, LOL.  (You can see my previous storage solutions here, too, to see the different stages!)

Inspired by Pursebuzz’s 20-Drawer Rolling Cart, I found myself getting two of the 10-Drawer Rolling Carts. The all-black drawer look suited me better, and unfortunately they don’t come in a set of 20, so two it was.

Just a heads up, these drawers do not really fit lipsticks or lipglosses standing up. They’re 2.75″ high, and the only lipsticks that I could fit were MAC — and they had to be on the top drawer only, because there’s a little extra room (heighth-wise) on the top drawer. Trust me, I tried, too. I had visions of all these lipsticks in one drawer dancing in my head, but no luck in realizing that dream. I found that these carts are sturdy enough for my purposes, though they’re not robust or ultra durable. The drawers do have a tendency to slip off their tracks when pulled in and out hurriedly, but it’s not a big deal to pop it back on. They’re small and compact, which makes them perfect for the space I’m in currently. (The second bathroom contains the majority of my stash–and nobody showers in it, so there’s no heat/steam issues.)

I used Shallow Drawers from The Container Store for inside the drawers, as well as black liner (to prevent shifting). Each drawer measures approximately 13.5″ long and 9.5″ wide. The shallow drawers are a pretty good fit, and you can use different sizes to suit what make up you might have. I still have a lot of my skincare and body products elsewhere, plus some stuff scattered in bathroom drawers. Overall, though, I ended up with only four empty drawers. I have just enough room to grow, hopefully!

See inside

Brushes are kept on the counter-top

Drawers of skincare/acne-care/mascaras – you can see detailed photos here!

Palettes in a bathroom drawer (more secure!) — see detailed photos of my palettes here and close-ups here.

On top of the carts: MAC lipglasses; Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, YSL lipsticks

On top of the carts: New/recent MAC products

Drawer #1: MAC lipsticks

Drawer #2: Liquid liners, mascaras, eye liners, lip liners, gel eye liners

Drawer #3: MAC lip stuff — prolongwears, slimshines/mattenes, square lipglosses, dazzleglasses


Drawer #4: Benefit

Drawer #5: Chanel (plus La Mer foundation)

Drawer #6: Dior

Drawer #7: Givenchy, Rock & Republic, & YSL

Drawer #8: Guerlain

Drawer #9: MAC powders/MSFs

Drawer #10: MAC Blushes

Drawer #11: MAC Pigments

Drawer #12: MAC pigments, glitters, samples, beauty powders, palettes

Drawer #13: High-end lipglosses/lipsticks

Drawer #14: High-end makeup (left), NARS (middle), Urban Decay (right)

Drawer #15: Clinique (left), high-end makeup (right)

Drawer #16: False lashes