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My Naked palette. I own all three and NEVER use them. Also the It cosmetics naturally pretty palette. It’s not all it was hyped up to be-for me anyway.

Same answer Urban Decay Electric palette . And my Make Up Forever Studio Case palette isn’t getting much love either! I’m considering returning the latter cause I never use it.

Same here!! Ha! :O The Electric! I’m still stunned by the reality of this! wOw I felt it would be a to go to medium for so many things.. So odd I never use it!

Probably the MUG Vegas Lights palette – it’s gorgeous & I should go for it more but it just seems to be heavy for day to day wear. I definitely need to play around with it more.

Lorac Pro. It’s a good palette, I just think it’s so boring. The shade names are just kinda bland and straightforward. For some reason, for me it makes it less exciting. I’m a weirdo. It’s really a good palette.

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eye Palette (the 1st one). It’s an all matte palette, and while the shadows are good quality and the colors wearable, it’s kind of boring. When I open the palette, I don’t get that “ooh” “aah” feeling that I get with satin, metallic, and shimmer shadow palettes. I bought it because it’s hard to find a good quality matte eye shadow kit. And it’s useful for toning done more shimmery looks, or for a more natural look.

My beloved UD Vice 2, because even though it has a better formula than my UD Vice 3, the shades in 2 run a bit too cool for my olive toned skintone (C4.5). Whereas 3 has absolutely perfect shades for bringing out the green in my eyes. So yeah, sadly, I only use about half the colors in 2.

I used my UD Naked 3 twice when I first bought it-a year ago… I do like it, and it is flattering, but I ended up buying sooo much immediately after that it ended up getting lost in the rotation.

…all of them? LOL! I don’t have many palettes, but they all get about the same (small) amount of use. That being said, it’s more like… there are *shades* in each palette that I thought I would use more often, but don’t.

The Urban Decay Naked palettes; they’re very very very beautiful but not the best for very warm skintones. For Naked 1, I did a hard count and I like only a third of the colors. Ditto Naked 2. And Naked 3 is very pretty but also the least useful to me; I can’t wear most of those colors.

I have to say the same, Urban Decay Electric!
My wonderful fiancee bought me it about 8 months ago after me pestering for so long. I adore it, but I must have used it a total of twice. I just never seem to be able to find an occasion, it’s not really suitable to work (I’m a Police Officer!) and on night s out I always like to go for something more smokey.
Such a shame as the colors are so amazing.

Coastal Scents Revealed: Most of the colors ended up looking too cool and muddy on me when used together. I ended up depotting the whole palette and use them to mix and match with my singles. They’re all in Zpalettes by color family.

UD Naked Flushed: The bronzer pulled kind of orange on me, and I didn’t care for the colors not being in separate pans. I don’t know, the one I have isn’t awful my any means, but I just don’t feel it.

Lorac Skinny Navy: I thought it would be a handy little neutral palette with the pops of navy blue and gold, but the quality wasn’t what I’d hoped.

Mine’s the Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition! Thought the palette has gorgeous colors (specially WTF) but some are chalky and some are so hard to blend out. And it’s not exactly purse-friendly since it’s quite bulky so I don’t reach for it that much. 🙁

Seem to run together. I can usually wear pretty much anything, and I love my neutrals, but these colours just bland together to make a muddy mess.

And I’d like to thank my cat for helping me post this comment. Not for the first time…

I only ever use my electric palette to go over a grey eyeliner and create a bright pop of colour. Anything else and I look clownish! That is a lovely lovely palette though.

Aside from a few shades in The Balm Shady Lady palettes, I never use any of the palettes I’ve ever bought :/ the rest are MAC though, so maybe it’s something about their palettes for me.

Naked 3! I feel like the looks I can get from it are limited and when I want a rosy look I tend to reach for my Lorac Unzipped or the Rose shade in the Pro 2. I really need to break it out more and try to get different looks.

I have so many that they all rarely get used :/

I’ve started doing Project Pan so I can get through my stash more quickly and focus on the stuff that’s older and I need to finish up.

Vice 2. I love bold colors, but there’s no way to pull off a complete look without using additional shadows for transitioning. I pull it out every once in a while for on specific shadow, but that’s it. Also, I got the Anastasia Lavish palette last year and have used it once.

Hello Aline & Makeuptray…
Please see my post above looking for newer/barely used Vice 1 & 2.
LMK if you’re interested? ☺️

Ok.. I won’t ask again.
I’m just hoping someone has the holiday spirit.
xoxo From one makeup lover to another!!

Christine, can you share a few ways you wear Electric? I use it but not as often as I’d LIKE to use it!

One I have gotten a ton of use out of is the Naked2 Basics. Every single day.

It’s funny how many people are saying their Urban Decay palettes. And mine is no different. The Vice 3 gets no love from me. I’ve used it only a couple of times since its release. The colors are too jewel toned for me. It’s a beautiful palette, but the colors aren’t ones that I prefer to wear. I love colors, but I don’t like how dark, jewel toned colors look on my eyes.

Surprisingly, Urban Decay Naked. I used it a lot when I first got it but after getting my hands on the Lorac Pro Palette it’s just been collecting dust lol. I barely touch my Electric palette either but I rarely wear eyeshadow. Let alone super bright ones so that was a given lol

Another vote for the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty first edition. The mattes are nice and they can be great for complementing other looks, but that’s the palette buy I regret most. Lorac Pro 2 hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from me yet but one day!

That It palette is mine too! I grabbed it because it had such good reviews, but I’ve only used it once. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just don’t care about it.

I thought I would get more well rounded use from both Naked (original) and Naked Basics than I did. I wound up using up the light brown matte shades in both from daily use and getting moderate use from the light shimmery highlighter and medium brown matte shades, then barely touching the others. Now I have two half used palettes and a lemming for Naked 2,Basics 2 or the Tarte matte brown set that I’m not sure I should pull the trigger on. lol

Naked palette! I was so excited to try it but once I did I hated it, majority of the colours are the same colour as my skin & way too glittery. Naked Basics as well. I feel like all the Naked palettes are overrated in my opinion. The Vice palettes are much better.

For me it would be last years Tarte Holiday palette I never reach for it I have maybe used it twice in the last year I think the only reason I got it was the for killer purple bag. I use all the other products in it but the stinking eye shadow palette.

Naked 3 and Lorac Pro 2. I have to be in a pink mood to wear Naked 3. And frankly, I’m just not that impressed with the Lorac eyeshadows. I was going to return it, but the ULTA closest to me was too far away to be worth it.

The one palette that I’ve barely ever used is a Stila Holiday LE from a few years ago, it kind of looks like a dreamcatcher, I don’t remember what it was called. There’s a ton of shades in there, but the quality of the shadows is inconsistent and some of the pans are so tiny that it’s hard to use a normal brush.

Urban Decay Naked palette. I seem to just always have fallout issues with it, so after buying it a long time ago, I just… didn’t use it… for months at a time :/

Naked 1, the Lorac Pro, and the Naked 3. The first two I was only using half the shades (the lighter half). The Naked 3 was was only using 3 of the shades. lol All swappped to a new home.

Naked 2 is still my go to for me.

HMMM, it’s not a palette but the quad from Guerlain with the bees on it. It’s so pretty I don’t like messing it up plus the gold isn’t a shade I wear much to begin with. The purples and grays are great but lend themselves to evening wear. We’re pretty poor and thus low key these days. Wearing the quad out to hole in the wall Korean BBQ seems over the top.

I’m not a palette person so I guess it’s silly for me to think I’d use them anyway. I only have a few – naked 2, ud electric and a sleek one. I think that’s pretty much it. Oh one Dior five-shadow one. I prefer to have lots of mac pans and change them out in four-shadow palettes if I need to travel with multiple colors.

I hardly reach for my Naked 3 and also the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. I love both of these palettes but I guess I just forget to use them. Going to have to pull them out and get some use out of them!

Urban Decay Naked, I guess. Not that I HARDLY use it–I’m definitely not using it as much as I thought I would! Too many metallic/shimmer shades!

I would have to agree with most of you above: Urban Decay Naked 1 – too many similar colours in shades of warmish brown. I realised after I bought it that I was really cool toned and I don’t wear those colours enough. The beautiful gold is the one I reach for the most.
Vice 2 is another one that I use only the blue/green colours. Sometimes too many colours can be overwhelming.

Stila in the Moment. I love the colors, but since I am always running late for work, I always reach out for the Urban Decay Basics 2 since I don’t have to think too much about it.

I don’t use any particular palette often, part of my hobby is collection so there simply aren’t enough days in the year.. and I try to spread the love using one or two different palettes changing every week or so. The one that comes to mind that I really didn’t enjoy using that I thought I would love is KVD Monarch. It’s very inconsistent in pigmentation and texture and that is a big pet peeve of mine. I don’t mind varying textures or pigmentation in formulas.. as long as the palette itself is consistent, if that makes sense. I don’t use them enough to remember that one particular shade is super pigmented, or that other one drops glitter all over my face.

LMAO all of them really, but mostly, Urban Decay Electric. I find that I always need another color to complement the shades in it, so I always need another palette to complete my looks. After a few times, I just stopped bothering. What’s the point of a palette if you gotta use another one.
I remember being too excited about all the brights, but in retrospect, they definitely should have thrown some nudes, some browns, some blacks….something in there.

I never use my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette. I was so mesmerized by it after seeing swatches and reading reviews. But after using it a couple times, I was very unimpressed. I felt like the pigment and longevity of the shadows wasn’t that great, and the excessive glitter just isn’t my thing. This has been my experience with every Urban Decay palette I’ve ever owned. The only difference between this palette and the others was that I didn’t return this one. My younger sister worked hard and saved her money to buy it for me for Christmas, and I didn’t have the heart to ask her to return it. I basically keep it for sentimental value.

Nars- Guy Bourdin- One night stand.
I have orgasm and laguna and couple other Nars face powders on single format and frankly the quality is better than those in the palette. Maybe I got a bad one!

Lime Crime Alchemy. It has some pretty colors but for some reason I don’t really reach for it. Its time to get it back out.
Also Sugarpill burning hearts pallet.colors are super bold. I Bring them out for my few party nights

Urban Decay Smoked and also Urban Decay Electric. I’m not exactly a nightlife partying type of person so I rarely get to use them… which is sad because the colors are lovely. 🙁

hahaha – all of them! I always think – oh, I will use all of these colors and then I get Palette Interuptus, Another fabulous palette comes along and off I go. I am trying to make a commitment to no more palette purchases (and a lot less makeup purchases) until some of my stash gets used up. It’s a challenge.

Mine is definitely the UD Electric Palette. Haven’t even opened the box. Money=wasted!!
If anyone has a barely used UD Vice 1 or Vice 2 that they think could get love somewhere else….gimme a reply. I’d gladly take them off of your hands today. I’ve been looking for new/hardly used authentic versions. That’s not easy.
Also….my unicorn is the KVD Spellbinding Palette. I may give an organ for that one… (Unless it’s one that is REALLY necessary). Bahaha.

Happy holidays everyone. Let’s make 2015 unforgettable!! ❤️

I have a brand new unused kvd spellbinding palette authentic I bought as a gift for someone but ended up giving something else….. happy to let you take it off my hands for whatever I paid for it at sephora…. also have vice 2 I used maybe twice…..let me know…..I’m a freelance mua/ palette junkie lol…

The rest of my message got cut off, Laurie. I’m sorry about that. I’m not sure how it happened?

Can you please contact me at:
Minibux at roadrunner dot com?

I’m so happy about this. Just LMK how much you are asking and how you’d like me to send you the money. We can discuss the rest of the transaction via email.

Thank you – thank you – thank you.
Christine- if you can’t publish this, can you please give Laurie my contact info? Idk how else to contact her and I’m really appreciative of her offer.

Naked 2! I actually ended up giving it away because I barely used it. Same thing with Lorac Pro – but that one I gave away because I didn’t care for the formula of the eyeshadows. They did not agree with my oily eyelids, even with my heavy-duty primer routine.

lorac mega pro 🙁 The colors are beautiful, but I am covered with my naked 1 and original lorac pro for neutrals, and vice 3 for my more er.. enthusiastic choices. Is anyone more excited for the high of getting a new product than for thinking if they’d actually use it, like I do?

Definitely Naked 1 and 2. Ordered them online without actually seeing them. Tested a few and have never used either palette. They sit, unloved and ignored, a lesson in impulse buying.

My Coastal Scents custom 12 pan palettes! I still think the quality of the eyeshadow ‘hot pots’ is great, but… I just always reach for my higher end palettes instead :/

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