Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Reviews, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever Aqua MaticMake Up For Ever Aqua Matic ($21.00 for 0.049 oz.) is supposed to be an “eyeshadow pencil [that] glides on and stays put.” It’s supposed to be “unbelievably blendable” without transferring, while it is also “highly-pigmented, waterproof, smudge-free … [and has] intense color payoff.” These are very, very stiff to work with; they apply so-so with minor tugging on the lids but look uneven at a close range and have a drier consistency that makes them extremely difficult to blend and get even, smooth color coverage. I expected that they’d be long-wearing, since they seemed to stay put from the get-go, but some shades creased within six hours (noted below). I was really disappointed in the way these felt, applied, and wore. The only upside is they’re a twist-up pencil with an included sharpener, so at least there is less waste. I have three other shades to review, so expect part two soon.

Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua MaticMake Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic ($21.00 for 0.049 oz.) is described as an “iridescent turquoise.” It’s a brightened, medium-dark blue-teal with a pearly sheen. It had semi-opaque color coverage in a single stroke, and when I tried to layer it, the color was mostly opaque. The consistency was somewhat smooth but did noticeably tug on the eyelid during application. This shade lasted for seven hours on me before creasing. Urban Decay Fringe (P) is a powder. Too Faced Sequin (LE, $16.00) is darker, greener, powder. Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow (P, $8.25) is a powder. Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow (P, $6.80) is a powder. Disney by Sephora Caspian Sea (LE) is lighter, powder. theBalm Open to Offers Olwen (LE, $16.00) is bluer, powder. Urban Decay Deep End (P, $18.00) is bluer, powder. MAC Cool Heat (LE, $15.00) is less shimmery, powder. Make Up For Ever #83 (P, $20.00) is brighter, powder. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

Make Up For Ever I-22 Aqua MaticMake Up For Ever I-22 Aqua Matic ($21.00 for 0.049 oz.) is described as an “iridescent electric blue.” It’s a medium-dark, brightened blue with a soft sheen. It had semi-opaque pigmentation in a single pass, and it was buildable to mostly opaque color coverage. This shade creased after six hours on me, and it faded within six hours when I tried to wear it as an eyeliner as well. It was difficult to blend and apply. Dior Rivage #5 (LE) is darker, cooler-toned. CoverGirl Sapphire Flare (315) (LE, $4.99) is lighter, powder. Urban Decay Radium (P, $18.00) is powder. NYX Kiss in Casablanca (P, $4.50) is powder, more muted. Buxom Bulldog (P, $18.00) is more muted. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

Make Up For Ever I-30 Aqua MaticMake Up For Ever I-30 Aqua Matic ($21.00 for 0.049 oz.) is described as an “iridescent lime green.” It’s a brightened, chartreuse with strong, yellow leanings and a pearly sheen. It had semi-sheer pigmentation in a single stroke, and it was buildable to semi-opaque color coverage but wasn’t fully opaque. This shade creased on me after six hours of wear. This one had a slightly more blendable texture compared to the previous two, but it wasn’t great. NARS Tropical Princess #1 (LE, $24.00) is greener, more muted, powder. MAC Chartreuse Bouquet (LE, $21.00) is powder. NARS Rated R #1 (P, $24.00) is less shimmery, powder. MAC Brilliantly Lit (LE, $18.50) is yellower. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

Make Up For Ever I-90 Aqua MaticMake Up For Ever I-90 Aqua Matic ($21.00 for 0.049 oz.) is described as an “iridescent pop purple.” It’s a medium-dark, warm-toened plummy purple with soft shimmer. It was sheer when applied in a single pass, and it was buildable to almost semi-opaque coverage, but it was noticeably uneven and almost splotchy at times. The consistency was about as blendable as I-30 but still frustrating to work with. This shade lasted for almost seven hours on me before creasing. MAC Violet Impact (LE, $15.00) is a powder, lighter. NYX Violetta (P, $4.50) is less shimmery, powder. NARS Trash (LE, $24.00) is slightly darker. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

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Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-20 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-22 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-22 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-22 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-22 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-22 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-22 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-30 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-30 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-30 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-30 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-30 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-30 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-90 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-90 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-90 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-90 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-90 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-90 Aqua Matic

Make Up For Ever I-90 Aqua Matic
Make Up For Ever I-30 and I-22 Aqua Matics

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Oh dear! After reading the first paragraph, I read the rest through my fingers! 😛 Some of the colours are so pretty… it’s a real shame when they don’t just work how you envisage they will!

That purple… *sniffle* 😛

Love the effect you got on your eye, though!

Me, too! MUFE is usually really reliable, though I didn’t have *great* luck with their jumbo pencils before. They had similar problems, unfortunately!

Wow. I was really hoping that these were going to be good. Thanks for “test driving” everything for us, Christine : )

Just so disappointing from a line that consistently delivers. I caught a couple of Sephora reviews on these and ducked out before getting caught in the trap. These look painful to blend.

Blending is a mostly futile exercise, because even to the degree that there is *some* blending, all you’re really doing is making the rest of it look uneven as you go. The only way I could really see wearing these is as a base, so you wouldn’t have to worry about blending them into each other, just sort of applying. They don’t wear well enough for me on their own, and at this point in the game, there are better products that can be worn alone *or* as a base that I’d rather reach for.

I played with these in the store and was underwhelmed. There are too many brands that do make good pencils like this to buy ones that don’t perform well, especially since the colors aren’t that unique.

Hey Carrie!

Anything in particular that made you feel that way about them? Curious if your experience was similar to mine!

Wow, those are really disappointing ratings for this company – I thought they had higher standards! If I want something “tuggy”, I’ll go to UD’s 24/7 SHADOW pencils; if I want something great, Sephora’s Jumbo shadow/liner pencils are amazing and cost a lot less. Or I’ll use a good primer and powder shadow – it’s not like there aren’t many dupes of each of these pencil shades, as your review/comparison swatches show.

Too many better options these days – I love Milani’s jumbo pencils, and there is always NYX, too. NYX’s last fairly well on me, but they’re definitely creamy.

This might be the worst rated product on your blog Christine! I was pretty excited for these, MUFE is among the best for eye products.. but my spirits are dampened for this one!

I was pretty heartbroken over these, too. I tried them a few times, because I couldn’t believe it 🙁

I had seen some swatches of these and was excited about them…it’s too bad the quality is so poor. You still make them look gorgeous though!

Oh my word. I would say that I NEED all of these. :O My favourite colours, just the right amount of shimmer/sheen but then… the ratings!! WHY?! I don’t need dry, stiff product that tugs at my skin. I’ve not been this disappointed since… well, most of MAC’s recent eyeshadow releases. I expect much better from a pro company like MUFE.

I wonder if they would work better with a powder shadow in a similar colour patted over? That’s what I’ve always done with MAC Shade-sticks as they crease too much otherwise, but it’s only worth bothering with for intense colour. In terms of ease of use, it makes it awkward and a waste if it can’t be used alone.

Like the only way I would even use these is as a base, and I would just use one at a time. The problem is that they don’t really go on that evenly and dry so quickly that it can be difficult to even just “fade” the edge (say you applied it over the lid and wanted to blend/soften it past the crease). I think with a champagne or beige, it might still work as a wash of color, but there are so many better cream eyeshadow options, you know?

The colors were sooooo up my alley! I was like, “Oh, yeah, I know how I’m wearing these,” and then it was horrible, lol!

Actually, a lot of these colors remind me of Urban Decay’s Electric palette. I-20 is really close to Fringe, I think 1-90 is kind of close to Urban, and 1-30 is very similar to Thrash. At least in photos

I got these a about 2 months ago I think I used them a few times. I agree with u there not the best to blend. I have been useing them as bases for my mufe shadows and there much better that way it gives the shadows a lil extra something so so much staying power

I think that the only way to use them is as a base 🙁 And just one at a time! Which shades did you get, Dina?

I have the ones u have above and me-50 and me-54
There ok I like them under urban decay moondusts
But to be honest there just ok.

Ouch, soo disappointing!!! I had better luck with drugstore versions of this formula/packaging from he same manufacturer. I wondering if the pigment used it what giving this issues.

It was interesting to have these be really problematic, and creasing with cream eyeshadows isn’t a total surprise, but I was surprised that it wore away surprisingly quickly even as an eyeliner.

Man I totally dodged a bullet with these. One of my Sephora ladies was wearing a purple one last week as a lipcolour and I was *this* close to buying a few shades. I’m ever-so-thankful to have waited for your review. There are plenty of comparable products out there with better performance and value.

I was so disappointed by these as well. I picked up the golden taupe one (Me-50 I believe?) and it felt so sticky on my lids! I certainly couldn’t have worn it on its own, and it definitely creased by the end of the day. Back to the store it went – too bad because the Aqua Creams in the pots are totally budgeproof!

I’m glad you were able to return yours, Jaime! I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who struggled with this product!

OK, maybe I’m an alien but I actually had good luck with the ME50 I bought Friday night. I guess I’ll preface this by saying I didn’t expect it to work as well as a powder shadow so I knew that going in. But I’m trying to streamline my eye shadow when I’m lazy and only want to apply ONE shadow, no primer and mascara. I have tons of cream shadows in pots, but wanted to try pencil. This is my first one so I don’t have a basis of comparison but I got it to blend (with my fingers) and I did add a little MUFE Star Powder on top and it last from 11:30 am – 8:30 pm before I noticed it starting to crease. I thought that was pretty good. 🙂

I figured that maybe they’d perform well as eyeliners at least since the texture wasn’t forgiving enough as a cream eyeshadow but nope!

Ouch! The colors are so beautiful though! I had my eyes on 20, 22 and 30 to use on my bottom lid. I hope they perform better as eyeliners!

The teal and lime are stunning, too bad about the wear time 🙁 I love the look you put together. They’re my favorite summer colors 🙂

Me too! I originally tried to wear the blue, green, and teal together, but the blending was such a struggle that I ended up trying again later with just two shades.

Wow, I am surprised they performed so poorly. Thanks for the review because I was considering getting some of their other shades. I have to share that I tried the Sephora brand chubby eye pencils and I think they are fantastic!

Yay! I’m so glad you found a good eyeshadow pencil you can use, Makura! And those are way cheaper 😀

It’s like the designers looked at the NARS eye pencils and decided to avoid that error at all costs by driving too far in the opposite direction. o_0 A very surprising miss by MUFE.

I’m so disappointing! I was expecting them to be so much better. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, it’s sad they didn’t perform well.

I got the lime green one yesterday and I tried it for the first time today, so my thoughts definitely don’t count as a review.
I used it as a base and set it with a similar powder shadow. It looked gorgeous and it lasted, perfectly intact, until I removed it about 11 hour later. I’m planning on doing the same look tomorrow.
I’m not going to ever wear it alone since similar products tend to melt on my oily lids (today I had a waterproof eyeliner that smudged at the corners after less than 3 hours).

P.S. I totally agree that these are stiff and impossible to blend. As I said, they seem to work for how I’m planning on using them.

Happy to hear that they’re working how you need them to! 🙂 It’s one of those things where the brand says it can do 20 things, and the reality is can do one or two things, but if those are the only ways you’d use it, then it works out 😀

Wellll unfortunately today is my second day wearing this and I’m sad to report creasing and fading. Waaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the ease of these and they said they were tested 5 hours under water. [pout] Christine are there any eyeshadow pencils that are truly long lasting/wearing without a primer? I’m sad.

Oh, dear! I bought the purpley one not long ago, I’ve not used it yet, as I’ve not been in a darker eyeshadow mood. It felt really good in the store, I thought it blended well and I just fell hard for it. I do love my purples!
I’ll have to try it tomorrow to see what I think of it. I’m glad now that I didn’t buy the lime one.
Note to self, check here first for reviews!!! 🙂

I’m really sad to say that no, mine wasn’t better.
I swatched it yesterday and thought it was quite good. the colour payoff was even and almost opaque. It blended so well, just as it had done in the store when I swatched it three times, before buying it.
This morning I decided to use it, I thought I’d just do a simple, quick look, applying it in the outer corner and blend it inwards to the inner. Yeah, right! It applied uneven, it was so hard to blend, I tried using my finger, a brush, then picking the product up with the brush, I think I spent 45 minutes applying and blending and even after that time it was just sort of OK.
I ended up layering a pink LE baked shadow from MAC over most of it, except the outer corner.
I used it as a liner on the lower lid, I applied three layers before I was satisfied.
Now after maybe ten hours it looks the same as it did after I applied it, so on me it has quite a lot of staying power. (I used MUFE eye primer)
I think I’ll use it again, but just to finish it, as it’s not inexpensive, but I’ll only use it when I have a lot of time, and certainly not every day, as I don’t think my eyelids appriciate all the tugging.
It sure is a disappointing eye shadow, I must say. It is well worth the F you gave it.
Sorry for making this so long. Guess I needed the rant 🙂

You are so right! I got the green one, bec. it was the only one left of the 4-5 I craved at Sephora! Thank God! It’s really a bad blender, but I guess I can make it work, under others, like MAC Water. I threw the packaging away, which I seldom do BECAUSE I TRUST MUFE + THE HYPE + SEPHORA REVIEWS SWAYED ME. Glad they didn’t have the others. There have been so many misses recently, that the dupes/comparison swatches have been invaluable. I really rely on that section of Temptalia. It’s an odd thing to consider a public service, but it really is!

Sorry to hear that you had a tough go with this one, too, KJH! Yeah, the best way to use these would be as a base, so you can use other eyeshadows on top to get the softer edge/blending needed. I used to do that a lot (less so now, since I’m usually testing wear for individual shades, so no base required!), but it can help eyeshadows pop. Have you tried it as an eyeliner? Maybe it’ll work a little better for you that way, or it might wear longer if you use a bit of primer underneath, then line with it.

Thank you!

I have 22, 30 and 90. 90 does not go on super well, but my 22 and 30 go on like butter! I was starting to wonder if you got a bad set, but the last time I was in Sephora I swatched their 22 tester on my hand and it did not go on anywhere near as smoothly as the one I own. So now I wonder if I just lucked out and got a particularly GOOD batch.

I generally do a pretty simple look with Stila Smudge Crayon in Kitten on my upper lid, green all over, a blue as a very thick liner. I put the blue on first, green over that and smudge them up from the lash line with my finger to make a turquoise blend, and then go over the lash line with the blue again. This is my current go-to “I have two minutes, let’s put on eye shadow!” look.

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