MAC x Rihanna for Viva Glam Launches January 2014

MAC x Rihanna Viva Glam
MAC x Rihanna Viva Glam

Arriving online in North America on January 21st, Rihanna Viva Glam will be available in Lipstick and Lipglass versions.

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MAC x Rihanna Viva Glam
MAC x Rihanna Viva Glam

MAC x Rihanna Viva Glam
MAC x Rihanna Viva Glam

MAC x Rihanna Viva Glam
MAC x Rihanna Viva Glam


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Shayna Avatar

Definitely feeling the Rhianna fatigue. Even if the product turns out to be awesome, I’ll only be buying because of the Viva Glam cause.

Lauren Avatar

I am underwhelmed at yet another iteration of what will likely be a matte red lipstick and red lip gloss, and I think the majority of buyers will be, too. How many times can you sell the exact same thing, within a few months, and people keep buying it? Of course, there will be people who buy it because of the cause it supports, but I think a lot of people will look at it and see the same thing that’s already been repackaged and sold 2-3 times this year and pass on buying it again.

jess Avatar

I totally agree! We all have Ririwoo, it re-released every 4 months. I don’t need another red lip from Rihanna. Why not something different like a deep burgundy, violet, soft coral or rose pink!? Red must sell well! I have like a thousand already. lol. Not too excited about this color choice, I will have to see it in person before I decide to buy.

Diedra Avatar

I can wait… I love lipstick and the fact that it is going to a great cause makes it even better! With her star power MAC should get a lot a money for a wonderful cause!

Mariella Avatar

I’ve been tired of Rihanna/RiRi from the get go. We all know that Viva Glam has raised lots of money for AIDS. I’m curious (call me a cynic and a skeptic) as to whether Rihanna is paid for her endorsement/connection with the MAC/Viva Glam campaign or if she waives her fee. I hope it is the latter and that she is just happy to lend her name and success to help this worthwhile campaign but, alas, I fear she is reimbursed in one way or another (even if it’s just having MAC footing the bills for her travel, sending a limo to her hotel to get her, etc. – things she could well afford to pay on her own; years ago, I worked for a major charity and our “celeb chairman” for that year really nose-dived in my esteem when he demanded all these luxury considerations – including a limo to his home to pick up him and his wife and take them to a fundraising dinner!)

Corliss Avatar

Why Rihanna? What about all of the other celebrities Mac has used for Viva Glam? Are you questioning them as well? I don’t know if their paid or not but I’m sure there time and celebrity is worth something and after duping us all year Mac can surely afford it. Let’s not just pick on one celebrity Mac has used many celebrities for their Viva Glam campaign.

Marissa Avatar

Another Red? Rihanna again? Come on, Rihanna is not a icon nor creative unique artist. We need someone like Britney Spears or Katy Perry. I’m sick of reds, But I know we haven’t had a red in VG since 2010, but we need a fushia ( like Moxie or Pleasure Bomb). Mac is getting overrated and uncreative and boring.

Helena Avatar

It seems kind of weird to say that Rihanna is not creative or unique and then suggest Britney Spears in her place, doesn’t it? Even ignoring that Britney, bless her hardworking soul, is the living definition of Marilyn Monroe-idolizing “pop star,” can you name any other artist from who works her sexuality, personality, and culture into her work quite like Rihanna? Even if you don’t like her music, she’s downright prolific. There’s no one quite like her, not in looks, voice, personality, or fashion.

Emmilynn Avatar

Im just fed up of her…….. if it had been 1 collection then this then i wouldnt b saying it. But its a red lipstick and its rihanna, what a change from the past year. I think id rathet go bk and buy one of thr other viva glam lipps than keep endorsing her. Dont get me wrong i understand this is for a gd cause but enough is enough… actually sod it ill just put the 15 pound in the charrity aids pot.

Sonia Avatar

You know, Christine..I am really getting disenchanted with MAC and their limited edition offerings. I mean, do they just make a 100 or less of these LE lipsticks?? I swear I thought I was on Nordstrom and Macy’s website right at midnight but all of the lipsticks were sold out. I called the stores in the morning, just when they open shop and the lipsticks were sold out…even before they had officially started selling it!! It’s just so weird..I am not sure if they all sold out because the employees were saving it for themselves/friends and family because I have no idea how things sell out before they are even offered for purchase. Oh and it’s not like they were on hold for those who called in earlier because I was specifically told that they would not be holding these LE riri x mac lipsticks for anyone. And, yeah I did not even bother with the MAC website in the first place because I knew I didn’t even stand a chance there.

KCO Avatar

I’m not surprised by the comments, but feel if it weren’t Rihanna, people would be saying “you can never have too many reds!” With that said, I’m loving the satiny red packaging.

Miss J Avatar

Well, personally, I’m excited! I love reds, and if I’m going to buy another red, it’s nice to know it’s at least going to a good cause. ๐Ÿ™‚

Beatrice Avatar

It’s my girl Riri so yes I will be picking some up. Since folks say they got Riri fatigue hopefully I can get my hands on some without it being sold out.

Quinn Avatar

I feel like if it was a white woman with the same issues she’s had (with chris brown), people would be championing all of Rhianna’s releases in the cosmetic industry. Sorry, that’s just how I feel. I think all this negativity and comments about being “sick” of her are based in some really… biased social constructs. Can we back off the Riri hate? I’m just glad it’s not someone like lady gaga or katy perry, and Mac is once again representing women of color.

Also, forever sad I didn’t get Who’s That Chick if only because the color is gorgeous. I can’t pinpoint why, but I’m afraid of wearing reds in public lately!

A. Mar Avatar

While I am getting tired of the MAC and Rihanna collaborations, I’m excited for a new Viva Glam. It’s a great cause. It’s also red. I just can’t ever turn that down.

Megan Avatar

I’m hearing it may be a Shimmer, which sounds kind of blah… plus another red! I think Rihanna needs to change color palettes. Always red, dark plum or nude. The one pink she did have for the holidays was gorgeous. Not terribly excited for this.

Alice Avatar

It looks like a really pretty red. It really doesn’t matter to me that it’s Rihanna, I don’t think she’s any better or worse than any other celebrity. I love red lipstick, and even though I have many, I will probably pick this one up. I love Riri Woo, and if this one is cool toned, I’m on it.

fancie Avatar

I’m here for the packaging! Lol that’s all I really want the lipstick for. I have no interest in the gloss. Of course I’m saying that now lol! But I’m a bit nervous about the frost finish. I’m not a fan of frosty lipsticks so I’m dying for swatches right now!

Taylor Avatar

I loveeee Rihanna & I’ve bought lipsticks from every collection except the fall release. I don’t think it’ll be another riri woo it kinda looks like viva glam I with a pearly type thing going on…I will probably pass on the lipstick just because I have PLENTY of reds, and just buy the lipglass. All in all its for a great cause and hey it comes out the day before my birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

Meghann Avatar

gosh yall, you can clearly see it is not Ruby/Riri Woo. It’s more of a pinkish red. It’s pretty and I’m getting it. I could care less that Rihanna is the face for Viva Glam, she clearly makes a good model for make up and I have enjoyed her collections. I wished I could have grabbed a few more things from the collections but it sold out.

K Avatar

As long as the formula’s not a lustre, I’m happy! I hope that they either make a dazzle formula for viva glam next year or just bring out a permanent range of dazzle finish lipsticks. If they were to make a permanent line of dazzle lipsticks, I hope they’d make caliente and smash hit permanents! ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry.. off topic. lol

Qgyrl Avatar

I’m happy Rihanna. Why is there so much negativity on this posting. Just be happy that someone is doing something for a positive cause. Do you think Beyoncรฉ would do this? Hmmmm pause. Ugh no. I love her collections. They are selling out and she is the perfect spokeswoman to bring in the dough for the cause. Everybody knows her name and regardless of the comments, she is making her money, living her life, and has more followers then most female recording artist. More than Beyoncรฉ. So she is the perfect person for this campaign.

Laura_Lou Avatar

Feel like they’re overdone the whole MAC/Rihanna thing now. It would be nice to see somebody else now. I felt like this when Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj got two VG lippies each. This lipstick just looks like another red but like other people have already said there are plenty of reds out there. MAC needs to stop saturating the market with the same products. Having said that if this turns out to be a coral red (a la VG Cyndi) I will be all over it ๐Ÿ™‚

Sarah Avatar

I love Rihanna, but I can’t say I ‘m super excited for this for a couple reasons. I think the initial Rihanna/MAC colloboration was awesome but the follow up releases just felt like a way to get more stuff out. They should have just done one release. Also, I’m a bit tired of the red fad. I think we could have used a different color. It’s MAC and they’re all about being different or so they were, so I just think something bold and different would have been nice. I do wish MAC would stop doing SO many LE collections. Every 5 minutes! We just had Magnetic Nudes, Punk Couture , and Huggable lipcolors and now the Mineralize eye quads are out online. It’s a constant battle to keep up!

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