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I like it! My lips are very dry and lipsticks tend to exaggerate that sometimes, so putting lipgloss on top is always helpful!

I love the different effects you can get, and how creative and artistic you can be with it!

I will say, however, that I’ve found almost as many combinations that didn’t work as ones that did! Especially when you get that thing where the gloss kind of ‘dissolves’ the lipstick and makes it run into your liplines… πŸ˜€

Aside from times where I need a base (balm or lip pencil), I really don’t like layering lip products. Gloss is mess enough on its own, I don’t want it mixing with lipstick on my lips and being even more crazy.

I like it sometimes to get that perfect color and look, but I also think its troublesome when you have to reapply and have to carry around two products. Otherwise it’s good πŸ™‚

I love lip combinations, I always like to line my lips then pat my lipstick over the liner, after than I may or may not top it off with some gloss it depends on the day really, it’s amazing how many different colors and effects you can get from layering !

I LOVE IT if I have time. I will layer bc lip liner locks in color and gloss/lipstick give my lips more dimension. You can avoid goopiness by blotting each layer you apply–except for the very last. Or just keep the gloss in the center of your lips and leave it at that.

Love it. I can take all the “almost shades” and punch them up or down. An emollient texture closest to the lips ensures comfortable wear, and creating a variety of looks becomes so much easier.

I prefer a more lasting color that I can just put balm over. I don’t need a mirror to reapply balm. And I really don’t like glosses. They’re too sticky.

I don’t like it. I like to put on a single product and be good to go. I don’t have time to be reapplying/relayering products so I like a lipstick with a bit of shine to it or a gloss that is pigmented enough to “go it alone” which is why I like Clarins Gloss Prodige.

If it involves gloss on top of lipstick almost never do it, I don’t want to wreck glosses by getting the doe foot or brush covered in lipstick, and I don’t want have to carry around an extra brush for when I need to reapply the combo. Plus I’m just not much of a gloss fan.

However I do sometimes use more than one lipstick to get a special effect, like using too reds for a more dimensional look or an ombre lip.

It is such a hassle! If I have to layer products it’s because something is wrong with them (lipstick not glossy enough or the wrong shade). I just want to apply one layer of lip product and be done!

Sometimes the product don’t go that well together (texture wise) and it can make them almost separate and turn into a mess. And reapplying lipstick on lips that are somewhat sticky from the leftover gloss is impossible so then you have to remove everything that’s left before you start over.

I don’t mind putting lip gloss over lipstick but I don’t experiment per say. I like to buy smoother texturized lipstick so I can do minimal layering lol. That’s just me. I put most of my attention in my shadow and usually throw a color on my lips.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee layering and have been using it for the past 3 – 4 yrs πŸ˜€ and somewhat learnt a little bit :d not perfect all the time but i try and never give up πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and all thanks to my mentor who is unbeatable in layering lip products

I never layer gloss over lipstick. Everything seems to vanish so fast that I may as we’ll not bother with anything at all.
I have made a custom long-wearing colour by using a pencil all over and topping off with a lipstick. I also like adding a highlight to the middle of my bottom lip, usually with MAC High Tea or something similar.
If my lips are overly dry I just stick to a balm or a lip butter and take it with me to reapply as needed.

I’m only just recently gotten back into layering lip products because of the Korean gradient lip trend. Although, I used to do the gyaru nude lip look with a pink gloss over top and that was fun too!

I really like layering lip products as long as I have a good primer and lip liner on and blot the lipstick well before applying gloss.

I like how it can make your lips look, but sometimes I can get carried away and apply too much and it starts to get goopy. But, when I limit myself I love the creative freedom layering lip products gives you.

I do it nearly every day! My favorite combination is a gloss over a stain. I tend to think both kinds of products are missing something on their own, but together I get everything I want in a lip color

I like to layer! Especially when the gloss doesn’t mess everything up. My two favorite lippies to layer with are my Marc Jacobs Heart Shaped gloss and Mac Narcissus gloss

I’m not a fan of layering lip products. It can turn out thick and messy. It just feeling too heavy. The only product I can stand layering is a lip balm or lip pencil under a lipstick.

Not a big fan of goopy lips. I may layer if I want a specific color or I want to wear a liner as a lip color but its usually just one product for me.

If I’m doing makeup for photography, sure I love layering, I can customize the shades I want, but if I’m doing it for going out and about, I can’t stand it. I hate touching up as it is, but bringing 2 products with me everywhere? Forget it.

I’m a matte kind of girl so I’m not into layering lip products. The only time I layer is if I’m wearing a nude lip. I’ll apply a matte, nude lipstick then go over it with a sheer baby pink gloss.

I nearly always layer products. I like being able to customize the colour and texture. I typically only wear lipsticks with a creamy semi sheer texture, and use lip gloss over top. If I have a particular lipstick that I really like, that is too drying or emphasizes any dryness or flakiness then I use a lip gloss under that lipstick.

I like to wear either lipstick or gloss alone, or else, if I’m wearing lipstick I may put a small dab of gloss in the center of my lower lip. It really makes the lips look fuller.

I sometimes layer lipsticks (usually a matte one under a glossier one) as well since some of the colors I have are a little too red or purple for me.

I am fairly new to layering lip products to create new looks. I was always very “red lip, red lip liner” but I am now enjoying mixing things together but I must say layering lip gloss is one bandwagon I can’t seem to jump on. Makes my lips feel heavy.

I love layering, for example:
-lipgloss over lipliner (of course I fill my whole lips in) – I like how more light it feels than lipstick plus gloss
-lipgloss over lipstick – I love how I can make a lipstick look juicier and sometimes more natural-looking; and also, I like how I can make a perfect muted, slightly skintone-ish lip but nothing dead if I apply a really kintone nude color and I add a sheer color gloss on top. Perfect with smoky eyes.
-lipstick over lipliner – I love how long-lasting and rich this combo can be, especially with bright and dark shades

Personally I think if it needs to be layered, it’s a bad product. There are so many products available that achieve the effect of layering multiple products, whether they call themselves lip tars, creams, lacquers, paints, balm stains, glossy stains, etc. I love the “balm stain” concept because I like to wear lip stain with a balm on top but no company has really made a good one yet. My holy grail formula for lipsticks is whatever Catrice does, because those are so hydrating they don’t need a balm and they last a long time, finally fading evenly. They’re all slightly glossy though. I’d like for a company to come out with a really matte lip product that doesn’t need to be layered with lip balm… I’m sure it’s possible!

I actually love doing it when there’s an occasion! But the lipstick would most probably be a matte one.. I find that if i use a natural or MLBB colored lip pencil to fill in my lips, then top it with a gloss, it’s a great for a lunch or day out! They gloss is gonna probably wear rather quickly or a couple of hours later, but i’ll still have my lips ‘stained’ by the pencil, with maybe a sheen left from the gloss πŸ™‚

I like it but I don’t always do it. Lately I’ve done mostly matte lips, so if I’ve layered, it’s been to layer a liner underneath to tweak the color.

I think it can look really pretty on other people, but I prefer Satin, and Matte lipsticks finishes. One thing I do sometimes is put a white shimmery eyeshadow on my finger, and pat it on the center of both my top and bottom lip. It adds a sexy glow without wearing a lipgloss.

I’m afraid I’m not very creative with lip products. I don’t layer, unless I’m doing a red lip, in which case I might layer lip liner with lipstick.

You know, I didn’t really think much about it til lately! I got bored in my bathroom at one point and picked up NYX Circe, which I never wear (it’s basically a creamy concealer look on my lips), and then I grabbed a Wet ‘n Wild lipstick (Dollhouse), which is great for clubbing but still, I don’t wear it often. So I mixed them and boom, I got the prettiest pastel pink color! A true lipstick baby was born! The hyper-creamy texture of Circe melded well with the tugging (and somewhat cheap) matte texture of Dollhouse, and I got this excellent finish of a MAC cremesheen, but more opaque. I thought it looked like Creme Cup, but when I compared my new shade to that, I saw it was a little more lighter pastel than Creme Cup. So now I’m a mixing fiend- so many possibilities out there! πŸ˜›

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