MAC x Lorde Collection for Summer 2014

Summer 2014 - MAC x Lorde - Promo

Lips meet Lorde’s individual style in a limited-edition collaboration debuting online and in select stores this summer. Ignite your look with deep, plum Pure Heroine, the signature shade of pop’s coolest ingénue.

Lipstick ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Pure Heroine Deep plum (Amplified)

Penultimate Eye Liner ($19.50 U.S. / $23.00 CDN) (Permanent)

  • Rapidblack True black

Availability: June 5th, 2014 online (North America), July 2014 online (International); select stores: Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Champs-Elysees

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Summer 2014 - MAC x Lorde - Promo
Summer 2014 - MAC x Lorde - Promo

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Exactly my reaction as well. Really disappointed! A MAC celebrity collection I can get behind and be excited about and oh wow a darker Heroine and an eyeliner that I can buy anywhere…. =S

LOL! That’s what I was thinking. When the “collection” is used, it usually refers to more than 2. The color of that 1 lipstick is beautiful though.

This is just stupid and lazy on MAC’s behalf, imo. This isn’t even a real “collection”, there’s no special packaging to make these -two- items stand out from many other MAC products that are part of the permanent line and that promo shot of Lorde is just so boring. 🙁

Bingo! Have I ever cared less? Ehm, I doubt it. If I want dark, UD nails it with Revokution lipstick in Shame, which I already have. Seriously, Mac should focus less on 17 year 1.5 piece collections and further their concentration on seamless execution of magnificently wearing and presentable collections in totality! Tsk.. Oh, Lorde. Another fail with a PUN! 😀

I cannot wait to see your swatches of this! I like how it looks but I’m hoping it’s not too similar to Instigator or Potent Fig or Punk Couture! 🙂

That’s it? Just one lipstick and a repromoted eyeliner? The lipstick looks great, and I’m thrilled that it’s an amplified finish, but I would have liked to see a bit more.

That must be the least summery look ever, lol… I won’t lie, I am not crazy about Lorde’s look. The dark lips, I just find it very unflattering. Some people wear them well, but I don’t think she is one of them. I don’t want to sound mean, but that’s just my opinion. This is a collection I’ll be leaving.

Ugh. This would have been so much better if it launched in fall/winter. It just doesn’t appeal to me since it’s not a springy/summery color 🙁 pass.

Snoooooooooze! A repromo of penultimate and a amped up version of an already existing purple lipstick? Come on MAC, are you even trying anymore?

I wonder if we are able to use our Pro Member Discount on this collection. This is a very pretty fall and winter color. Why would MAC launch this color out in the summer. But I’m sure it would be sold out.

Hmm… I love her music and I was getting quite excited about this collaboration… Well, now my enthusiasm turned into a deflated balloon :(((. Not even a special packaging?? Two thumbs down

Seems to be the perfect collaboration, but I wish celebrities would work with brands other than MAC (or drugstore brands).

LOL! I actually picked up a blush and lip gloss from the collection – DESPITE their being attached to Bieber’s name, not because of it. They were both called “Groupie at Heart” and the blush was all embossed with the word “Boyfriend”, haha. I threw the blush away (too fuchsia/cool-toned and unblendable) but the gloss is pretty lovely!

Agreed. I’m not in to the dramatic purple or super-winged liner but I love Lorde. I love bold, but not to the point of goth. I would love to see a celebrity work with Urban Decay. I’d also love to see some celebrities on MAC who are beautiful without the amped up dramatic looks they come up out with. I love them but what about the day time?!

Thing is, often celebrities are the ones approached by cosmetic companies, not the other way around, so their choice is limited. After all, a company would be picky about who’s image they would want to use. Also, Lorde has said in interviews that she’s liked MAC since she was a young teen ( Which is fair enough, since it’s one of the few decent brands here in New Zealand 🙂 )

I’d be really interested to see how this compares to cyber, rebel, heroine, etc. I would love this if this is a unique color but if it’s too similar to the other colors, why buy limited edition?

I agree. I too am curious to see how the lipstick compares to Heroine and Cyber. I LOVE a deep purple lippy. I already have both Heroine and Cyber on my ‘to-buy list’ and I won’t even bother with this one unless its somehow unique.

Yay!!! This excites me a lot! It has been a while since mac enticed me with a celeb product but I just love Lorde! Will definitely be buying this lipstick.

UM what? So this is a slight spin on Heroine…Just like Rihanna’s spin on Ruby Woo with Rhi Rhi Woo? And a black eyeliner pen? Are they serious? MAC is going into desperate land in my eyes…I’m going to need them to come with something more!!

MAC really could’ve waited to bring this one out until Fall/Winter. Way too dark for a summer look in my opinion. But it’s definitely a gorgeous shade.

I saw this ad the other day and got too distracted by the awful airbrushing to even get excited about the collection. Yikes. o_0

The lipstick is quite pretty, though. I’ll have to tell my roommate about it – she loves deep purples!

her album is called pure heroine and this is a darker version of their heroine shade. although i find this collection extremely boring and predictable, i think the name makes sense.

Good to know. Thanks. But still very not creative. Can confuse with heroine. Should have called it ……Lorde……now that would have been different . If Mac can call it RiRi, then Mac can make this unique too.

Not loving the ‘collection’ but I love thats she’s bring back huge giant not curly half wavy slightly frizzy crazy hair what’ back.

I have that hair. Hopefully she will make it cool!

As a New Zealander and ardent lover of vampy purple lipsticks, I feel obliged to try and get a hold of this lipstick.:-D As a realist, I’m aware that it will probably sell out within 5 nanoseconds 🙁

(I, too, wish this collection had had a bit more than two items in it, but it does sort of have a neat ‘Lorde Look in a Box’ vibe to it ;-))

i had really high hopes for this because i love lorde and i love dark, vampy lips. a fall release with more shades would have been great. i hoped for some new fluidlines in vampy pretty shades also.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a totally irrational dislike of MAC, I’d almost be tempted to get that lipstick. I totally agree with everyone that says ‘two products? Really?’ Perhaps they should have renamed it ‘MAC x Lorde summer duo 2014’…..

I have a very rational dislike of MAC – they’re a very unethical company – so they haven’t been able to tempt me since the Rihanna collections, and I’ve found (much cheaper) dupes for everything I ever wanted from them. They’re just not that great.

Sorry: “Lips meet Lorde’s individual style in a limited-edition collaboration debuting online and in select stores this summer. Ignite your look with deep, plum Pure Heroine, the signature shade of pop’s coolest ingénue.”
– Isn’t her image anti-ingénue?
– Lips meet UD Revolutionary Lipstick in Shame with a touch of asphyxia eyeshadow dabbed in the center, or many other choices of MAC pigment.
– This is not even a viva glam going to support anything!
– Awkward musicians shooting up that get glorified by Mac is left to the real Lord.
– Mac really must shine soon! (And not just on Christine in Casual Color)
Oh, Lorde… X_X

Hi Kayla! Sadly, as well as other substances. Check out pupils at watch behavior, symbolism from the haze at a young age.. Often, if someone wants to break into the industry, if they turn substances down, they get turned away. It’s quite a bleak existence to straddle , only to wake up years later and question if your talent is dependent upon substances or it really exists at all. Drugs pay for a lot in the business. They create an image that young women think they should aspire towards, and I’m just shocked that Mac went this far to promote it. Especially after the Rhianna years… I applaud Mac for supporting other artists who have made great strides and a positive impact on these things, especially with their Viva Glam, but not necessarily who they’ve chosen for it. But that’s just my opinion beyond the makeup. Why? Lately Mac has been failing with collections that could have been amazing! But.. The execution was poorly tossed aside. I think this is the reason; to capitalize more on a name. Thanks for talking to me! 🙂 I’m kind of lonely here but love this site. And I have the flu right now. So I appreciate that you said something. 🙂

It’s not surprising that there’s only one new product, now. Lorde hardly wears anything distinguishable besides her dark lipsticks and eyeliner anyway

It’s funny to see people so dissapointed with this small collection! Yet when MAC comes out with a huge collection it’s “OVerwhelming”. If u think about it Lorde doesn’t wear that much makeup besides eyeliner & dark lipstick (for the most part) so for Mac to come out with a collection of bright pink lipsticks and highlighters would not make sense for a “Lorde” collection right? Wouldn’t go with her usual image.

umm well I WAS really excited for this but, really? one lipstick and an already permanent eyeliner? I was hoping for a whole set of deep vampy lip colours but this is just disappointing. what a load of hype for nothing at all, not even special packaging.

Huh. Kind of a bummer that it’s only really one item. She does wear pretty minimal makeup but surely they could have added a little more to the collection while still keeping it true to her style- another shade or two of lipstick, maybe some matching nail varnishes and an eyeshadow duo or contour powder. Even the Hayley Williams micro-collection had more than just one new item!

I really like the look of the lipstick. I hope thare are loads of dupes, as all LE doesn’t make their way to my MAC counter, and if they do, they get sold out long before I can make my way to it.

Honestly not happy about this collection. I thought they would do something intresting with the packaging because Lorde is intresting and maybe added a blush and a few more lipsticks. Might skip this collection.

I cannot wait for that lipstick! I usually don’t pay much mind to limited edition releases however I may have to pick up 2 or 3 tubes of it. I’m typically a matte fan… How is the Amplified formula? Long-lasting?

It seems MAC can’t do anything right. Release too many collections – Boo, far too soon! Collaborate with a new singer with a unique style in relation to current pop trends – there are so many more deserving established starlets! Have a 50 product LE lineup – too overwhelming and too confusing! Now, something they have been doing for, literally, YEARS – produce a limited edition item, usually a lipstick, with an unexpected artist. Can anyone remember Eddie Izzard’s Sexie? A-mei’s Ruby Woo? (had to look up her name). Paulina Rubio’s Rubia? Miss Piggy with a (quality questionable) eyeshadow? Azealia Banks, more recently? There are many others I can’t think at the top of my head. This is what MAC does. For those not interested, there is a Santigold colab with Smashbox to fill the void. It looks like summer and it’s shiny.

As for me? Sign me up, I like this Lorde chick and deep berries in warm weather.

There is a statement release page where Lorde expressed how excited she was to be working on this collection and hopes everyone likes it all as much as she does and how she’s already been wearing it… If I can find it, it was paired with Mac & her publicist and lead us to believe, with a few faces, that there would be a COLLECTION. I think perhaps something went wrong and maybe dates were due so they just had to put something out but more will come? Otherwise, misleading people is low and miserly. Please incorporate people with serious interest in beauty cosmetics! Then collaborate a wonderfully executed full collection based on the creativity and personality together! Thanks, Mac! (Not holding breath)

A new lipstick? That’s it? Not even special packaging! I’m surprised they didn’t release this closer to fall or something. This doesn’t say “summer” at all

If the lipstick shade is similar to Punk Couture but with a better finish/consistency I’m going to be gutted! Guessing it will be because it’s an Amplified, dang.

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