MAC Wonder Woman: Eyeshadow Quad Comparisons & Dupes

Eyeshadow Comparison “Session”

MAC Wonder Woman: Eyeshadow Quad Comparisons & Dupes

Here are swatch comparisons for the three eyeshadow quads from the collection…  If it is not included in here, it is most likely because I do not own it.

Defiance Eyeshadow Quad

  • DEFIANCE is a lot pinker in comparison to Vanilla, while it is more comparable to Pink Opal under natural light (but less so with flash; Pink Opal reflects more and looks whiter). Ego is pinker.
  • PARADISE ISLAND is a little cooler-toned than Pink Papillon, while it is pinker than Pen ‘n’ Pink, and less frosty than Urban Decay Sphynx.
  • STAR STUDDED is lighter and less violet than Vibrant Grape, while it is significantly lighter than Fig. 1.
  • REAL DRAMA is less red than Deep Damson, and it is slightly less red compared to Sketch, but it is fairly similar to the latter.

Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad

  • LADY JUSTICE is just a less pigmented version of Forgery and Urban Decay Uzi. At the most, it is less bright.
  • INSURMOUNTABLE is a shade I do not have a dupe of, and the closest I could find in my stash was Korres #42S, which is paler and frosty. I’m not saying there are no dupes (check the review–I listed some that I do not own), just that I couldn’t find anything I own that is.
  • BOLD BABE is more muted than Houglass Prism and Love Lace, both appear bluer. Dandizette is a richer blue and not really a dupe.

Valiant Eyeshadow Quad

  • MANILA PAPER is just a smidgen whiter in comparison to Nylon, but they are very, very similar. Creme de Miel is significantly yellower, while Rose Blanc and Soft Force are noticeably yellower though not as yellow as Creme de Miel.
  • VALIANT is a paler, slightly yellower version of Juxt. Korres #44S is nearly identical–slightly greener. Metamorph is greener. NARS Sea, Sex, Sun is far too dark and green to compare.
  • DIANA UNDERCOVER is less teal in comparison to Bottle Green, while it is greener than Femme Noir.
  • SPINNING TRANSFORMATION is similar in the base color as Make Up For Ever #47, which is slightly greener and has no shimmer. Sumptuous Olive is browner, more metallic, but closest that I had. Hourglass Dune is much, much darker and not comparable.

See comparison swatches!

Defiance Comparison Swatches

Vanilla, Defiance, Pink Opal, Ego

Pink Papillon, Paradise Island, Pen ‘n’ Pink, Urban decay Sphynx

Vibrant Grape, Star Studded, Fig. 1

Deep damson, Real Drama, Sketch

Lady Justice Comparison Swatches

Lady Justice, Forgery, Urban Decay Uzi

Insurmountable, Korres #42S

Dandizette, Houglass Prism, Bold Babe, Love Lace

Valiant Comparison Swatches

Nylon, Manila Paper, Creme de Miel, Rose Blanc, Manila Paper, Soft Force

Nylon, Manila Paper, Creme de Miel

Rose Blanc, Manila Paper, Soft Force

NARS Sea Sex Sun, Valiant, Juxt, Korres #44S, Valiant, Metamorph

NARS Sea Sex Sun, Valiant, Juxt

Korres #44S, Valiant, Metamorph

Bottle Green, Diana Undercover, Femme Noir

Spinning Transformation, Make Up For Ever #47, Sumptuous Olive, Spinning Transformation, Hourglass Dune