MAC Surf Baby: Dupes & Comparisons (Part 2)

MAC Surf Baby: Dupes & Comparisons (Part 2)

Here are some possible dupes/comparisons for a few of the lip and cheek products from Surf Baby.

  • GIRL ON BOARD is a little beiger than Almondine (limited edition), while it’s a little whiter than A Quiet Roar (limited edition). Outer Space (limited edition) is too pink in comparison (it looked similar in the tube!).
  • KRAZY KAHUNA is closest to is much browner than Temper Tantra (limited edition).
  • STRANGE POTION is a little lighter than both Tarlette (limited edition) and Splendid (limited edition). Pink Lemonade (permanent) may make a good dupe, but I don’t own it.
  • BUST OUT! is closest to Up the Amp (permanent), which is a touch lighter and purpler. Playtime (limited edition) is far too light and purple, while Style Curve (limited edition) is lighter and pinker. Spitfire (limited edition) is pinker and a little brighter. Violetta (PRO) is nothing like it.
  • NATURALLY ECCENTRIC is pretty much lighter than the nudes I tried to compare it to. Innocence Beware (limited edition) is darker and pinker, while Hue (permanent) is a little darker and pinker (but lighter than Innocence Beware). Creme d’Nude (permanent) looks dark and beige-pink compared to it. Fleshpot (permanent) is darker and pinker, while Myth is darker and more beige.
  • MY PARADISE (base color) is not at all like either Bite of an Apple (limited edition) or Marine Life (limited edition). It also does not compare to either NARS Taj Mahal (permanent) or NARS Exhibit A (permanent), the latter being the closest dupe, but it’s very, very red.
  • MY PARADISE (mixed) is closest to NARS Luster, which is a little pinker (it doesn’t look as apparent in the swatch, but when I initially swatched the two, it looked pinker to me). NARS Taj Mahal is so much more pigmented and deeper that there really is no comparison.

See comparison swatches!

MAC Almondine, Girl on Board, A Quiet Roar, Outer Space

MAC Krazy Kahuna, Temper Tantra

MAC Tartlette, Strange Potion, Splendid

MAC Up the Amp, Bust Out, Playtime

MAC Up the Amp, Bust Out, Playtime, Style Curve, Spitfire, Violetta

MAC Innocence Beware, Naturally Eccentric, Hue, Creme d’Nude

MAC Naturally Eccentric, Hue, Creme d’Nude, Naturally Eccentric, Fleshpot, Myth

MAC Bite of an Apple, My Paradise, Marine Life

MAC My Paradise, Marine Life, NARS Taj Mahal, NARS Exhibit A, NARS Taj Mahal + Exhibit A (mixed)

NARS Luster, MAC My Paradise, NARS Taj Mahal