MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Ice Parade: Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette ($38.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a limited edition holiday compact that features six eyeshadows: Lightfully (white with pink reflect), Trax (burgundy-plum with shimmer), Fun! (pink patina), Festive Delight (bordeaux wine), Black Tied (black with silver sparkle), and Shadowy Lady (blackened plum). Β The MAC Ice Parade Collection launches October 27th, 2011 in-stores.

  • Lightfully is a sheer, icy white with little color payoff and a stiff, dry consistency. Β It’s supposed to be pink-toned, but it’s difficult to tell with the sheerness of the shade. Β This has a lustre finish and is a repromote. It’s even sheerer than MAC Snowball. I recommend perusing these white eyeshadows for something better.
  • Trax is a gold and copper shimmered burgundy-red. This has a velvet finish and is part of the permanent range. It has good color payoff, but the shimmer is prone to some fall out. It’s not quite as brown as MAC Star Violet. It did seem a little redder than what I remember Trax being.
  • Fun! is a barely-there copper. This has a lustre finish. I don’t even know what to say about this one, because the amount of disappointment I felt when I swatched this cannot even be quantified. I pretty much gawked at my arm (and later, my eye).
  • Festive Delight is a rich, berry wine with a shimmer-sheen. This has a lustre finish. It has some sparkle, but it doesn’t have much, so it isn’t as likely to fall out as many lustre-finished eyeshadows are. MAC Cranberry is a bit lighter. Inglot #452 is darker. Make Up For Ever #131 has a similar feel but ends up being darker.
  • Black Tied is a dry, chalky black with silver sparkle. This has a velvet finish and is part of the permanent range. It was even dryer and sheerer than my pan version of Black Tied. It seemed less like a silver-speckled matte black as it did a shimmered black with a silver sheen. This version doesn’t compare to the permanent pan I have.
  • Shadowy Lady is a blackened burgundy with purple edges and a matte finish. This has a matte finish and is part of the permanent range. It has redder undertones than MAC Graphology.

This palette had three poor performing shades and three better performing shades, but when it was disappointing, it was spectacularly disappointing. Lightfully and Fun! barely show up, and boy, I really tried–I later tried to test them on the eye (over primer), but it was a big mess. No color payoff plus noticeable fall out! Trax, Festive Delight, and Shadowy Lady were lovely here; good pigmentation and textures, but two of those are permanent.

MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

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MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Lightfully Eyeshadow

MAC Trax Eyeshadow

MAC Fun! Eyeshadow

MAC Festive Delight Eyeshadow

MAC Black Tied Eyeshadow

MAC Shadowy Lady Eyeshadow

We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!
We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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this is obnoxious. black tied isn’t even black here. they’re making less quality versions of their permanent eyeshadows in these palettes. And they’re still very expensive compared to palettes other brands offer for this season. I was thinking about buying this one, but now I’m sure I wont. I’ll probably get the MUFE palette instead.

This! I got all excited upon seeing the warmer berry shade but I think I’ll just buy Cranberry and be done with it.

It’s disappointing that now all MAC seems to care about is churning out half-arsed products for the cash.

That’s pretty ridiculous! You would think that as much money MAC makes with all of these collections, that they would have better pigmentation in their shadows. Why can’t MAC make their shadows like Urban Decay’s?

Fun! is no fun… ); Doesn’t MAC know that their lustre eyeshadows don’t jive well with their buyers?! Ah D:

Trax is such a unique shade. I really had high hopes for this one!

The colors look so pretty, but I can see from your swatches how poorly these eyeshadows perform. This whole collection has been a big disappointment, IMO.

Seriously! I was scrolling down the swatches, got to Fun!, and actually said, “Oh my God, what?” out loud. That is a terrible excuse for an eyeshadow.

At this point, I’m so truly frustrated with MAC’s limited edition products. Christine, didn’t you mention that MAC keeps up with your blog? If that’s true, I’m going to assume that they just don’t care that they’re putting out crappy products.

What makes it even worse, is that we all know they’re capable of much better quality. I adore MAC’s permanent range of products. But these palettes are just sad.

Yep, they sure do – brands have to keep up with their social media presence, so they have to comb through and keep an eye out on what blogs as well as their various channels (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) are saying these days! How much they listen is another story, though! Hey – if MAC can keep selling these things, even at below average quality, why change? Customers have to speak with their money by not parting with it or returning products that are inferior. Ultimately, it’s the sales that will make a company change (or not).

Speak the truth Girlfriend! I sure hope the crush metal pigments sets are better than these palettes. I have never used them before, but I heard they are similar to MAC pigments. Christine, Is there a special way to use the crush metal pigments and or they as versatile as the pigments?

I sure hope they do listen. It has gotten to the point that whenever I see you’ve reviewed a piece of a new MAC collection, I actually brace myself as I scroll down to see the letter grade. It’s disheartening, and I really hope people DO stop buying their products until something changes.

EPIC FAIL! It’s times like these when Im happy I dont work for MAC anymore and dont have to wear the horrible pallettes they put out but especially I dont have to apply them on people and read on their faces exactly what im thinking; wheres the colour?

BTW….that is TOTALLY not trax as it appears in my pan… so so much redder here! I like the original better

In the vain hope that somebody at MAC will read this, I’d just like to say how disappointed I am that I can no longer get excited when I hear that a new collection is coming out. It genuinely used to be one of the real joys of makeup for me, waiting to see what beautiful, effective, high-quality products MAC would be coming up with next. I feel that the company has really lost its integrity these days, and frankly I think it’s almost insulting that they would try to market these low-budget collections as mid-to-high-end cosmetics, especially to longtime fans. When I first got into makeup five or six years ago, I looked to MAC as an innovator and inspiration. Now I couldn’t feel more different. I’m almost at the point where I want to stop re-buying favorite products, just to make a stand, and I know I’m not the only one.

I feel the same way. I am gradually stopping buying my staple/favourite products to make a stand. What I’m trying to do is finding similar colours to a favourite MAC product and buying that instead even though it costs me more money. I really want MAC’s Blackground paintpot but I’m going to buy Chanel’s Mirifique instead. Same with Blacktrack fluidline, I’m buying Bobbi Brown or Clinique instead. I’m slowly using up ALL my MAC products in the hopes of phasing them out of my collection completely.

buy the maybelline gel liner. it is super dark, doesnt budge once it sets, and doesnt dry out quickly. I’ve had mine for hmmmm more than a year and it is still creamy even with frequent usage. AND it is cheaper than mac, clinique, and bobbi brown πŸ˜€

Thanks for the suggestion, Lulee! I have to admit I’m not too familiar with drugstore products and I’m usually hesitant to buy because of lack of testers and counter type assistance. But I’ll check this out :o)

Just a heads up, MAC, bobbi brown and estee lauder are all the same company. I think clinique also. They all source my CCO. Is that true Christine? You’ve been to the factory.

I understand your sentiment. I was never a big mac fan in the first place, but now that I’m venturing past brands that are easily available in Europe (and now that mac is more easily available in Europe) I have no desire to even really try a lot of their products. I do own 4 mac items and only one of them is up on par quality wise with other mid/high end brands. At times I find it hard to understand the mac-hype although I do not doubt that there are other products in their line that are decent.

I only comment on these awful MAC products just in the hopes that someone from the company sees it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even bother commenting on something so laughable. I cannot fathom who in their right mind would go to the store, swatch this and STILL purchase. Maybe they rely on online sales…

It makes me laugh too because any time I’m in a MAC store (to pick up a staple like Soft Ochre paintpot or something), the MUAs are all like ‘hey, have you taken a look at our new collection?!’ Ummm, yeah no thanks lol.

Are you SERIOUS right now with “Fun!” ?! It’s so bad it almost makes me think it’s a faulty palette, but I’m sure it’s not. Holy CRAP. I KNOW the people at the MAC counters cannot be behind these. They must be embarrassed for this.

This is so disappointing. I live in New Zealand and all the MAC products are really expensive. For example- lipglass=$40, paint pots=$44, the powders and foundations are upwards of $77. And unfortunately it is getting so not worth it. I don’t know how they feel they can get away with producing 2nd class products when there are so many other brands out there competing for our $$. Shame on you MAC, and good bye. I am going to forget about you and spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

Frankly, I’m rather disgusted. MAC is capable of great things, but recently the brand seems to be even more concerned than usual with quantity over quality.

While I’ve always been frustrated with that “quantity” mentality, lately it especially feels like MAC is just trying to keep loyal customers overwhelmed with new launches so we’re too broke to buy products from other, better-performing companies.

And honestly? That’s shameful. And sleazy. MAC should be embarrassed.

The ‘quality’ is yet again horrible.. I was looking forward to the Christmas collections πŸ™ But lately MAC dissapoints me over and over again. I may buy like, Morning Frost paint pot en What Joy! lipstick. MAY. I’m still not sure about it. I wonder how the rest of the sets are quality wise. Oh well, you same me a lot of money girl! I will probably splurge on the regular products though πŸ˜› I hope the Naturally collection is a lot better! Probably not..

This might sound extremely sadistic, but I would have actually loved to see what it looked like on your eye. xD The way you describe it in the post, it sounds subtly like torture. o_o

Fun! was definitely not named appropiately. How disappointing! Although I have been staying away from MAC lately anyway; too expensive for what it’s worth and too many LE collections that I can’t get anyway. πŸ™

WTF!!! Really??? C’mon now! MAC you can do better than this! Another item off my list. My 6 Reelers and Rockers palette from last year is awesome! Not a single dud in that one. What happened to this collection?

MAC just keeps disappointing me. I’m still quite ‘new’ to high end make up brands, but sometimes I just don’t see why I would buy the more expensive stuff. Not worth it!

Wow, MAC has really been going downhill lately. I haven’t bought anything from them in almost a year, which is saying something since I usually can’t resist good makeup.

I was excited about a couple of these palettes, but I certainly won’t be buying any of them. They are horrible!

By the way, my Trax is way more purple than red. This one is definitely different.

I can’t even begin to understand who approved the “Fun!” formula. Perhaps the name is supposed to be ironic? Regardless, when drugstore brands can put your high-end pigmentation to shame without even trying it’s time to re-evaluate your quality control.

“the amount of disappointment I felt when I swatched this cannot even be quantified”–This completely brought on a giggle fit for me! It’s something that probably only us beauty-obsessors would understand and relate to. Thanks for the laugh AND the honesty! πŸ™‚

Which ones are permanent and LE? I only saw a couple that said they were perm or repromote.
If it says it’s a repromote, I assume it’s LE?
I see Trax & Black Tied say they are part of the permanent range….
And the rest? All LE?
Just would like to know for future reference, which ones are LE and which ones are permanent….

Everything is limited edition unless stated otherwise, given that the whole product is limited edition, which is stated above! πŸ™‚

I’m so bummed, I was really hoping this one would be good quality because it’s an absolutely beautiful palette in the pan… Thought this was going to be the one I was waiting for, but I guess I just have to wait for something better to come along.

It’s strange but I went to the MAC counter and swatched Fun! and it was significantly more pigmented than the swatch the Christine has. Maybe she got a bad one??? As anyone else swatched Fun! and found it different?

I swatched this whole pallete and loved it…so i bought it. I love how it looks romantic and perfect to wear with my guy going out at night. I’m NC45 or I don’t know if it has anything to do with complexions, but I love the pigmentation of every color in this pallete and it was on point. Im glas I gave it a try and bought it. Sultry is the perfect name for this pallete.

After seeing your swatches and reviews about the Ice Parade and Glitter and Ice Collection, I was so sad to see how little pigmentation the Sultry palette had, since it was the one I really wanted to get (the Warm one looked really nice, but I already have SO many neutral colors :)). After reading some reviews one the Internet I saw that some people actually had more luck with this palette so I decided to give it a try and first wanted to swatch it in my nearest MAC store. I went today, because the collections came out today in Switzerland and they unfortunately did not have the testers yet and did not know if they were even going to get some. So I did a really silly thing and bought the palette without even swatching beforehand.

But luckily I got, well, lucky πŸ™‚ My Sultry Palette is really pigmented and all the colors are nice, except maybe Lightfully that has less pigmentation than the others, but it’s still okay for a highlighter.

Besides I got two brush sets and was a bit nervous, since I read many times that their quality was poor compared to the normal edition ones. The two sets were extremely good, I had not scratchy brushes nor did they shed. The 187SE is the same quality as my normal 187 and I have to say that I am really pleased with them. BUT I have to say that the brush kits from Wonder Woman Collection were really bad (and FYI I did not buy them :)).

The only downsid was that the whole collection, along with everything else from MAC and basically every other makeup brand, it’s SO SO SO (can’t emphasize this enough!) much more expensive than in the US. The USD is about 0,9 CHF (Swiss Francs), so the labeled prizes should be inferior to the ones marked in the US but that is really not the case. We pay about 95$ for a brush set, so do the maths and just see how much more we pay. AND the CHF is currently very strong. What the hell does cost so much? Certainly not import!

I wanted just Festive Delight and my normal MAC girl told me that Sketch was the same thing.. I bought it without looking at it and it’s totally different. Shoot!

I like how I went OHHHHHH! THAT SHADE IS PRETTY! Oh… it’s just Trax. *sigh* I can’t even find one shade I get goo-goo over this year… so sad.

Yikes! I was going to buy this, too. Determined. It looked like the perfect green-eyed, cool toned eye palette. This combined with their epic hostile, inept customer service ( I’m looking at you dreadlocked manager and tall bald guy at the Domain MAC in Austin!) might put me off this brand for good!! Were it not for their lipsticks…. oh well I’m sure UD, MUFE, Sugarpill, Lorac and company know my money is still green.

i bought this pallette as an introductory to mac they were shades that i liked when i swatched them i thought it was a joke im ALL URBAN DECAY luckily i got this pallette for only 26 dollars but ifΒ  i paid full price then i wasted so much money. UD was the first high end brand i tried out so i compare all high end brands to them…. MACS eyeshadows are worsed then ELF i give up on them………:( if they all were not colors i liked i would trash it i expect all high end brands to be as good as or better than UD

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