MAC Sugar Sweet Collection Review & Thoughts

Overall, MAC Sugarsweet Collection brings back shadesticks and some old favorites, but I don’t feel it has created any new favorites. The shadesticks are creamier this go-round, and they do feel a little softer. While I have always appreciated the original shadesticks for their color pay off, I just never loved the feel of them on my eye lid, so I had to pass them along to friends. I am looking forward to trying out the newer, creamier versions!The packaging on the shadesticks is nicer, too — almost a slick, shiny plastic casing.

What did you think of MAC’s Sugarsweet collection? What are you loving/hating? Tell me in the comments!

Neither the lipsticks or the tricolour lipglasses really grabbed my beauty-strings–there are a few that caught my eye, but nothing that caused my heart to speed up, you know? I am personally not a fan of sheer glosses, which is why the tricolour lipglasses aren’t up my alley either. The eyeshadows are so-so; they all have decent color pay off and texture, but none of limited colors screamed “must have!” I do think the finish of the mineralize skinfinishes is improved over the last few that have come out; there doesn’t seem to be any large, chunky shimmer–much more refined and subtle so it gives you a gentle sheen over a wallop of shimmer.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: Lollipop Loving, Stars ‘n Rockets, Butternutty, Red Velvet, Peppermint Patti

Nice-to-Haves: Saint Germain, Sweet Thing, Simply Delicious, Tasty, Aquavert, Cakeshop

Skip: Consume Me

Get in-depth reviews on each of the items from this collection!

Lipstick ($14.00)

  • Bubbles is a frosty silvery-white almost. It’s semi-sheer, so despite being somewhat colorless, you could still wear it without fear. It isn’t as pink as the original Bubbles lipstick.
  • Lollipop Loving has a sheer, coral-ish base color with green-gold shimmer. It didn’t seem as green as the original version launched with Heatherette.
  • Saint Germain is a cool-toned bright pink. It’s quite opaque, and the texture is very creamy. It isn’t necessarily a color for everyone, but it can be worn with colored lipgloss to make it more wearable, too.
  • Sweet Thing is a semi-sheer fuchsia-pink with fuchsia-purple shimmer. It reminded me of Fun ‘n Sexy from Fafi. It looks pretty, but I definitely know I’ve seen this color before!
  • Touch is a creamy, semi-sheer brown color. It looks like it has some warmth to it, and I am curious to see how this will look on me. It’s permanent, but I figured I should give it a shot since I really don’t own any brown lipsticks!

Tricolour Lipglass ($17.50)

  • Consume Me is a super sheer, lightly shimmered gloss. It really doesn’t have any color from swatching it.
  • Just Dessert is a sheer, medium neutral pink. It has more color than Consume Me, but again, they’re all fairly sheer by nature.
  • Simple Delicious is a peachy-pink with gold shimmer gloss. It’s a very pretty color, but with its sheerness, I’m not sure just how much color will appear on your lips. It’d look nice over coral lipsticks — like Lollipop Loving.
  • Tasty is the most pigmented of the five, and it is a fuchsia kind of color. I imagine it’s easily paired with Sweet Thing lipstick.
  • Triple-Yum is a bronzy-brown with lots of gold shimmer. It’s almost as pigmented as Tasty, so I am hopeful some color might transfer to the lips!

Eyeshadow ($14.50)

  • Sugarshot is a pale white-gold kind of color. It’s pretty frosty, and it reminds of Nylon, Phloof!, etc.
  • Dear Cupcake is a velvety pink-coral color. It has a satin finish, so it looks almost matte, but it does have a light sheen. The color itself reminds me a bit of Paradisco eyeshadow, but the textures are entirely different.
  • Stars ‘n Rockets is a fuchsia-purple duochrome with good pigmentation. This is one of my favorite colors made by MAC, and it is definitely worth getting if you don’t have it already.
  • Aquavert is a pale, minty-green shade. It’s not a teal; it is more of a green — like a pale spring green. It could be more pigmented, but it’s a nice color to own, because MAC does not have a permanent color all that similar to it. This is a repromote (it came out with Lure).
  • Club is a brownish-red duochrome with shimmer that leans greenish-teal. This is part of the permanent line.

Shadestick ($16.50)

  • Cakeshop is a greenish-casted gray with a frosty finish.
  • Lemon Chiffon is a frosty, pale white with a hint of white gold in it. Reminded me of a yellow-toned Phloof!. Both this and Cakeshop would make good bases, because they are light and should grab color well.
  • Butternutty is a pale pink-nude color with the same frosty finish as the other shadesticks.
  • Penny is a deep coppery color. While it is pretty, I find it isn’t as versatile as lighter shadesticks, because it tends to eat color. This is a repromote.
  • Red Velvet is a deep medium pink with low level frost/sheen (relative to the other four). It reminded me of a less shimmery/frosty Fuchsia pigment.

Mineralize Skinfinish ($27.00)

  • Refined is a soft sheen-finish nude-bronze color. On me (NC25/30), it basically acts as a highlighter, and it only gives me a little bit of sheen and shimmer rather than color (virtually no color for me).
  • Perfect Topping is a pale, pinkish-peach color. This one showed up better on my NC25/30 skin, but it still will probably end up working best as a highlighter rather than a blusher.

Nail Lacquer ($11.00) (Swatches coming soon!)

  • Peppermint Patti is a creamy minty green. It’s fairly opaque–you only really need two coats for it to look smooth!
  • Seasonal Peach is a pretty baby peach-pink with a creamy finish. I had this previously, and it is an excellent color for spring/summer.