MAC Stylishly Yours Dupes & Comparisons Swatches

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MAC Stylishly Yours Dupes & Comparisons Swatches

  • Dark Diversion is a burgundy berry, while Macroviolet is a blackened violet with flecks of fuchsia-violet micro-shimmer. Very different.
  • Follow Your Fancy is redder than Off the Page, while Sugarpill Asylum is darker and more orange.
  • Madly Personal is a little darker and less frosted than Fuchsia, while Bright Fuchsia and Bold & Brash are both much brighter, deeper, and darker–the latter has a stronger iridescent fuchsia sheen. New Fixation is redder.
  • Neon Orange is slightly darker than Morange but the difference is very, very subtle.
  • Something New is a glossier version of NARS Schiap, while Smashbox Flirty is a lil’ sheerer and Girl About Town is a bit darker. Trimming Talk is frostier and lighter, but Most Popular is totally different.
  • Style Curve is similar to Show Orchid, which is brighter and more fuchsia, while Violetta is purpler and darker. Go For It is too purple, and Purple Rite is more plum than fuchsia. Love Forever is also similar but more fuchsia than purple.
  • Play It Proper is a very pale, powdery pink, and it’s really not much like Benefit Dandelion, Shell Pearl, Porcelain Pink, or Oh So Fair. Pearl Blossom is the closest, but the texture is so different; plus it has a sheen, rather than a powdery finish.
  • Too Chic is closest to NARS Albatross, which is a little yellower, while Chez Chez Lame is more beige. Benefit Dandelion is too peachy while Pearl Sunshine is significantly darker.
  • Madly Magenta is significantly more purple than both Show Orchid and Love Forever.
  • Movie Star Red is more pigmented but similar in color as Gesina, while Russian Red has less pink in its base.
  • Tickle Me Pink is closest to Viva Glam Gaga (slightly lighter and cooler) or Snob (cooler), but it is similar to Overtime, which is a yellower pink (almost looks peachy in comparison). Unlimited looks nothing like it.
  • Virgin Isle is a touch lighter than Vegas Volt, while Jazzed and Ever Hip are significantly lighter.

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Dark Diversion, Macroviolet

Sugarpill Asylum, Follow Your Fancy, Off the Page

Fuchsia, Bright Fuchsia, Madly Personal, Bold & Brash, New Fixation

Benefit Dandelion, Shell Pearl, Play It Proper, Porcelain Pink

Shell Pearl, Play It Proper, Porcelain Pink, Oh So Fair, Pearl Blossom

NARS Albatross, Chez Chez Lame, Too Chic, Benefit Georgia, Pearl Sunshine

Neon Orange, Morange

NARS Schiap, Smashbox Flirty, Something New, Girl About Town

Smashbox Flirty, Something New, Girl About Town, Trimming Talk, Most Popular

Show Orchid, Style Curve, Violetta, Go For It, Purple Rite, Love Forever

Show Orchid, Style Curve, Violetta

Show Orchid, Madly Magenta, Love Forever

Gesina, Movie Star Red, Russian Red

Unlimited, Tickle Me Pink, Overtime, Viva Glam Gaga, Snob

Virgin Isle, Vegas Volt, Jazzed, Ever Hip