MAC Styleseeker Collection for Fall 2012

For August: MAC Styleseeker Collection

M·A·C interprets a vivid fall colour collection in tones influenced by the spirit and style of a global wanderer. Translucent, buildable, Powder Blush adds glow. Eye Shadow Duos create brilliant, sultry effects punctuated with Fluidline. Classic Mattene Lipstick is revived for dramatic, dense colour that lasts for hours. Lipglass gets fresh flair in new shades, and Nail Lacquer in jewel tones and metallics extend the opulence to the tips of the fingers.

Eyeshadow x2 ($27.50 U.S. / $33.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Culturalized Brule Soft creamy-beige (Satin) / Retrospeck Mid-tone neutral gold (Lustre)
  • Marche Aux Puces Indie Spirit Chestnut brown (Matte) / Chessa Mid-tone golden orange (Veluxe Pearl)
  • On the Hunt Raving Mad Bronzed red (Frost) / Star Myth Bronzed violet (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Whims & Fancies Performance Art Platinum silver (Veluxe Pearl) / Shadowy Lady Blackened plum (Matte)

Fluidline ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Dark Diversion Blackened plum (Pearl)
  • Rich Ground Reddened coco with frost (Pearl) (Permanent)
  • Local Wares Dirty olive with multi-dimensional pearl (Pearl)
  • Blacktrack Solid flat black (Matte) (Permanent)

Mattene Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Fun Finds Light nude pink (Matte)
  • Eden Rouge Bright blue-red (Matte) (Repromote)
  • Delectable Orange-beige (Matte) (Repromote)
  • Fashion Nomad Bright red orange (Matte)
  • Camden Chic Rich brick red (Matte)

Lipglass ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • C-Thru Peachy beige with shimmer (Permanent)
  • Eclectic Edge Mid-tone clean true orange
  • Ready to Roam Mid-tone true blue red
  • Restless Dark burnt bronze

Powder Blush ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Supercontinental Bright cute coral (Satin)
  • Worldly Wealth Shimmering peachy bronze (Frost)
  • Hidden Treasure Rich burnt red (Satin)

Nail Lacquer ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Styleseeker Duochrome orange-red
  • Mean & Green Purple with teal multi-changing pearl (Pearl) (Repromote)
  • Gadabout Girl Blackened plum (Cream)

Availability: August 16th, 2012 (Online), August 23rd, 2012 (North America Locations), September 2012 (International Locations)

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Oh I am ALL over Whims & Fancies! That duo is gorgeous! I really like Culturalized too, but I wish that instead of Retrospeck, the had included a bit darker of a shade for more contrast. Both shades are so light…Worldly Wealth and Supercontinental are also really pretty–I would want to see swatches before doing anything but they look gorgeous! (though I wish Worldly Wealth wasn’t a frost-finish shade :/)

Me too!!! I love a nice satin or matte blush. I feel like if you want it shimmery you can later it with another product. The color sounds lovely so I might get it anyway

Maybe. I missed out on Dark Diversion the last time it was released and that’s one I really want to pick up. And Local Wares looks like it could be gorgeous. I also want to check out the On The Hunt and Whims & Fantasies duos and *maybe* the Fun Finds Mattene. I’m actually excited about a MAC collection for the first time in a while…yay!

Now this is fall like! Their last collection was really upsetting me with their spring like shades. I’m an autumn damn it, I live for collections like this one. Very excited.

So I am a fool for Mattenes and Fluidlines but haven’t we seen this thematic color story like a MILLION times before?!? Yes! We get it! Boho, oversexed Bedouin,, inter-continental, world traipsing, exotica chic… It was fine the first ten times but I could have thought of so many interesting concepts for a fall launch. They couldn’t do something Sylvain? Deep russets and rich greens.. I don’t know, it’s not my job but this is SO boring. MAC you used to be so bloody creative and that was a huge part of what won my loyalty to your products. Now I’m running on fumes, Baby.

Might I add that while I would * love* to say I am wearing “Raving Mad” I don’t think I could ever bring myself to buy something called ” Performance Art”.. No one else would know, but deep in my Rock n’ Roll heart *I* would. The titles of things quite influence me.

I’m with you! I had the misfortune of going to a cutting edge college for fine arts and the phrase “Performance Art” is now at the very top of my list of unmentionable swear words. I’d rather wear a t-shirt that says “c*nt” than a lipstick named “Performance Art.” [shudder]

Sorry for the cursing, Christine. You do great work here; I don’t mean to sully your efforts.

I just pre-ordered delectable and I must say i am IN LOVE! It is a true orange and with chestnut as a liner it is the ultimate pop of color for the fall. I compared it to M’orange and delectable is a much truer orange while m’orange is a lot more red. If you like bold colors like ruby woo and or candy yum yum then you will LOVE THIS! I recommend this ladies who are bold and not afraid of color!!!

The photo with the models is such a copy of YSL’s famous, ground-breaking bedouin, Moroccan-influenced collections from the 70s. I miss YSL. He was a class act. *sniffle* Just out of curiosity, when did MAC first come out with the Mattene lipsticks? Because the shape looks exactly like that of another brand’s pure matte line.

Ah, 2007. Well, they do say that imitation is the best form of flattery…. ;P I’d actually be really interested in trying these out (Eden Rouge in particular) and seeing what they’re like. But they’re Limited Edition, so…. not going to bother. Not ever. Not worth the headache, the rush and the inevitable “Sorry, it’s sold out” response. And I refuse to buy into or play MAC’s asinine L/E game. I flat-out resent it.

Oddly enough, I actually haven’t had too much trouble getting items from the L/E collections where I live (especially with Nordstrom’s counter), but then again, I’m not living in a medium-sized city. I think the Iris Apfen collection is the only one that flew out of stores before I could grab anything.

This being said, I refuse to go after any of their online-only LE collections because down that rabbit hole lies the way to madness.

I remember going for the collection which had Morange and Chestnut. I forget the collection name; they all blur together at this point. Anyway, I went on the day of the official launch and about 40 minutes after the store had opened. Not only did they NOT carry the full collection at Dillard’s but they were sold out. Only testers were available. They called over to Macy’s which carried the other half of the collection (??!?) and they too were sold out. (Why can’t they carry the full thing at one place? Why do they make you run from one end of a mall to the other just to see everything?) I went by 10 days later to ask — just out of curiosity — if they had any more and the woman just laughed at me. She *laughed* at me! *sniff*

I remember looking for the St. Germain lipstick — which is not L/E — and it took over 3 weeks and untold searching to finally get it. And I live in Houston, the 4th largest city in the country! It was ridiculous, but nothing as compared to trying to get a L/E item. I actually wonder if they carry only 3 or 4 of each new piece, so that they can then say it’s sold out and thereby increase the hype surrounding the collections. Silly as that theory may be, it’s not half as silly as their asinine availability issues for L/E collections. It’s one thing to do a L/E collection (even if they seemingly have a new one every 2 weeks), but to never have adequate supplies/product so that items are frequently sold out just 10 minutes after a product officially releases??! Never enough to re-stock the shelves even a week or two later? There’s no explanation short of it being intentional and that pisses me off to no end. I don’t like feeling toyed with and part of some PR/hype game.

The girls at my Macy’s MAC counter grumble regularly about the short stock sent to them for LE. They are sent irregular numbers of items and for instance with Marine Life they received only TEN pieces! obviously MAC knows the item has been hyped and is highly coveted and yet they choose to create this horrid bottle neck by which predatory Ebay sellers profit. When I went to get Marine Life the MUA told me a man had come in upon the store opening and had bought *8* of them. She didn’t understand why he had done that. Plus they are expected to do a “look with items are immediately sold out and have to scramble for available permanent dupes. It is ridiculous. I sort of wish I had taken a picture of the humiliated faces of the MUA artists during the Hey Sailor promotion where they had to wear the little hats. It was like a dog in a Halloween costume. Not to defend the MUA artists, there are MANY who have been hankering for a spankerin’ but this whole set up is just so broken.I have the novelty of getting whichever LE item is available at the counter because I live in Reno and most Fancy Ladies get their MAC at the store at the nice mall, while I go to the Macy’s at the Zombie Mall for The Poors.

My store just had a pre-launch event so I was able to get Fun Finds, Whims & Fancies, and On The Hunt and all three are AMAZING! The purple in Whims & Fancies is a bit on the dry side but I’ve been looking for the exact purple that came in the duo so I’m super happy and the silver in it looks similar to the second color in the Nars Vent Glace duo and is a bit sheer but if you layer it the color comes out very nice. On The Hunt is GORGEOUS! The artist there used it on my with the darker color in my crease and the lighter was patted into my lid and the colors made my eyes POP and Fun Finds on my lips complimented the look. The store was crazy so I wasn’t able to try everything so when this comes out in stores I’m definitely going to try the blushes.

I think the only duo there that appeals to me is the purple-toned one. The others look too warm or too red-toned for my eyes. 😛 That matte red lippie looks lovely, though.

I have to ask – am I the only one who feels like the model on the right was made up with a foundation too light for her skin tone? I just keep staring at her wondering why her arms seem darker than her face.

No, I thought the same thing as you. Her face is so light, and the angle of her head so strange as compared to her neck and shoulders, that, for a split second, I thought her head had been photoshopped onto the body. Her face is so stark white! I don’t think they did the most flattering makeup look for her. In contrast, the black model is (and looks) absolutely gorgeous!

That’s what I thought too. Like they put NC15 foundation on her, but judging by arms she’s more like NC20 or NC25.

Though I actually love her makeup. That red lipstick looks amazing on her and I even like her eyes. Smoldering without being too dark and competing with the lips for attention.

I like the eyeshadow duos, especially Whims & Fancies, but I’m gonna wait for your review before I order anything! I’ve been too disappointed by the texture of some MAC shadows in the past to buy without being sure they’re decent…

oh how i love matte lipsticks!! to me they are so much more sexy and classy than glossy lips 🙂 guess i’ll be checking these out when this collection comes out in the netherlands!

Maybe I should abscond to the Netherlands because I am overwhelmed by glossy, shiny lips and feel like the only girl in my town who says gimme more matte. You would I was apainted trollop for having opaque color on my lips!

What the heck is a “global wanderer”? lol. From the looks of this preview I’ll probably be picking up some of the fluidlines + blushes. I find the colours in this collection really appealing…sort of mature and elegant but at the same time bright and vivid.

Hmm…I’ll get a back-up of Dark Diversion Fluidline as I really like it, and I’ll definitely pick up Local Wares too. Supercontinental Blush might be worth a look, but apart from that nothing really grabs me. On The Hunt sounds kind of interesting but I think it would make me look ill.

Overall, not really my colours so probably not a big haul for me.

Marche des Puces & On the Hunt eyeshadow duos sound great! Loving the shadow name “Raving mad”!
Local Wares fluidline sounds gorgeous! Definitely want that! I already have Rich Ground, which I LOVE.
This sounds like a nice collection. I don’t think the name really goes with the theme though.

I went to the launch last night and I loved every single product. I especially loved Hidden Treasure, Fashion Nomad, and Marche Aux Puces. What I loved about the shimmery shadow in the duo was that the artist used it as a highlight as well!

Maybe it’s just me, but none of the colors in this collection are appealing to me. Far too many oranges and browns and I’m just not liking it. I mean, we’ve established I am not the biggest MAC fan in the world and am unlikely to buy anyway, but usually I at least like the colors or presentation. This is just leaving me flat out cold.

I only just received my purchase about 10 minutes ago – I can’t do anything until I buy it and it arrives. I’m sorry!

I’d love to see these swatched too. I generally don’t wear lipstick of any kind — it’s either a stain or lip balm — but good mattes might work for me, and I see at least two interesting colors there. Also, the first nail polish caught my eye.I’ve never purchased a M.A.C. nail polish because I’ve read too many negative reviews, but I might give it a go if that Styleseeker is as interesting as it looks.

I tested Eden Rouge yesterday at MAC PRO store in Canada and it was really great so I bought it. Thank you so much for your help, Christine! By the way, I read your previous post and you mentioned that there are so many red lipsticks similar to Eden Rouge. I actually bought Eden Rouge because I recently bought lipsticks and the only red lipstick I have (I meant before I bought Eden Rouge) is Estee Lauder Twinkling Ruby lipstick and it does not work well on me because it is yellow-red colour. I actually like the colour of Eden Rouge because it is blue-red colour. But too sad that it is limited edition! My question is “What is the closest MAC permanent lipstick to Eden Rouge?” I thought Ruby Woo might be similar but I am not quite sure.

So, is there any difference in color of Eden Rouge to Russian Red or Ruby Woo? Can you please explain the difference between these three? Thanks!!! 🙂

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