MAC Style Black: Mineralize Eyeshadows Review, Swatches

Young Punk

MAC Style Black: Mineralize Eyeshadows Review, Swatches

MAC Style Black is a deep, dark collection with the rich tones of black as inspiration.  Perhaps one item that has likely caught many readers’ attention are the four new mineralize eyeshadows:  Young Punk, Gilt by Association, Cinderfella, and Blue Flame.

Mineralize Eyeshadow

  • Young Punk is a deep purple with lighter icy pink-purple shimmer/glitter.  When applied dry, it has just so-so pay off, but the color is much more intense when applied wet.  When it dries, though, it will fade a little bit.
  • Gilt by Association is a glittering antique gold with a hint of warmer bronze shade.  It has decent color pay off when used dry, but as typical with mineralize eyeshadows, wet is still much better.
  • Cinderfella is a silver-black.  It has a deep black base with a shimmery, silver glitter laced through it.  Again, wet is more intense than dry.
  • Blue Flame is a dark navy blue with silver-blue glitter/shimmer that brightens it.  When used dry, it looks more like a sheer blue-black.  When used wet, that’s when you see the navy blue shade.  It looks very much like the eyeshadow named Blue Flame or the permanent shade Deep Truth.

If you know me, you know I’m not a huge fan of mineralize eyeshadows.  The color pay off tends to be below my expectations with too much fall out to bother.  These are definitely shades that are best used wet (which you can do with mineralize eyeshadows without fear of leaving behind a wet spot).  Using them wet also helps to minimize the fall out issue, which is something that glittery shadows are prone to have (mineralize or not).  I like the colors, and I do like the theme of this dark black-inspired base with brighter shimmer to give it color.  I’d likely be taken in by them, but I’m not sure these are the ones that’ll get me on the mineralize side of life.

  • Product: 7/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Packaging: 8/10

Recommendation: If you’re a mineralize eyeshadow fan, you’d probably like these.  If you’re not, these aren’t likely to win you over.

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos and swatches..

Gilt by Association


Blue Flame

Young Punk (dry), Young Punk (wet); Gilt by Association (dry), Gilt by Association (wet)

Gilt by Association (dry), Gilt by Association (wet); Cinderfella (dry), Cinderfella (wet)

Cinderfella (dry), Cinderfella (wet); Blue Flame (dry), Blue Flame (wet)

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Yeah, im not big on mineralized products either. But the e/s in Cinderfella looks great for a night out, or the holidays! I’ll have to be getting that one….. only that one.

can you def not just use water does it have to be ther above or would water work, just a dont have this and dont knw where i can get it from cheap?


I’ve always felt like MAC’s mineralize shadows had poor color payoff, even wet (then again I had some of the very first ones). I’ve read that their color payoff has improved. From your swatches, I’d say they’re only worthwhile to wear foiled.

Do you know how well they work dry with Blackground Paint Pot as a base?

I’d also be curious to see how they work with Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. It basically gives you the look of foiled color without the mess, so I like it.

I tried them with the both of the cream color bases from this collection this weekend (they let me sneak peak and set aside what I am a buying on Thursday)and they actually were the most vibrant when they were applied over the new grease stick instead. The grease stick alone feels funky to me. I am going to stick with my black track fluid line for a black base and save the money. I am buying both the purple and blue shadows. The gold and silver were disappointing. The other two were just amazing.

I have to agree with Christine. The greases stick is still smudgy hours later and I don’t like it. Also it is slightly translucent in its coverage. So if you want opaque coverage you have to swipe several times and then it is too greasy to set up and justs get kind of smeary. I am not sold on it but if you try it and can think of a way to get it to set let me know.

Sorry to hear it, Margarett! I’m going to play with it some more to see what works well for it, but I wasn’t pleased yesterday. Migration I do not like!

I’m totally cool with a product that you can smudge… but I want it to set after that initial application period!

They’re better, but they haven’t won me over yet.

I don’t think I have Blackground paint pot, actually. I imagine they’d be nicer over it, but you could probably achieve the same thing with any shimmery/glittery shadow, you know?

pretty but look like some of the nars eyeshadows from the “night” collection. young punk makes me want to get nars night fever. I hate mineralized eyeshadows

i agree. i was swatching the NARS night shadows last week, and the pigment is so strong, i think i might look at these before i jump in at buying not-so pigmented MAC ones.

From your swatches I like Young Punk and Cinderfella the best, but I agree with you on the colour payoff issues with MAC Mineralize eyeshadows. These definitely look more beautiful wet. I have some containers to B2M but I can’t decide if I want to trade in for a mineralize eyeshadow or a Dazzleglass Creme lipgloss yet. I get wait to check out the items for myself.

I agree that the color pay isn’t worht buy if u have to apply these wet all the time, not a fan of the mineral eye shadows anyway, whenu try to blend the color dies out and then you have to reapply not worth it to me LOl.. but the colors are pretty


i never get why people always say that the mineralize shadows have bad color payoff, or they cant use them any way other than wet. they are always fine for me; i use them over shadow primer and shadestick.

they look nice wet, but they still aren’t as beautiful as the descriptions made them sound. mineralize eyeshadows are so sheer, and when you use them wet they’re still nothing to write home about.
i don’t understand why mac didn’t just make these beautiful colours in the veluxe pearl eyeshadow formula. it’s a shame.

Yepp yepp! They changed the rules a bit. You can Back 2 MAC for any of their perm line mineral e/s and since they removed the 2 week wait period of LE items you can most definitely get these with Back 2 MAC. 😀

I think I might actually get use out of these mineralized eyeshadows. I should try wetting my other ones, I have Polar Opposites and Girlish Romp which I never use.

I just made my purchase, Blue Flame and Young Punk Mineralize Eyeshadows, Black Greasepaint Stick, and Amourous and My Favourite Pink Dazzleglass Cremes. Then I’ll get a few more Dazzleglass Cremes when I get more money.

🙁 Normally I have to buy everything the day it launches, but Style Black was pre-released in NYC for Fashion’s Night Out (the 10th), so I phone ordered. It didn’t get here til the 21st, I was sad, lol!

Damn it, my bank account is taking a massive hit for this collection, I love it all … dunno whether to manically laugh or sob quietly at my desk!!

Young punk looks amazing! Like you I wasnt such a fan of mineralize shadows, but I learned to use them wet, and I like them much better now. Not quite as much as traditional shadows, but enough so I dont pass them if I like a color.

I prefer traditional shadows, too. I don’t want to work that hard, LOL. I also find that wet they’re nice, but they do dry down and fade a bit.

I bought Young Punk last week, and if you use it with the Grease Paint Stick the color is so sick!! I thing Young Punk has better color pay off than Beauty Mark.

I saw this collection early too and I looooved the MES and I usually hate them lol! I have Young Punk right now and used it already and had next to zero fallout. I will go back to pick up Cinderfella as well

Applied dry they look so poor 🙁
I dont think Ill buy any eyeshadow from this collection although I really like the purple one. 🙂

Thank you for swatching them! 🙂

Night Violet, Young Punk, Ciderfella, and Blue flame wow!!!

Great colors when thy’re wet… love them!!! I guess I’ll have to try them on to see how they look on me, little discourage by the B-

IMO, they’re just not great “out of the box,” and do require some experimentation to make them work as you’d expect. (Either by using them wet, over a very dark/colorful base, etc.)

I got to try Blue Flame when I did my pre-order a week ago – it looks great and intense on top of Bat Black CCB and also great applied on top of the black grease stick on the lower lash. I’ll try it wet when I get mine – I might go back for Young Punk

Agreed the B- rating is not what I wanted to see but sometimes it’s subjective. You’ll never know until you try it for yourself!

Thanks for the reviwes and swatches Christine – can’t wait for D2 next month. I am curious about the blue/purple grease sticks!

Hey Alexis,

For me, the natural pay off is so sheer and glittery (lots of fall out), so that’s a lot of where the rating comes from. You can get even sheer shadows to look decent or good with the right mix of base and technique, you know? But I shouldn’t have to work that hard with a good eyeshadow!

Not a big fan of MES..I should really stop jonesing on this and push me to get one and weeks later will go unloved in my drawer..I have 4 MES and only apply good when wet..

Blue flame and young punk are my favorites out of this collection, but I can see myself going for blue flame. The reason being I have recreated the young punk color with matte carbon with a frost eyeshadow on top. (like nocturnelle or beautiful iris)

Punk is a beautiful color. I know you said that the color payoff isn’t as good. What if you put a paint pot or another base on beforehand? Because I would think if I put MAC’s Blackground paint pot for the new black(forgot name of color) CCB it would help it stick with less fall out. Just an idea.

They’re still not great, TBH. I used Dark Soul pigment (which is similar to Blackground) in a look, and it didn’t do much for it.

I went to Macys tonight. Previously, I have only bought a couple mineral eyeshadows and prefer traditional shadows although I really enjoy my mineralized blushes and skin finishes. I bought Blue Flame and Young Punk tonight as well as the Bat Black cream colour base. The shadows look really pretty over the color base. I also have blackground paint pot I can use with these. I also bought 4 of the new cream dazzleglasses and 3 regular eye shadows. I also already have fix plus so getting the mes to stick should be no problem. Love getting new makeup- oh 2 pairs of sling back shoes that were on sale came home with me too- a pretty berry and a pretty dark gray- good shopping night.

i got young punk and gilt by association, but i saw a few looks using cinderfella (with bat black underneath) and blue flame (with the greasepaint stick underneath) and now i want those!

I wore Young Punk on Friday and I got compliments on it. I used black track fluid line underneath and I foiled the shadow on with Fix +. It stayed on from 6am to 11pm. I was pretty happy about it. I did not have to retouch at all, all day. I also used the Rave Pearlglide eyeliner and it is a perfect match for the shadow.

I wore the Blue Flame on Saturday and I used a Kryolan blue color as the base. I still had to foil it on my lower lid and then buffed it on dry in my crease to create a smokey eye. I also used the Fly-by-Blu Pearlglide eyeliner to both tightline and do my waterline. It is also a perfect match for the shadow. I added false lashes for drama and I have to say – my eyes looked HOT!

One thing I don’t like is you have to be careful to find the right blush to wear when using these shadows. Anything to overpowering and you can look like a clown real fast. I love using really bright blushes so I am having to tone things down. Same thing with my lips. I tried to wear Young Punk with a Black Lip on Friday and I looked too harsh. I looked better with a lighter lip.

Overall I like both shadows I bought. I would highly recommend buying the two Pearlglide eyeliners to match both shadows from this summer’s earlier collection. They are both still available on MAC’s website.

I went back on Friday (after picking up my 1st style black purchases on Thursday) and my store only had 3 of the Black Knight Creme Sheen Lipsticks left so I felt I had to buy one. I guess they sold really fast or maybe they did not get too many in.

Also, I love the Black Ash Mask! I have the exfoliatetor too but haven’t tried it yet.

I bought young punk and blue flame with the greasepaint stick and midnight media.

I wore young punk to dinner a couple nights ago. It’s instant smokey eye without having to do the work for the smokey eye if that makes sense.

My husband said my “eyeliner” (eyeshadow he meant) was fierce.

Hi all!
I was wondering: How similar are Woodwinked and Gilt by association? I was eyeing the latter, but since it seems like the most pigmented and least glittery, it seems really similar…
I really like Blue Flame and Young Punk, but I may just invest in the two Dsquared greaspaintsticks. They seems just as intense, but less glittery ( and I’m not a huge fan of glitter, i usually need an occasion to wear it )
Is the Earthly Riches MES purple and black side any similar colourwise to Young Punk and Cinderfella?

Not similar, IMO. Gilt by Association has a more antique look to it – more golden, less brown.

If you mixed the two sides, you could probably kind of get Young Punk and Cinderfella!

Thank You, Christine! First of all,thank You for your review and reply!
Tonight I went to the preview in my country and ended up picking up all except for Young Punk. I was surprised myself. I was planning on only getting Gilt by Association (totally not like woodwinked, not even really like Cocomotion over black base),but both Cinderfella and Blue Flame seemed really appealing and wearable even without foiling or a dark base.However Young Punk,though pretty seemed like either too dark(when dry) or too loud(when wet),at least for everyday wear.I would wear it for going out though. I only picked up one Greasepaint stick(black)-if I end up loving it,I’ll think about the other two.
Sorry for the long reply…(feel free to edit it,lol!)

No problem, Petra! I’m so happy to help when and where I can! Sounds like you had a very good haul! 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying your goodies — and no such thing as a long reply!


thanks christine, i was going to say i just used the e/s dry over urban decay primer potion and then the black grease paint stick and the colour was pretty wearable for a day look! and the payoff was not bad! got cinderfella and Gilt by Association x

I really like young punk and cinderfella :D.
I think if i were to purchase these id get the grease paint stick also. They look amazing wet/with a base.
Thankyou for sharing, Kayleigh x x x

I bought Young Punk a few months ago without knowing it was limited edition. I only JUST found out, and I’m completely crushed. I wear this shaddow over electro-lady liquid liner every single day (I like super bold eyes) and I’ve never seen prettier eye make up before. It stays all day long with hardly any fading or smudging. I would do anything to get another pan or a really good dupe.
If you find it anywhere for some kind of a reasonable price, buy it. Trust me, you will love it endlessly.

Does anyone know if there’s any web or seller to get Cinderfella? Coz, as a silly girl, bought all of them but Cinderfella and ive been looking for it since then.
So if anyone has any idea where to get it, pls let me know.
Big kisses

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