MAC Starflash Color Collection Review

OVERALL, Starflash is a new eyeshadow texture, and the collection brings out nine shadows for you to drool over. The Starflash texture is very much like the veluxe pearl texture, albeit with some frost thrown in. I felt like the neutrals had the best texture, because they went on smoothly and pigmented. I think most people will find at least one or two of these to bring home with them, because the colors are diverse. And yes, the kohl powers are back, and I sincerely expect every single one of you to get Feline if you don’t already have it. Okay, maybe not to that degree, but I love it dearly and hope you’ll try it out!

Check out individual product reviews…

  • Bold & Brazen is a soft coppery color–a very toned down Amber Lights with less orange in it.
  • Dream Maker is one of the most lovely shades of pale, shimmering yellow gold MAC has put out to date. I might even get a backup of this one, because it’s just that lovely. I would say it’s similar to Rose Blanc, but more pigmented.
  • Glamour Check reminded me a lot of a less frosty Bronze, maybe. It’s lovely, the texture is smooth, and the color pay off is good. I would say this is more passable, just because the color itself doesn’t seem too unique.
  • Go! is an antiqued brown color with gold sheen. It’s not an antique gold, but you can see some of the antiquity in the brown shade.
  • Grand Entrance is a pinker Phloof! shadow, very frosty. It’s a silvery white with pink-peach undertones. I’ll probably skip this one — it’s too frosty for my skin tone as a highlighter.
  • Lotusland stands out as a shade MAC hasn’t really done too often. I think there is a similar shade in one of last year’s holiday palettes (I think it was Cool Eyes), but otherwise, I don’t remember seeing it. It’s a great bright pop of lilac with awesome pigmentation.
  • Mink & Sable will be ultra flattering on most skin tones. It’s a soft olive green with subtle gold sheen. This is on my list!
  • Smoke & Diamonds is interesting when swatched, becuase it’s a gunmetal gray with gold flecks in it. I’m curious to see if the subtly of the flecks would be visible when used in a look, or if you’d hardly notice it. I know a LOT of people were lusting after this one, but I wasn’t actually *that* impressed.
  • Star By Night is yet another Deep Truth dupe. It’s a dark navy blue, not a lot of shimmer, and smoothness isn’t as great as some of the other Starflashes.
  • Sunset B. is a lovely shade of pale to medium pink with subtle sheen. It’s not as bright as Da Bling, nor as frosty, so I think this might round out some people’s pink collections.
  • Talent Pool reminds me a lot of Parrot, actually! If Parrot hadn’t come out again, I could see this selling really well. Since it did, I’m not sure it’ll be as sellout worthy. It’s pretty, but I feel like I probably have enough teals (what with Cool Heat’s). It has great texture, because it’s smooth. I love the aqua-green-gold cast it gives off, too.
  • Top Hat reminded me a lot of Fertile eyeshadow, perhaps with more of a blue-purple sheen. It’s a nice color, but the texture could have been smoother (like the neutrals).

The Kohl Powers are AWESOME. These have come out before, and if you missed them, don’t miss out this time around! Feline is my favorite black liner. These go on so smooth and pigmented and just RICH. Feline is the most intense black, and I wear it at least half of the time I use black liner. I’ve only had to sharpen my pencil once! Get all of them. Yes, all!