MAC Sheer Minerals Mineral Makeup Review

OVERALL, Sheer Minerals is a collection that will appeal to many. It has the coveted mineralize skinfinishes in Petticoat and So Ceylon, plus permament and newcomer Soft & Gentle. Several mineralize duos are back in action, though those aren’t really up my alley, despite looking so pretty when swatched. Sheer Minerals/Mineralize consists of a lot of mineral face products (foundations, powders, etc.) that will be permament. Some products will switch out as they release new ones (like the eyeshadows). I picked up the mineralize skinfinishes (this is probably my third time owning Petticoat–maybe I’ll keep it this time!) and the sheersheen powders. I already have several mineralize blushes, so I could pass on those! See swatches here!

Get the detailed reviews for each product…

Mineralize Skinfinish

  • Soft & Gentle is a gilded gold color, it’s almost a soft peachy-gold in a sense. This would compliment warm-tones very well as a nice highlighter. It doesn’t give a ton of color, though.
  • Petticoat is a raspberry-pink kind of color, which does look lovely when swatched (moreso than I remember).
  • So Ceylon is a richer bronze color, which would look lovely on both deeper skin tones as well as lighter ones.

Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos

  • Illusionary.Burning Ambition consists of a whitish-yellow gold color (similar to Nylon, but yellower), which I find appealing and lovely. The other shade is a rich, gold-flecked brown.
  • Bright Side/Gallery Gal is a duo with a golden-toned olive green and a peachy-pink white shade. The green calls to me, but I stand strong for now!
  • Heat/Element is a coppery red color (think Coppering) matched with a brighter, more gold than bronze color.
  • Engaging has a coppery bronze color (not as bright as Amber Lights) and a soft whitish pink color.
  • Earthly Riches is a combination of a deep, purple with black flecks and dark gray-black.
  • Family Silver comes with a medium toned silvery-gray and then a brighter, more metallic shade of silver.

Mineralize Sheersheen Powder

  • Lucent is a soft pink color with subtle shimmer–these are great for highlighting.
  • Silver Aura is a soft white highlighter with a touch of beige to make it more wearable. These go on strong if you aren’t careful; a little goes a long way, and then you sheer it out for just a subtle bit of shimmer. I wore this and loved it (and I’m NC30).
  • Sheerbronze is an intense coppery bronze color with lots of gold shimmer. You definitely have to use a light hand with this if you’re lighter toned (that goes for me, too), because it will show up vividly. I find this photographs a lot like Other Worldly — not well!