MAC Semi-Precious Lipstick, Cremesheen Glass, Blush, and MSF Dupes & Comparisons

MAC Fold & Tuck, MAC Geo Pink, MAC So Bad

MAC Semi-Precious Lipstick, Cremesheen Glass, Blush, and MSF Dupes & Comparisons

Phew – this took me all day to do!  It’s already 10PM here, so I don’t think I will be able to get the eyeshadow comparisons up until 2 or 3AM but will work as quickly as possible to get those up for you.

  • GEO PINK is closer to So Bad (limited edition) than Fold & Tuck (limited edition), as it’s more orange but obviously has much more glitter in it.
  • PURE MAGNIFICENCE is more muted (almost gray) in comparison to Urban Decay Peroxide, while Boy Bait looks peach next to it.
  • NATURAL FLARE doesn’t compare that well with any of the shades I pulled when swatched, but they look much closer when worn (on my lips). Part of that is based on the sheerness of Natural Flare. Utterly Posh seemed the closest but it looks noticeably redder and isn’t much of a brown. I also compared it to Burberry Cameo, Light That Fire, and Kumquat, but these were not comparable.
  • LUSH AMBER is closest to Freckletone, which is just a little warmer. I also compared it to Martha, but it was not comparable.
  • GEM OF ROSES is a lighter version of Chanel Mademoiselle, which appears a little redder in comparison. I also compared it against Naughty You, but it was not close enough.
  • ONE OF A KIND is a lighter, sheerer version of both Estee Lauder Plum Fizz and Guerlain Galante.
  • MUSKY AMETHYST is slightly darker but sheerer than Odyssey, while Make Up For Ever #13 is brighter and more opaque.
  • FEELING FLUSH was closest to Band of Roses (limited edition), which appears slightly cooler-toned. I also compared it to Her Blooming Cheek, Full Fuchsia, Over Dyed, and Amazon Princess–none of these were simila.
  • PRESSED AMBER was closest to Korres #15. I also compared it to Peachtwist, Darkly My Dear, and Eversun (none of them were very comparable).
  • WARMTH OF CORAL ended up being comparable to Peaches, which is perhaps slightly less peach in comparison.
  • PEARL is not as rosy as Honey Rose.
  • ROSE QUARTZ is similar to Rhapsody in Two (limited edition), which is a little lighter. Petticoat was much, much too dark.
  • GOLDSTONE might be dupeable with either the Golden Lariat or Pink Power mineralize skinfinishes (both limited edition) from Wonder Woman, depending on how you mix the trio of shades. Golden Lariat is more likely to get you there.
  • CRYSTAL PINK didn’t turn out to be much like other MSFs that I have. The closest was Porcelain Pink, but it is significantly pinker and warmer in comparison. I also compared it to By Candlelight and Perfect Topping.

See comparison swatches! 

MAC Fold & Tuck, MAC Geo Pink, MAC So Bad

Urban Decay Peroxide, MAC Pure Magnifience, MAC Boy Bait

MAC Utterly Posh, Burberry Cameo, MAC Natural Flare, MAC Kumquat, MAC Light That Fire

MAC Freckletone, MAC Lush Amber, MAC Martha

MAC Naughty You, MAC Gem of Roses, Chanel Mademoiselle

Estee Lauder Plum Fizz, MAC One of a Kind, Guerlain Galante

MAC Odyssey, MAC Musky Amethyst, Make Up For Ever #13

MAC Her Blooming Cheek, MAC Feeling Flush, MAC Band of Roses, MAC Full Fuchsia

MAC Full Fuchsia, MAC Feeling Flush, MAC Over Dyed, MAC Amazon Princess

Korres #15, MAC Peachtwist, MAC Pressed Amber

MAC Darkly My Dear, MAC Pressed Amber, MAC Eversun

Illamasqua Lover, MAC Utterly Game, MAC Warmth of Coral, MAC Peaches

MAC Honey Rose, MAC Semi-Precious Pearl

MAC Rhapsody in Two, MAC Semi-Precious Rose Quartz, MAC Petticoat

MAC Golden Lariat, MAC Semi-Precious Goldstone, MAC Pink Power

MAC By Candlelight, MAC Semi-Precious Crystal Pink, MAC Porcelain Pink, MAC Perfect Topping