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I love make-up. its the best part about being a girl. Its a release of sorts for me. I love how with every season, the trends change and how there are no rules with makeup. I love the colors and I love the blacks and greys too. My favorite indulgence.

we have very similar approaches! make up is a way of expressing my personality, but I am never lost without it. It is a way that I have fun with how I look, a way of experimenting and being creative, but never a mask to who I am – it doesn’t protect me from the world, and I don’t need it on to face it. At the same time, make up can be an escape – there is nothing like red lips or smoky eyes for giving me some attitude!

To me, it’s mainly an art form. A method of self-expression. Although, admittedly, I do like the way I look with a bit of Feline, haha

I like it because it’s creative. I also like how much I transform, looks-wise, with makeup.

Some people think that women who wear a lot of makeup are somehow vain or self concious or think that they only do it because they think they have to because that’s what a girl is ‘supposed to do’.

But that’s not the case for me. I do it because I like it.

I love makeup. I have an OCD disorder called Trichotillomania, and when I was young, I discovered makeup as a means of hiding this so I would feel more confident in public. As I have grown older, I have become skilled with makeup. Now, I can camoflage my disorder with makeup, so that people notice my makeup techniques and my self-expression, not my flaws.
For me, makeup is a a hobby, an indulgence, and also a way of camoflaging something that would cause lots of people not to accept me.

Its a visual creative outlet that lets you change from day to day. Its not about hiding or concealing – Its about looking the best you (yourself)as well as presenting yourself in whatever mood youre in. Its not vain act or a fact of low self-esteem.

Learning about makeup is fun as well as applying. I gotta admit,it was the colours (and the combination possiblities)that made me love makeup (figures, Im an art student!.)

Colourful eyeshadow are for those days that you just feel playful. Smokey eyes when you feel a little sultry. Neutral looks for that comfortable mood where you just want to be naturally beautiful. (These are all my opinions of how I coordinate my looks anyways, XD)

Makeup to me is like having finger paints for adults and my canvas is my face. 🙂 Its fun to try out all sorts of looks.

Im not a visual artist by any means; I cant draw, paint, sketch, sculpt, etc. to save my life. But makeup is a way that I can still be creative and explore shapes and moods with different colors, textures, brushes, etc. Definitely a creative outlet. I hate that theres this assumption that girls who are really into makeup are shallow or superficial, or rely on it as some kind of crutch to their self-esteem. Whats funny to me is that out of all my friends, I own the most makeup (without a doubt) and yet five or six days out of seven I dont wear any out of the house. On the other hand, I have friends with much less makeup who cant not wear any.

I dont know if that made sense or if I went on a tangent, but hopefully that made sense! Do what you want and screw the haters.

Make Up to my is mainly hellofalotof fun! 🙂 I love the transformation different styles, colours and looks can give you. I do not neccessarily have to express myself all the time through make up, I just love to experiment. I dont even think wearing make up is the most important thing for me, rather applying it – because it kind of has become a ritual which makes me happy. So all in all make up is one of my favourite hobbies!

Makeup is seriously one of the best parts of being a woman. I feel that it is feminist and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful. In my opinion, makeup isnt somthing that should be considered forced upon womankind. I think its powerful, actually. Anyhting that makes a woman feel radiant, confident, sexy, intelligent, etc. should be applauded.

I feel amazing when I have my face on. Doing my makeup is something I look forward to doing in the morning or when going out somewhere. I dont consider myself ugly but I definitely feel gorgeous and stunning when the masterpiece that is my foundation, MSF natural, blush, shadow, liner, and mascara is complete.

Women should embrace makeup as empowerment. I dont think there is anything more liberating than feeling freaking good about yourself! I love makeup and I cant wait to share it with my daughters. I truly cant think of anything more exhilarating than transforming the face with cosmetics; it is like magic…

Make-up is my way of expressing my creativity. I dont care if people dont like my Show Orchid lips or bold/smoky eyes (though not both at the same time), it picks up my mood and makes me happy. And thats all that really matters…

Make up is my choice of medium to apply to my canvas(my face) It is an expression of oneself. It makes us feel better, prettier, younger, etc. Its alot of fun! And it is our divine right. LOL

the best part of my day is doing my makeup. it truly is what makes me ME! i am a very bold, colorful, out there person, and my makeup reflects that. i enjoy being able to learn and try new techniques, colors, products & everything else along with makeup.

I use makeup as a way to express my creative/artistic side. It’s like an accessory to me. I don’t feel I have to wear it most of the time; it just accentuates my look. (I don’t wear a lot of accessories otherwise, so makeup is often one of the only ways I customize my appearance.)

Makeup is an outlet for creativity for me, and a lot of fun. I love playing with color in all aspects of life (for example, my wardrobe tends to be very vivid, and my “style” these days tends to be big bold chunks of bright solid colors) and discovering how great a way makeup was to do that was a revelation for me. I try to avoid “nude, no makeup” looks because I don’t believe makeup is for “fixing” my face. It’s for having fun with it. The moment I get so insecure about my looks that I feel I have to have foundation or whatever on all the time is when I back away and take a break from makeup. (Sure, I’ll wear foundation etc, because I think colorful makeup looks weird next to dark eye circles or acne scars, but I don’t wear it alone.)

Basically, what it all boils down to is “OOOOO, SHINY!” 🙂

1. I love the transformation. I may run out to grab something really quickly from the grocery store without makeup but it never feels as fabulous as when I go out with a full face of makeup. The confidence I feel when I’ve covered the dark circles and bumps and enhanced the eyelashes and glossed up the lips is priceless for me. I do feel its something I need to look “good” but I don’t feel a burden with that…I relish it and have fun with it!

2. Artistic expression! The creativity makeup inspires in me is exciting and fun and cathartic all at the same time. I love getting to create, to experiment. I don’t mind when something doesn’t turn out exactly the way I envisioned…sometimes its better, sometimes I learn from it and if nothing else it reminds me that no one is perfect and that’s okay:)

3. I love “collecting”–I never understood people who collect stamps–until I realized I collected makeup and its just something fun and frivilous in my life that can bring a smile to my face when things aren’t going well in other areas. My favorite hobby:)

All of these things rolled into one–the fun of the hobby, the expression through a very personal art, the empowerment I feel when I know I look my best–I just love it!

Makeup is about bringing out my best features and capturing my personality, down to how I feel that day, that hour, etc. I love that it can be as colourful or as neutral as you want. It’s an easy, and sometimes quick, way to pick myself up. I just love it. 🙂

Makeup is my hobby, and a damn fun one! I like to collect and try different colors and put them together into new looks. For me it’s just good, clean (or messy!) fun.

I love the way it makes me feel and look. They’re no rules and I can just play and spend time with myself. And with being busy raising three kids thats some nice ME time.

Make up to me is a form of art in a way. We just like to use our faces as canvases. I also think it is a reflection of how we feel. Dark eyeshadow can make us feel confident or show our sadness.

My favorite makeup look is enhancing my natural features for that “is she really wearing makeup?” look. Wearing just the right amount to get a flawless natural look.

Different purposes. SOmetimes i like makeup because its an INSTANT way for me to feel enough outside myself to get through tough situations. Wearing nothing, or uniform clothes, its really easy to slip into the same mental ruts and patterns-but rocking a new color combination makes you feel like someone else, even if tis just emphasizing a trait in your personality thats already there. Similarly,I put on makeup before fighting, because when I know ive done a good job, I dont want to cry and ruin it, and that different feel helps not take things personally, so I can calmly talk through items with a bit more distance than bare faced, hysterically tearful, feeling everything right that minute.

I dont so much care for the trend aspect-I like to try everything at least once, regardless of whats in style or not. SO i watch new collections for things I dont have anything similar to, but i dont really pay attention other than that.

I love makeup because it allows me to play with colour, express myself, and to play up my best features and downplay my less favourite ones 😛

I always get frustrated when people criticise girls for using makeup as a confidence booster and to help accentuate their best features – its not much different than dressing for your body shape!

Makeup transforms the way I feel about myself.

Sure, I can run to the store, go to yoga, etc. with out makeup on, but I feel like the best version of myself when I can even out my flushed ruddy cheeks so that my face matches my neck and when I can apply mascara to help people see how long my naturally invisible/blonde eyelashes are and to frame my eyes by filling in my invisible but there eyebrows.

Makeup helps people (including myself) see the parts of me that are hidden.

It’s not so much about experimenting with color for me – I’m mostly a neutral girl. I love the process, the ritual, the brushes, the textures. I love technique and the result.

Makeup is an extension of our wardrobe, our hair color, our accessories… it completes the look for the day – be it nude makeup, polishes, rocker, experimental, sweet, vamp, pin-up, neutral, etc. Makeup makes me feel professional, put together, romantic, fun, and dynamic all at the same time.

I put on makeup everyday regardless of where I’m going or not going. It makes me feel lovely. If makeup makes you happy how lucky we are to have it.

Makeup to me is a few things: Firstly, it’s my creative outlet; it also can transform and certainly improve one’s features if applied properly; thirdly, it’s a great way to have fun with colors/paints, etc. My motto is that there is not a woman alive whose looks can not be improved by the proper use of makeup, even if it’s just lipstick. I just love it and “can’t live without it”!

It’s all about self expression and finding the best you. As I’m growing out of my “bright colors all the time” phase I’m leaning more toward natural and elegant. I’m only young for a short time more and I should try and take advantage of this youthful look while I can.

Less is more. A light dusting of eyeshadow, some mascara, a touch of blush, and a nice lip.

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