MAC Peacocky: Mega Metal Eyeshadow Dupes & Comparisons (Part 2)

MAC Peacocky: Mega Metal Eyeshadow Dupes & Comparisons, Part 2

I’ve split the Mega Metal Eyeshadows into two parts for dupes and comparisons, and then I will also do the Kissable Lipcolours (also in two parts) so no post is overwhelming!Β  I think Spectacle of Yourself is the most dupable of the bunch, while Paparazz-she is a shade I don’t quite have anything like in my stash.

ODALISQUE is tealer and slightly lighter than Strike a Pose, while Birds & Berries is a sheerer, less intense version. Talent Pool is a lighter blue with a bit of a golden sheen. Parrot is just a touch darker than Talent Pool, so it is not comparable. Cool Heat is tealer.Β  Shimmermoss is far too light in comparison, which is so odd to think of Shimmermoss as light.

  • PAPARAZZ-SHE is closest to Orange Tangent which is a lighter, golder variation of it. The strong orange tones of Paparazz-she really make it harder to dupe. Copper Sparkle pigment is much, much darker (but an awesome shade if you don’t have it!). Amber Lights is a bronzier version (less copper pull), while Aztec Brick is merely a redder version of Amber Lights. Valet is only slightly less red than Aztec Brick–again, not comparable.
  • PEEK-AT-YOU is closest to Soft Force, which is a tinge yellower. Both Creme de Miel and Dreammaker are stronger yellow golds in comparison. Nylon and Dazzlelight are similar but more intense versions with frostier finishes–whiter, too, less champagne.
  • PRANCE is closest to Hypnotizing, which is slightly darker and more mauve. Shale is ridiculously darker, while NARS Melusine is cooler and grayer. Style Snob is significantly darker and browner, while Winter Sky is quite pink in comparison.
  • SEX-PECTATIONS is more of a mix of Coppering (much more orange) and Cranberry (stronger burgundy tones, darker). Urban Decay Last Call is berrier than Cranberry, so it’s not quite a dupe of Sex-pectations either.
  • SPECTACLE OF YOURSELF is the one shade that really has very, very close dupes. Antiqued looks nearly identicaly, but I would say it is slightly warmer. Glamour Check is slightly redder-toned.
  • TOP OF THE POSH is similar to Ego, except Ego lacks the golden sheen. Urban Decay Hot Pants is more fuchsia and iridescent. Pink Papillon is also similar but pinker, just as Da Bling is pinker.
  • TWEET ME is a slightly peachier version of Benefit Nice Melons, less metallic version of Melon pigment, and far peachier than Urban Decay Snatch.
  • UNFLAPPABLE turns out to be closest to Smut, which has the same strong dark shade and cooler tone as Unflappable, but it lacks the slightly purple cast of it. Urban Decay Rockstar has a stronger purple cast, but it doesn’t have enough brown/taupe. Satin Taupe is much lighter and less intense, while Urban Decay Hustle is too brown and not quite dark enough.

See swatches!

Shimmermoss, Strike a Pose, Birds & Berries, Odalisque, Talent Pool

Odalisque, Talent Pool, Parrot, Birds & Berries, Odalisque, Cool Heat

Copper Sparkle pigment, Paparazz-she, Amber Lights, Aztec Brick

Amber Lights, Aztec Brick, Valet, Paparazz-she, Orange Tangent

Creme de Miel, Dreammaker, Peek-at-You, Soft Force

Peek-at-You, Soft Force, Nylon, Dazzlelight

Shale, Prance, NARS Melusine, Hypnotizing

NARS Melusine, Hypnotizing, Prance, Style Snob, Winter Sky

Coppering, Cranberry, Sex-pectations, UD Last Call

Antiqued, Spectacle of Yourself, Glamour Check

Ego, Top of the Posh, UD Hot Pants, Pink Papillon, Da Bling, Ego

Benefit Nice Melons, Tweet Me, Melon pigment, Snatch

Smut, Satin Taupe, Unflappable, UD Hustle, UD Rockstar

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Pamela Avatar

OMG!!! Thanks so much for the swatches and dupes. I some how managed to narrow my wishlist down to three eyeshadows!!!! You are the freakin’ best Christine…Happy New Year

caprig Avatar

These eyeshadows don’t appear to be any more metallic than any of MAC’s regular shadows- is that the case in real life or are the photos just not capturing it…?

Christine Avatar

I wouldn’t say they’re more metallic than other shadows they’ve come out with. Some have a brighter metallic sheen but the finish itself seems comparable to veluxe pearl or starflash – some even frosts (but smoother). The texture is what I would say distinguishes these from other shadows.

The way I see these is they are like… the texture of the very best MAC eyeshadows of time’s past.

JennJam Avatar

Christine, when you have a second, what is the name of the MAC quad in the picture? And what collection is it from? It’s gorgeous! Thanks . . .

BethM Avatar

Thanks for the comparisons!
I think these have helped me narrow my list down to 3! I think Odalisque is going to be close enough to UD Haight, Prance close enough to UD Sellout, and Tweet Me close enough to UD X for me. I have UD Goddess, and it doesn’t look fabulous on me, so I’ll probably skip Dandizette, too.

I’m down to: Noir Plum (because I need every purple there is!); Unflappable (though I will compare it to UD Mushroom before I buy); and maybe Top of the Posh (but not completely sure on that yet).

Lauren Avatar

Hey Christine! I love that you do these comparisons. It’s so helpful. I have a question though. My favorite eyeshadow of all time is Mac’s Grand Entrance but I’m running out. Do any of these compare? What about Naked Lunch, Retrospeck or All That Glitters? UD Snatch looks fairly similar. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!!!

eRiN Avatar

Wow, some spot-on dupes there – especially the Spectacle of Yourself one – can’t believe they basically made the same color 3x :O

Kasiah Avatar

Hey Christine! Just a little suggestion! Can you put the main eyeshadow first followed by the dupes. I have to keep scrolling up and down to see the original name. That would help out soo much! Thanks!! :o)

Sarah Avatar

I think she means in the pictures? Maybe an easier way to do this would just to be to continue putting the shadow you’re trying to dupe in caps on the picture caption as well.

Mollir Avatar

Hey Christine, you might want to direct those asking about Tweet Me vs. UD X to look at your UD Alice in Wonderland swatches. Muchness is the same as X. From what I could tell, X swarched seems to have more of a peach-pink duouchome look compared to the Tweet Me swatch. Thanks so much for all you do to give us accurate timely swatches. You truly go above and beyond. That’s why I check Yiur site everyday!

elizabeth Avatar

Hi Christine! Thanks so much for doing these swatches for us! They are so thorough and probably took you several hours πŸ™‚ I have a question if you have the time… does unflappable compare at all to bloodline pigment (fabulous felines?) Thanks!

Katja Avatar

Hey Christine,
first of all: thank you for your hard work with all these dupes! I was a little bit confused with the comparison of “Top of the posh” and “Ego”. Because in the collection the Eyeshadow in “Ego” is green, so what “Ego” do you mean? And is Unflappable maybe similar to Showstopper? Thanks, Katja

Erica C Avatar

Thank you so much for the swatches, amazing job as always!
I was wondering if you think Woodwinked and Tweet Me would work together for a natural look or does the colours clash?

Shannon Avatar

Hi Christine! I just had a question. How does Vainglorious from Venomous Villians compare to Sex-pectations? Also, thanks so much for all the swatches.

Patty Avatar

Some other comparisons you might be asked about:

Unflappable vs. Mothbrown
Tweet Me vs. Urban Decay X
Papparazz-She vs. Off The Page
Center Stage vs. Magnetic Fields

I might see about some of these myself, hehehe.

Christine Avatar

Hey Patty,

I don’t own Mothbrown, but from what I remember, it wasn’t as intense – but it might be similar in color. Tweet Me seems like it would be similar to X (which I don’t own), since I know X is similar to MAC Melon! Paparazz-she is definitely much brighter/bolder than Off the Page. I would say Centre Stage is similar to Magnetic Fields (which I don’t own – I feel like I do, but it’s not in my palettes!), perhaps not as intense.

michelle Avatar

thanks for this Christine! you seriously have the most helpful posts about collections! thank you thank you thank you!! I ordered dalliance and prance online… i wanted paparazz-she so badly but i don’t think i’d use it more than twice maybe…

Cynthia B. Avatar

Hi Christine! Thanks for taking the time to do these posts, they are incredibly helpful. πŸ™‚

I was wondering if you think Unflappable is similar to Bloodline pigment (Fabulous Felines). I know many people prefer eyeshadow pans to pigments, but since I’ve pressed all mine, it’s no biggie to me. I’ve looked at your FF swatches, and Bloodline does seem quite close to Unflappable, but without seeing the latter in person, I don’t want to risk missing out on a unique colour. πŸ™‚

Amanda Avatar

Hi Christine,
Just wondering if you could tell me how closely ‘Prance’ compares with ‘Phloof’ – I expect Prance to have much more of a metallic finish.

Airisu Avatar

Christine, how do you think Odalisque compares with Blue Sorcery from MAC’s magic, mirh, & mischief collection from last yr? Ty very much in advance πŸ™‚

Whitney Avatar

Hi I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving/ telling me what the different brands are for each of the swatches that you came up with for dupes of mac’s odalisque. The colors are all so pretty! I would really appreciate it (:

Rebecca Avatar

I’d be interested to see Odalisque next to Mac Teal pigment b/c from what I can tell, to me, they look like they might be pretty close.

Rebecca Avatar

I ended up seeing all of them in person. Unfortunately, I wasn’t owned. They were all nice and the finish was nice too, but all of them looked like something I already own, though not necessarily by Mac. I guess it’s b/c I’m a makeup hoarder, hehehe. Odalisque doesn’t look like Teal pigment like I expected, but does look just like Capricorn Sea from TKB. Woo Me looks great, but I had to stock up on Aqualine liquidlast due to it being discontinued, so I passed on Peacocky.

Joli Avatar

Do you happen to own Peace by Urban Decay? I was curious how close Odalisque is to it. I’m a SJ Sharks fan,. so I’m always on the lookout for a good teal, but I don’t want to get it if they are too close. My guess is that Odalisque is darker, but I wonder if it’s dark enough that I could use the two together and still have the individual shades stand out.

Dana Avatar

Thanks for the spot-on comparisons! I know that this has been mentioned before, but how do Odalisque and UD’s Haight compare? I swatched Odalisque at my local counter myself, but as I don’t own Haight I can’t really speak on the similarities…although judging from your Urban Decay swatches, they look alike.

Only grabbed Paparazz-she from the collection so far as I have never seen anything quite like it.

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