MAC & Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick & Photos

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC & Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 4 Lipstick

It’s a monster collaboration:  Pink 4 Friday by MAC Cosmetics and Nicki Minaj.  The Trinidadian hip-hop diva has personally designed a limited edition MAC Lipstick, Pink Friday, to celebrate the release of her highly anticipated debut album of the same name.  Putting her trademark Barbz glamour twist on a bright, creamy pink satin formula, Nicki Says, “MAC’s Pink Nouveau was my favorite lipstick for years, but now it’s all about Pink Friday!”  Check it out:  Nicki’s exclusive shade will only be available for purchase for four Fridays beginning Friday, November 26th, 2010, while supplies last, on

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Pink Friday Bright creamy pink lipstick (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Availability: November 26, December 3, December 10, and December 17, 2010 at only.

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MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

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I looked at the model and though “Is she really”? the shade is to bright for me but Barbie Pink I can see fling off the shelf. Plus I got lips Tars that I could blend to match. ^_^

Love Nicki, the Queen Barbie, but WHAT is with the Photoshop on her cover?! She has great legs, but they’re not seven feet long! 😛

Anyway, I’m expecting this color to be close to Lady GaGa’s Viva Glam.

I have to agrees with that since she not really looking like herself anymore. It’s the first time seeing the cover as well so it was like. O_o whos legs are those?

hehehe! I thought the same thing. I don’t know why they do not know what to do with arms in photoshop. Maybe it’s Barbie after a toy-breaking kid gets a hold of her? They should have done the weird angled Barbie arms.

Nicki actually wanted to be represented as a broken Barbie doll on her cover so they elongated her legs and broke her arms…she’s definitely….something lol

As long as the packaging (meaning the plastic lipstick tube) is the same as the regular lipstick, then you can use it for B2M. If it has any special type of lettering like the Gaga lipstick or like Venomous Villians then you can’t.

Hi Christine, would you know the finish of the lipstick yet? It’s a pretty pink, but I can’t wear such light colors anymore. If it were a darker pink then I would definitely buy it. Can’t wait for the swatch.

I’m going to be allll over this! Two of my 3 favorite things in the world: Nicki Minaj and MAC!!! (The third favorite thing being animals, of course) ;).

I’m sure the colour is a really dry, chalky, in your face, unwearable for most colour… but I’ll still buy it.

I wonder if it will have some weird packaging… one can only hope!

So, so, so over Onika Maraj. I’m definitely not going to get this lipstick. But I do think the Photoshopped legs are a nice Barbie touch. I’m more concerned that her arms aren’t out; do the real Barbie’s arms fold back behind her completely? Can’t say I’ve played with Barbie anytime recently, but I used to love Barbies when I was a kid. 🙂

I hope that the ” Barbie pink ” isn’t a cool based pink. I have a feeling that it will be very similar to the lady gaga lipstick . I really wish that Mac would come out with more warmed based pinks!

I just spoke to one of the MAC girls at my counter at Macys & she said it’s online only!!! && she also said I’m the only one that knows about it 😀

Marci: Hi Kim. Please check back with us on November 22nd to sign up for the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday wait list to receive details regarding this launch.

Kim: Okay, thank you. In the meantime, do you have any lipstick suggestions that would be close to it that I can purchase while I wait?

Marci: Pink Nouveau, Lady Gaga or Lickable Lipsticks are similar shades.

** I’m a huge Nicki Minaj fan so I will definitely be buying Pink 4 Friday but it’s good to know there will be similar dupes!

Yuck the promopic is ugly. I really don’t like it. The lipstick in Barbie pink sounds promising though. I aleady own a ‘barbie pink’ lipstick but I’ll be sure to check this one out too.

I scoped around online and I guess it’s just plain MAC packaging. I’m kind of disappointed that it’s not something more special since the color is so similar to other MAC lippies. I’ll still definitely buy it because I love Barbie pink and Nicki Minaj. Can never have too many pink lippies!

I know this product is limited edition, but will it be around for at least a few months like the Cydni and Gaga or will it be around only long enough to sell out? I understand you probably don’t have this information at this point in time, but if you do receive it, please post it under updates.

I sort of get frustrated when MAC doesn’t give a launch date, I just bought 2 things from the new Chanel resort collection so this lipstick is going to have to wait.

This could just be rumor but on they have it listed as being only online for four fridays…..which means to me that it will sell out…..I think they have it listed as starting to go on sale not tomorrow but next friday…..again….this was off of another site and dont know if its true, personally, after a large YSL, Dior and Nars haul I am going to be passing on this as I feel that it will be close to Gaga.

Yep She actually confirmed it on Wednesday on the Wendy Williams show and gifted one to everyone in the audience. I am sooo excited I love nicki,barbie and pink 🙂

This just looks like either the VG Gaga or Pink Nouveau, and I already have Pink Nouveau which is wearable for me with any of the MAC light brown lip pencils.

I’ll pass on the Nicki Minaj pink shade. I am not all that impressed by this color. I think that other MAC pinks such as Show Orchid, Full Fuschia, and Girl About Town are much better. I love Dare to Wear’s Gimme That.

Guys its not gonna be the lipstick on her cover.. thats the actual cover of her new cd… this isnt a lipstick add! pink neuvou (or however u spell it) is HOT pink.. gaga isnt. i dont think it will be like gaga. and i personally, cannot wait!!

lol Nicki Minaj did not hit it big until she hooked it up with MAC ;D.
Christine, do you know if the lipstick will be available at counters? From the looks of it, i think it’s only going to be online… 🙁

im sorry but this is a terrible way to debut a lipstick. i like to see it in person and try it on before i buy it. it looks very similar to the gaga one, which i already passed on cuz i have snob that looks close enough to that or even similar to saint germain which i returned as well. =/ mac stop trying to fool us and bring out some other colors!

You can search “Pink Friday 4” or “Nicki Minaj” on the MAC website and you can officially sign up for the e-mail list!

“Pink 4 Friday – COMING SOON!
Pink Friday is a Limited Edition Lipstick designed by Nicki Minaj to celebrate her debut album. Exclusively online for only four Fridays starting November 26, 2010. “

I’m so tired of MAC coming out with similar pink lippies! Everything’s always a dupe of a dupe. Hopefully this pink will be unique, ‘cuz I want it!

Barbie pink isn’t really a light at all. I work for Mattel. It’s not a like pink color. I mean, unless you are thinking Barbie’s lips. The logo and and the main Barbie color used, is not….

Anyway, I am not sure about this color….I already have gaga and if it is really close to that then there is not point. Hence the reason I like being able to swatch and compare….le sigh….

The picture above is NOT the promo pic for the lipstick it’s the cover of her new album which comes out next Tuesday entitled “Pink Friday”. She has all of the young girls following her “Barbie” persona and her arms were erased and legs were elongated as such. Google is your friend for those who aren’t familiar w/ who Nicki Minaj is or if you even care.

The lipstick will be sold online only beginning Nov 26th and for 4 consecutive Fridays! Hence the name “Pink Friday” so yes expect it to sell out!

Do you know what finish the lipstick will be?
Also when you say for the next 4 consecutive fridays, do you mean just friday or the other days in between too?

ummm how many people wanna base their shades off of pink nouveau, first gaga, now minaj… why don’t we just buy pink nouveau in the first place? i love both the girls, but come on… dont base it off a pre-existing mac colour

Not trying to say that one is copying the other but VG Gaga is in the same family as this lipstick and Gaga herself said that she wanted something similar to the lipstick she used to wear all the time, Pink Nouveau. I think they should’ve went in another direction with this lipstick. With that said, I like the color and I might buy it… not sure yet.

I adore Nicki Minaj! She’s not really my type of music, but I do adore her style and I love how confident she is. Her lipstick color really embraces her style, but I don’t think it’d be suiting for me (and it’s not really what I go for anyways).

The promo picture is really scary though. IS she supposed to be a Barbie mannequin (no arms and super long legs)? And it seems like she’s been doing her “crazy eyes” pose a lot…

Didn’t Lady Gaga say her inspiration for her lipstick was Pink Nouveau too? I could be mistaken but seems a little weird that they would do two similar lipsticks for limited releases

This just seems *so* gimmicky . . . only available for 4 Fridays?? I get that she is trying to look like Barbie, but this is exactly the reason I am moving on to brands like Chanel. I’m getting too old for this stuff, LOL!

i am starting to think the same thing for myself.but i will still be getting this one. i have not been impressed by the mac releases as of late. i think 2009 was my big, fall for the madness of mac releases phase and for the most part i am over it except for releases where i am reasonably sure i will like the color.

Yes I know what you mean. I have only tended to wear the viva glam glass with a magenta coloured lipstick. the brights seem to wash me out…but I guess I will still get it.

I can’t wait till swatches of this start to leak onto the internet. That close up of nicki minaj’s face though…jesus christ she looks scary. I have just never been able to get over that blank-eyed doll face she makes. plus this album cover has her photo shopped into the post-human, but somehow it’s not in a cool or interesting way…Maybe i’m just getting old and out of touch.

Its BADLY photoshopped, its unconvincing and it isn’t interesting, like you said.
Its just not well done and unimpressive. If you’re going to photoshop an image, you want it to be atleast somewhat convincing, not like someone just hit liquify.

I’m waiting for a swatch so I can say I don’t need it. Am I the only one that finds the Friday thing dumb? It doesn’t make it seem exclusive, it is just obnoxious. Not to mention that photo? WTH? Are her breasts photoshopped enough? Ew. I did lol pretty hard when I scrolled down and saw the close up.

LOL I concur, I don’t feel the hype with this collection AT ALL. If it were not viva glam I would most likely bash it in it’s entirety. Something I find quite hilarious is on the website the picture it shows of her is the one where you can almost see her crotch then it flashes to the lipstick! Am I the only one who found humor in that? Sorry it that was vulgar to anyone I have no intentions of offending anyone. 🙂

I don’t like it on her lips! I want to see swatches and if its similar to viva glam gaga! but I’ll probably buy it! hope it looks better than the photo!

Weird, didn’t Lady Gaga say Pink Nouveau was the inspiration for her Viva Glam lipstick…..I would love to see a comparision of the two when it comes out. I love the concept of Pink Friday but I think the color is a bit redundant to the viva glam Lady Gaga.

i always want to try something out before i buy it so it kinda pisses me off that they will only sell it online but i think this pink will look great on me i love Pink Nouveau lipstick and pinks in general look great on me so this is something i will be ordering

I was excited about this, but the actual lipstick doesn’t look very interesting. In fact, it looks almost exactly like Viva Glam GaGa which must be THE most unwearable colour on the planet. I thought I could rock any lipstick before VGG, hahaha. I don’t know why MAC would make such a similiar colour while VGG is still available. Pastel-y cool toned pinks are bleh on most people.

Sorry if this question as already been asked but does anyone know how close this is to the Viva Glam Gaga? I love Nicki but if it’s a dupe or super close i’m not gonna waste money on it.

I know you said you read ontd sporadically, so I didn’t know if you caught photos of her lipstick launch if you were curious. The lipstick looks nice in person.

Wasn’t Viva Glam Gaga kind of based off of Pink Nouveau too? What’s the difference between the two besides that they have 2 different outlandishly-dressed celebrity faces behind them, and that the Viva Glam Gaga’s proceeds go to the MAC Aids fund?

I like Nicki but what were they thinking dressing her like that? Nothing matches! and that hair…. oh no…. Stylists HELP!

Im getting this lipstick though no doubt about it. I love Pink 🙂

I wonder how close this is to pink noveau or st germain? Do you know what time on those fridays it will go on sale? I bet this one will sell out fast!

I will most likely cop 🙂 Will this come in plain packaging though? It’d be sweet if they had something like the Lady Gaga and Cyndi, with their signatures on the tube and packaging.

It’s just regular packaging – the promo photo from this AM is regular and the lipstick itself that I received was regular. I think if it had special packaging, they’d say something!

I love pink lipsticks, but if this is similar to St. Germain I will have to do without. That lipstick was waaay too chalky for me and it looked terrible. I’d prefer to have more “normal” colored pink lipsticks. Meaning not such a chalky outcome. Not everyoen can wear it.

Ok got to say I love her hand Sharpie’d wig! Have dyed my own wigs it’d a pain to colour a gradation by hand like that but it’s the only way to get a clean division in colour. Thumbs up to the person that had to do it.

That shade of pink doesn’t look very appealing & it doesn’t look real. And I’m sure you probably find a shade similar to this in MAC since they have so many shades of glosses/lipsticks that seems to repeat themselves.

I love nicki minaj. So glad MAC did a collab with her. First lady gaga does a collab, then nicki, whats next? Wizard of oz collection?! I’d be in hog heaven. Ps. Her CD pink friday is really good 🙂

I am so not okay with that commercial ad. Kind of tasteless, for one, but also completely scary. I don’t get how that’s supposed to sell a product, her looking psychotic and gross. It looks like the boobs were completely Photoshopped in! What the heck?

I wasn’t going to even bother with this, but I heard Drake’s verse…I mean Nicki’s verse from the new song she has out with Eminem today called Roman’s Revenge and the verse is ill. It caught me by surprise. So, I’m going to support her in some way since I’m not getting the CD or the MP3s I’ll get the lipstick. I know I’m going to have to work with it to get it to look right on me…NC50, but it’ll work with a nice liner. It’s a really pretty color. I’m hoping it will come in a cute packaging????

itssss Barbieeee biiiitchhhh !! *Nicki voice*

I’m so excited about this, i called the MAC store just now and they said it can only be purchased online?! Grrrrr.. I’m dyign to get my hands on it!! 🙂

Another one that has “Already Sold out” from MAC. “Come back next Friday” to see it sold out again! MAC is sooo tired. Why should I even bother even thinking about buying a LE product if the items sell out within 5 minutes? MAC, if you are reading this… maybe you should have more than 10 items to sell in the first place! Yeah.. buying this only online and on Fridays is DUMB!

Hey I’m from the Bronx and I think u are sooooo hot I have a 6 year old son that’s in love with u . He’s name is ADAM and he is ADORABLE !!! Everytime I’m playing ur video he just sits there and says Mommmy she is BEAUTIFUL !! He also likes little Wayne when he was 4 he did a fashion show and he imitated little Wayne it was really nice and cute. Keep doing your thing girl !!!

I love that shes from trinidad, like MIA if gives her an interesting edge in the rap world, instead of being white or black. Her skin is fabulous. But im not a fan of the lipstick… looks 100% like snob. I cant seem to see the difference. Not nearly a big enough one to buy it.

This might be a stupid question, but I’m gonna ask anyway – does anyone know what TIME generally on Friday Mac will have this up for purchase? See I went online early afternoon this past Friday and they were sold out already :/ I signed up for an alert on the Mac site too, and saw nothing in my email other than then initial sign-up confirmation – not in spam either – I already have Mac in my addy book anyway – yeah I know, I’m haneous

They put it up before midnight PST — err… like it was Thursday before midnight when it went up initially. So, it was Friday on the east coast…

All I can say is that I AM DONE!!! There is no way that this product is selling out even before someone can see it available online! MAC is not interested in selling this otherwise more folks would be able to at least attempt to get it. It was in my cart and by the time I checked out it was sold out. No way. MAC is horrible. It is not worth the effort for these LE products.

I have the Viva Glam GAGA but I decided to get this because it looks a little more vibrant and the GAGA is kind of sheer. I added it to my cart at 12:02 am and clicked continue shopping and I was looking at other stuff. Now it’s sold out already and it’s about 20 after 12. It’s not in my cart anymore. I guess I have to wait until next week 🙁

Do you know if it sold out for the dec. 3rd friday? i know fridays not till a couple more hours but mac is famous for launching before the actual date.HELP, am i waiting for nothing?

I love her album cover for pink friday! & people are sayin was it ameant to be “scary”.. Obviously not? She was ameant to look like a actual Barbie thats why she’s got longer legs to what she has & she’s got no arms either. Barbie is her all over, i love her so much my idol ! <3 Xxxxxxxxxxx


Finally got mine yesterday! I’m an NC43/45 and while it is really bright, my skin tone can handle it. Softened it a bit with MAC’s Magenta lip pencil overlaid with some Extra Amps Dazzleglass and it looks awesome!

Yes, MAC website does…if you search “Pink 4 Friday” in the search box, it comes up and you can order as many as you want! I just ordered a few and they shipped! I thought it was a site glitch at first! Yay, beats trying to bid on it on EBay, some are going for $70 a pop! THAT’S CRAZY!!! 🙂

I was just telling my homies that she needs to brand a chain of lipglosses for the Barb’s. Im soooo happy she got this shade and it a quality one at that. Ms. Minaj do yo mf thang! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN

i love this lipstick well the color but i think only nikki can pull it off cause some fat lady was trying it on on youtube and it was a mess…..

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