MAC Naked Honey Collection – Reviews & Thoughts


OVERALL, MAC Naked Honey Collection is a small but palatable launch. It contains three eyeshadows with good texture, nice color pay off, and in wearable shades, alongside three lipglasses that coordinate. The real disappointment in the collection comes from the small sizes/overpriced nature of the skincare products–particularly the body wash and the hand/body cream. Anyone who expected very honeyish scents will be a bit dismayed, as most of the scented products are more floral/spicy and less honey. The skin salve is the most honey scented product, but it is still quite floral-honey. I liked several items, but I felt like you could miss this launch and not live to regret it. I know many of you are saving up for the Friends & Family sale next week, Graphic Gardens, and Colour Craft!

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: Buckwheat eyeshadow, Queen Bee lipglass

Nice-to-Haves: Creme de Miel eyeshadow, Pollinator eyeshadow, She’s A Star lipglass, Buzz lipglass, Golden Nectar high-light powder, Naked Honey Skin Salve

Skip: Naked Honey Hand/Body Cream, Naked Honey Body Wash


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  • She’s a Star is a sheer, lightly yellow-beige lipgloss with gold and peach shimmer. I thought it would be yellower, but it’s really not. It’s definitely more of a beige-y nude with gold and peach flecks.
  • Queen Bee is a semi-sheer coral-orange gloss with flecks of peachy-apricot shimmer laced throughout. Kind of like a lighter, more orange Lychee Luxe or Tartlette lipglass. If you’re a coral fan, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.
  • Buzz is a semi-sheer coppery-red-brown with golden shimmer. It gives nice color to lips without being too red or bold.


  • Crème de Miel is a soft gold-tinged white highlighter with a semi-frosty finish. It seems a little less frosty than Nylon, though. The color isn’t really unique, but it is nice as a highlighter if you don’t have too many already. Or if you love yellow-gold highlighters (like me) and collect ’em all.
  • Pollinator is a pinky coral shade with little shimmer–more like a light, pearly sheen–but the color pay off isn’t as fantastic as I’d like. With some layering, you can get it to look like it does in the pot, though. It doesn’t come off chalky nor does the color skip; it’s decently pigmented, just not richly pigmented. This is like a slightly more pigmented, less glittery Paradisco. Probably a touch pinker–maybe.
  • Buckwheat is a rich, chocolaty brown that runs just a tad on the warm side, but not overly so, with light flecks of gold glitter. This is my favorite eyeshadow of the launch, just because it seems so rich and luxe in the texture and pigmentation. I can see it working well on just about everyone.

High-Light Powders

  • Honey Light is a light, golden-orange powder with pearly sheen. Both high-light powders have a frosty-metallic overspray, which does disappear after the first use or so. Underneath is not an entirely matte or chalky powder a la Dame Edna, though. Instead, there is a light pearly sheen woven through the pwoder that will transfer when used. Both of these powders feel more like bronzers or highlighters more suited towards medium or darker skin tones. Even on me, Honey Light does read a little orange when I’ve used it on my cheeks. The honeycomb pattern is definitely cute, but if you use tihs often, it’ll disappear fairly soon. (Not a deal-breaker, but something to note for those who adore patterns and hate to ruin them!)
  • Golden Nectar is a semi-sheer, silky peachy-tan powder. While it looks awfully shimmery from the get-go, beware that it is merely an overspray. The product beneath the shimmery overspray is still very nice, as it is a smooth, silky powder with very subtle shimmer/sheen. You could almost think of it as more of a bronzer than anything else.

Naked Honey Skin Salve is a floral-honey scented clear salve/balm. The pot you get is a bit on the small side, though it contains 1.41 oz (or 40 grams). Relative to other salves, like Rosebud ($6 for 0.8 oz. or $12 for just about as much as MAC’s), which is probably one of the cheaper salves that I can think of. Since it is MAC, the price isn’t quite as skewed high as I originally thought. It’s very emollient and sinks into skin quickly without leaving behind any greasiness. I definitely lean towards using this more as a lip balm than anything else, but that’s more of a personal preference. I keep mine on my night stand for a quick balm before bedtime.

Naked Honey Hand and Body Cream is standard in its formula as far as hand/body creams go. It’s fairly thick, but it’s not sticky. It does dry down fairly quick, which is a plus. I personally find both the hand/body cream and the body wash to be gimmicky and overpriced. You only get 3.4 fl. oz. in the body cream, yet you pay $22.50 for it. Without something signature about the formula, you end up buying it for the packaging/brand. The scent is interesting, as it doesn’t really smell much like honey. It’s kind of a spicy floral with a little bit of sweetness. It’s more on the masculine side, so if you were banking on a genuinely honey scented product, this isn’t it. For me, I just don’t feel MAC really put their stamp on this product.

Naked Honey Body Wash is similar in scent as the body cream. It doesn’t foam up so much as it lightly lathers, but the amount you get is just so small. 3.4 fl. oz. of body wash is tiny! One of my favorite body washes are Philosophy Shower Gels priced at $16.00 for 16 fl. oz. That’s nearly five times as much for less. There’s nothing wrong with the product itself, but it definitely feels gimmicky to me. I would probably skip this unless you were absolutely in love with the scent.

Creations: Naked Honey is a light woodsy floral. It’s a lighter scent than Africanimal, and it’s lighter yet than both the body wash and hand/body cream. I almost detect some citrus to it. It’s not a sweet, feminine scent at all, so if that’s your thing, these probably aren’t for you. I’d at least recommend you try to check ’em out in store before purchasing!

Creations: Africanimal is a darker, spicy, woodsy scent. It has a light touch of sweetness, almost like burnt honey (though I don’t actually know what burnt honey smells like–that’s just the description that comes to mind!). I can definitely detect the bergamot in it. I do prefer this one over Naked Honey, but it’s a fairly dark scent–something I’d probably only wear going out at night.