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MAC & Miss Piggy Collection for Winter 2011

MAC & Miss Piggy Collection for Winter 2011

Launch Date: November 14th, 2011 (North America), Online Only; November 14, 2011 (International) in select countries online only

Icon. Actress. Supermodel. Chanteuse. Muse. Frog-o-phile. Cinema and television superstar nonpareil. Generous glamour goddess that she is, Miss Piggy is sharing her beauty with the world via a limited-edition, online-exclusive, M·A·C collection for the eyes in celebration of her much anticipated return to the silver screen in Disney’s The Muppets, in theatres November 23. Say “oui” to Miss Piggy for M·A·C today!

Eyeshadow ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Miss Piggy Pink Mid-tone blue-pink (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Liner ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

  • Rapidblack Black

Lash ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • #36 Lash Full lash, creates a naturally dramatic look

See more photos and a Q&A with Miss Piggy! 


Tell us about what it was like collaborating with M·A·C on a collection that captures your iconic beauty look.

Oh I adore collaboration—especially when everyone is there to listen to what I have to say and do exactly what I tell them to. And those fabulously talented people at M·A·C did just that. They were more than willing to listen, learn and be inspired by moi, so they could get the pink eye shadow just right, the flutter of the lashes just perfect, the texture of the eye liner just so. Best of all, they did all the work while I did all the talking! Très fantastique!

What was it like working with James Gager, Senior Vice President and Creative Director, and Jennifer Balbier, Senior Vice President for Global Product Development?

Ah yes, James and Jennifer…..Uh, what were those names again? Gager and Balbier? Sorry, not ringing a bell. But if I met them and they were important, I love them and can’t wait to see them again. You see, Jimmy and Jennie as I called them, seemed to understand moi’s very soul. And best of all, they understood moi’s desire to make the collection worthy of comparison with other iconic M·A·C “diva” collections (Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper’s Viva Glam campaigns and Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday) while inevitably surpassing all of them.

Tell us about your typical beauty routine when you’re on set. Does it differ from your every day beauty routine?

At home and on the set, my beauty routine is the same. I sit in a chair while a squadron of stylists, manicurists, cosmetologists, hairologists and so forth hover around and make magic. Then, I open my eyes, look in the mirror and voila…perfection! The advantage of doing this on set is that someone else pays for it. How would you describe your style in your upcoming film, “The Muppets”? I play an editor at Vogue Paris, so naturally I had to wear the most au courant couture and meet all the top designers in the world. (Naturally, we hit it off like gangbusters. Trust moi, you haven’t partied til you’ve ridden in a cab down the Champs-Élysées singing show tunes with a passel of Parisian designers!) So, I would have to say that moi inspired designers who, in turn, designed clothes that captured the essense of moi. It’s a win-win all the around, n’est ce-pas?

Any style advice for your fans? Can anyone wear the products from the Miss Piggy inspired M·A·C collection?

You can’t be moi, but this is the next best thing. This collection is perfect for any skin tone, goes with any wardrobe choices…and will help vous find your personal style. To moi, style is all about having fun! You are you! Go for it! Get glam! Have fun! Laugh in the face of critics! Scoff at cynics! Chortle in front of rude people! You got it sister, so make the most of it! That is what this collection is all about – celebrating the absolute joy of being vous, embellished and enhanced by the magic of moi! (Ooh, that’s good. I should trademark that!) And remember, true beauty comes from loving yourself. So go ahead: love yourself. And if that proves a problem, might I suggest loving moi?


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Gillian (AKA Munchy) Avatar

umm seriously MAC? an entire collection of 3 items- only one being unique? Now im agitated. Coming out with 70 collections per season is one thing, but this is ridiculous.

Marie Avatar

Thats exactly how I feel LOL! One eyeshadow? They could have at least gave us one of each thing needed for a complete look.. Blush Lipstick Lipglass or Cremesheen, Beauty Powder, Liner etc. HOPEFULLY they made several hundreds of eyeshadows so everybody could have a chance to get one, but knowing them, they haven’t.

Tara s Avatar

Cont… Didn’t get to finish what I was gonna write lol stupid phone!
Anyway I’m glad that this is it! I love miss piggy and I know I would have no self control buying it all lmao!!

ccenger Avatar

they could have done so much more! what’s with the boring packaging? yes, miss piggy has lovely eyelashes, but you could have her skin tone in eyeshadow form, lipstick, lip glass, CUTE packaging like the Barbie. Maybe even a makeup bag or pink brushes?

i would prefer quality of collections over quantity 🙂

Lark Avatar

This is it. Collections come out then that’s it. BUT… There may not be special packaging but it is “Miss Piggy Pink”. The Bloggers Obsessions online only teeny collection did well enough.

milaxx Avatar

What is with the muppet resurgence. Ms. Piggy is also going to be a guest judge on one of the Project Runway spin offs? Is this ll to promote the new movie?

Natalie Avatar

Probably promoting the movie but also…doesn’t Disney own them now? You just know Disney is going to make as much money off them as they can! 😛

mumtaza Avatar

ha ha “Muppet tramp”. Sounds like a new fetish. I wish there was a lipstick, too. I, too, have hoped MAC would make a pink like this for a while. With you on that bigtime!

Becca Avatar

that’s it? and only online?? this isn’t a collection… I screamed when I saw miss piggy, and now all we get is an eyeshadow? I was hoping some pretty pink blushes and lipsticks and quads :'(

marcy Avatar

when i first saw the title and promo pic i squealed, “NOOOO WAY!” cuz i love the Muppets… and then i realized the “collection” is 3 crappy products. MAC could’ve done so much better! what a let-down. =(

Cmferrets Avatar

Lol ,they should just call mac for miss piggy eyeshadow ! And that’s it ,cuz that’s all their is .:) I’m still getting it though ,just that one thing

Natalie Avatar

To me it makes sense that they didn’t do a lipstick since Miss Piggy doesn’t usually wear any. But why is the eyeshadow pink? I thought her signature eyeshadow colour was purple!

Naomi Avatar

Oh. My. God!!!!! I cannot WAIT to see this. MAC, you’ll probably never see this, but seriously, you better make this collection FABULOUS. I love Miss Piggy!!

Btw, Hi Christine! Been reading your blog for ages and ages, but this is the firt time i’ve commented 🙂

Lark Avatar

You do realize Betty Boop is a very very bad girl? A 1920s icon reduced to kiddies sneakers now but a total flapper when flapper was major social upheaval?
All of which is exactly why MAC should do it. The hundredth anniversary of women having the vote is bearing down on us ladies. Chattel property no more- so are you reading MAC? We’ll want lead in collections to rioting in the streets post WW I.

Jaime Avatar

WOW. MAC has reached an all-time low. They have ran out of ideas. I hope people wake up and stop buying this crap. Hopefully they’ll go under one day. I am so sick of these collections of the same stuff or just poor quality makeup. I’ll stick with what’s good, which isn’t MAC.

Jessie Avatar

You’d think that they’d be able to come up with more products.. when I think of Miss Piggy, I think of lots of pinks, fun colors that would cater to people who like brights. But, alas, Mac seems to fall short..

Ruby_00 Avatar

I’m so disappointed! I was expecting a big collection (or at least a shadow quad, blush and bronzer) with a special packaging! boohooo I’m so sad I’m definitely skiping this collection

Amanda Avatar

Don’t worry, y’all- Mac has like 40 other collection coming out next month. I think MAC was inspired by Miss Piggy’s trademark eye makeup. I promise it’s gonna be okay.

Lydia L. Avatar

Hmmm….not as excited as I got over Barbie and Hello Kitty…maybe the fact that I’m not a lover of pink eyeshadow…How bout something for the lips and cheeks in a piggy pink, MAC?

Tiffany C. Avatar

I want that pink eyeshadow!!! And i think it’s crazy that people are always complaining that MAC has too many collections and that they’re too big but yet, when they release a simple, no fuss one people still complain!

tm Avatar

What a wasted opportunity. They could have had Pigs in Space Purple (a shadow, lipstick or gloss, maybe?), I Kissed A Frog, which could have been a green shadow or lipgloss with green reflects in it, Hi-Yaaah!, which might have been something deep blue or purple, since she seemed to say that a lot when beating up on Gonzo (who was dark bluish purple), etc. They also should have put a decal on the shadow like they did for the Villains collection.

Dame Elizabeth Avatar

I’ll defintely get the eyeshadow, I just WISH they’d done a beauty powder with her awesome face on it. That would be such a two fingers up to people who think of beauty as perfection not diversity.

Macaddict Avatar

I LOVE the interview with Miss Piggy! She’s just “too much””… full of herself (but in a cute way). Anywho, this so-called collection of only 3 items (2 of them already permanent) does not reflect in any way Miss Piggy’s personality!!!!
Very lame and boring….
Miss Piggy is flamboyant, navel-gazing, overly confident,a self-absorbed diva (like she should be Lol!). She would never only wear these 3 makeup items1 She would wear hot pink lipstick, or blue red, she would definitely be color-friendly makeup-wise. What an excuse to sell is all it is!!!
Shame on you MAC!

Ashley Avatar

I’m glad this is small. It’s enough to be cute, and MAC definitely doesn’t need another MAC Me Over-sized collection for a while…(although yeah, 40 more before the end of the year sounds like what to expect).

Perla Avatar

This promo pic looks like miss piggy meets kiss! lol im pretty sure this could’ve been a great collection if it only had more products instead of just one eyeshadow and im pretty sure it will be easily dupeable

Melody Avatar

Like everyone else, I am a bit disappointed that there is only one new color product in this launch. I wish it had been a pigment instead of a shadow. But it does look like a nice pink, so I’ll give it a swatch.

Chrissy Avatar

rofl That interview’s so funny and so is her description. “Icon. Actress. Supermodel. Chanteuse. Muse. Frog-o-phile. Cinema and television superstar nonpareil.” haha! I wonder who made that coat. Miss Piggy looks fierce in it!

Esperanza Avatar

This is totally ridiculous! Miss Piggy collection and there is no lipstick? no special packaging? I am so sick of MAC for real..that is why I no longer buy from them any more. They are just all about marketing that seems promising but never deliver anymore. They run out of ideas long ago..

Mariam Avatar

I was just about to die when I read that there will be a Miss Piggy for MAC collection, but now I couldnt be more disappointed! Is this it??? I thought it would be a bigger collection and with glamorous packaging just like the To the beach collection and Venomous Villains collection! Is it really just three products in the original black packaging!?

Chris Avatar

Really! I was excited for this collection but was even more excited to see the packaging for the items and this is the collection along with no special packaging! SMH….

My Avatar

I’m torn! Part of me is PISSED that a. the collection is so small, b. its only one unique item, and c. they could have AT LEAST put it in a special Miss Piggy package! Then the other part of me is saying, Whew!, as my pocket will get a break on this one.

Truth be told I LOVE MISS PIGGY, she was like my first favorite character as a child and she was so FAB! If the collection was the way I envisioned it in my head… I’d go mad! And BROKE!

BethM Avatar

Cool pink is right up my alley, and I’m really looking forward to this eyeshadow. I just hope there’s a free shipping code, as I really don’t like that it’s online only and I don’t want to pay shipping for one eyeshadow.

brittany Avatar

hmm okay mac so no lipstick because miss piggy has no lips? and no blush because she is already pink? i get it but i have lips and I’m not pink… sooo good try but really?? where is the rest?

mumtaza Avatar

i will definitely be buying this eyeshadow because A) it’s named after Miss Piggy and B) I have been looking for a color like this for a while! (At least if it swatches true to description and pan.)
I love Miss Piggy!!

Jessica Avatar

Saves you money in your PIGGY bank? Get it? lol jk I know you do. As I ready your comment I actually read it as, “saves me money in my piggy bank” but then I realised you didn’t use those words exactly. I don’t know… I’m tired. I’m going to bed lol

Lark Avatar

It’s Holiday! This is a true stocking stuffer, or a gift to your sisters and friends. The lashes and eyeliner are stock and I already have them but “Miss Piggy Pink”? Gotta have it. Besides, what more would you do with it? The Muppets are on a whole pallet at some Sephora brand. A whole nother collection of just pink? Maybe something pearly. Maybe make me heave! Just get the joke, laugh, Love vous, buy one special shadow. How much Holiday make up do you need? You’d need to grow another head to wear all the stuff coming out already.

It’s a fun little thing- get over it.

Mattie Avatar

I can’t understand how so many of you are complaing about the number of products being released with this ONLINE only launch. With all of the other things launching , we should be happy they took it easy on our wallets for this sub line. Besides if you really want that much more from this line, how about writing MAC and asking, they are one of the only cosmetic brands that thrive off of what their consumer wants and will typically listen! Just saying!

doll Avatar

Seriously!?!?!?!? That diva has a 6 page layout in Instyle and they gave her that crap! It doesn’t even have her picture of name on it!!! They gave the Villian’s of Disney more then that! I’m outraged!!

VJNS Avatar

I would have expected a collection of eye lashes and eye liners. Maybe they planned by phone and their call was dropped. It probably went something like this: “Creative Department? Ok, we’re going pink for Miss Piggy collection. We’re doing three …………(drop)” Disappointed. But the pink is pretty anyway.

Manny S Avatar

I gotta say I’m so disappointed in this collection. It’s obvious the Muppets are out there trying to cross promote with a bunch of different brands, but really? A lackluster eyeshadow and 2 re-promotes?? I don’t know if I’m mad at the Muppets or at MAC. The collaboration they did with OPI is AMAZING and even though I’m not the biggest Muppets fan, I’m definitely picking up pretty much every color. Unfortunately this just has zero appeal to me. They’re definitely counting on Miss Piggy fans to push this collection, but they’re far from winning anyone else over.

Jessica Avatar

I really don’t get the fascination with anything Muppets. MAC did a really great job with Barbie, Fafi, Icon collections but Hello kitty, Wonder woman, Muppets are just plain cheesy.

Having Miss Piggy’s glamour/beauty essentials like a compact (mirror alone or Beauty Powder)(2), blush (2), lipstick (2), shadow (or quad even!), lashes, polish, brow pencils, liners, and mascara would’ve made for a better collection 🙂

MarciiPlace Avatar

I know, I have been checking constantly and nothing yet… I have a feeling they are going to release it a little bit before the end of the night!!

Adrienne Avatar

The average woman doesn’t want the average lipstick. Didn’t know that when gaga had her first lipstick out it sold more than any other viva glam lipstick? You may not want it but the “average” woman is going to want it. Who wants another neutral boring shade? And yeah Mac, keep busting out bright colors and go back to what you used to represent. Mac isn’t about being average even though lately its been. Honestly I blame a lot of the websites that do reviews. Because one person doesn’t like it hundreds of people won’t try it? I like swatches and reviews just as the next but I’m not about to let someone else make up my mind for me. Just an opinion.

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