MAC Mickey Contractor: Comparisons & Dupes for Eyes

Products pulled for comparisons

MAC Mickey Contractor: Comparisons & Dupes for Eyes

  • IVY is slightly greener than Minted, while Urban Decay Graffiti has a stronger yellow base and appears much lighter. Jade Way is too dark to be a dupe. Make Up For Ever #22 Aqua Cream is significantly more of a yellow-based green, while Urban Decay Grass Cream Eyeshadow is less yellow but still doesn’t have the slight teal tinge that Ivy has. Urban Decay Loaded Ink for Eyes is, again, too yellow in its base.
  • SIAHI is darker and almost teal in comparison to Make Up For Ever #20; greener, less blue tham Stila Peacock; darker than Make Up For Ever #12L; darker and tealer than Smoothblue; tealer than Waveline; and tealer than Inky.
  • MARVEL is slightly less vibrant than Push the Edge, while Grapecomes close, but it’s a darker, less iridescent purple.
  • OOMPH is slightly blacker and less brown than Fiction, while it is just a little blacker than Greensmoke. Humid is significantly greener and Sumptuous Olive is totally different.
  • RANI is only slightly pinker than Passionate (a lot closer than I thought), while MUFE #75 is off the charts bright but fuchsia and blue-based. MUFE #52 doesn’t come anywhere close.
  • SAFFRON is less intense and a touch lighter than Red Brick, while it is darker, less intense (appearing rustier) than Orange. Rule is more orange, as is MUFE #50.
  • JAAN is browner and really not comparable to Gleam, while it is slightly lighter than Soft Brown. It is a touch darker and less warm than Bamboo (without the shimmer, of course), while Arenahas more shimmer and appears peachier.
  • VIVAH is darker and warmer than Cork; less red than Sable; less red than Twinks, while Tempting is not at all like it.

See swatches!

Jade Way, Minted, Urban Decay Graffiti, Ivy

Ivy, Make Up For Ever #22, Urban Decay Grass, Urban Decay Loaded

Make Up For Ever #20, Siahi, Stila Peacock, Make Up For Ever #12L, MAC Smoothblue, Waveline, Inky

Make Up For Ever #20, Siahi, Stila Peacock, Make Up For Ever #12L, MAC Smoothblue

Grape, Marvel, Push the Edge

Fiction, Greensmoke, Oomph, Humid, Sumptuous Olive

Passionate, Rani, MUFE #75, MUFE #52

Red Brick, Orange, Rule, Saffron, MUFE #50

Gleam, Jaan, Soft Brown, Bamboo, Arena

Cork, Sable, Vivah, Twinks, Tempting