MAC Love That Look Collection – Review & Thoughts


OVERALL, MAC’s Love That Look Collection introduces twelve shades of Starflash-finish eyeshadows with only a few repromotes (Dreammaker, Grand Entrance, Glamour Check!, and Smoke & Diamonds). The shadows have the same feel as last year’s Starflash shadows. They’re fairly smooth, well-pigmented, and have a frosty-sheen to them. None of them are glittery, and I didn’t experience any that were subpar in their color pay off, either. The four liners launched are all repromotes, but the formula hasn’t changed a bit — still smooth, rich, and dark.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: Ego, One Off, Rated R, Smoke & Diamonds, Rave Pearlglide
Nice-to-Haves: Dreammaker, Fashion Groupie, Style Snob
Skip: Fashion Groupie, Un-Basic White

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Dreammaker, Ego, Fashion, Fashion Groupie, Glamour Check

Eyeshadows ($14.50)

  • Dreammaker is a warm, golden shade with a little bit of peachiness to it. I’d say this one was the least smooth of the twelve shadows, but it can be packed on for a smoother finish. This is a repromote from last year’s Starflash collection.
  • Ego is a soft, baby pink with a lightly silvered frosty sheen. It had good color pay off, and it didn’t really remind me of any permanent eyeshadows. It’s a lighter than permanent shades like Pink Venus and Swish.
  • Fashion is a subdued teal with a little bit of a blue-silver cast. This color is pretty, but it doesn’t grab my attention as much. It seems almost a bit too subdued, actually.
  • Fashion Groupie is a beautiful shade of medium purple with a reddish tone. It reminded me quite a bit of Satellite Dreams, which is a permanent shade in MAC’s line-up. The pay off of this was really good, though.
  • Glamour Check! is a rich, warm-toned chocolate brown with gold shimmer. This is a repromote from last year’s Starflash collection.
  • Grand Entrance is a white, pink-tinged highlighter kind of shade. I was never thrilled about this shade, because it is extremely frosty on my skin tone. I find it looks nicer on lighter skin tones. This is a repromote from last year’s Starflash.
  • One Off is a medium green with a little bit of gold sheen/shimmer. It’s not a spring-y green, nor is it a forest green. It’s deeper than Swimming, much lighter than Humid. It reminded me a bit of a deeper Kelly Green. It’s almost as if Swimming and Humid had a baby…but a really pretty one. This was the most unique shade amongst all twelve.
  • Rated R is a bright pop of chartreuse green. It’s yellower/more chartreuse than Bitter, but it’s very similar to Eyepopping and Sour Lemon eyeshadows.
  • Smoke & Diamonds is a pewter-gray with golden-pewter shimmer. This was a fairly popular shade from last year’s Starflash collection, so I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long on this one! This is a repromote from last year’s Starflash.
  • Strike A Pose is a dark blue with just a little bit of teal mixed in. It reminds me of a lightly tealed-up Deep Truth eyeshadow. The teal cast it gives off is the only thing that saves it from being yet another Deep Truth lookalike.
  • Style Snob is a pinky-brown. It’s a lighter, taupe-y brown with golden-peach shimmer. This one had more shimmer than most of the other shades available.
  • Un-Basic White is a shimmery, frosty white. It’s a dead-ringer for White Frost eyeshadow, which is a permanent PRO shade.

Fashion, Fashion Groupie, Glamour Check!, Grand Entrance

One Off, Rated R, Smoke & Diamonds, Strike A Pose

Smoke & Diamonds, Strike A Pose, Style Snob, Un-Basic White

Pearlglide Liners ($14.50)

  • Black Russian is a silvery-gray black that goes on smoothly and has minimal drag.
  • Fly-By-Blu is a rich, dark blue with an almost duochrome nature.
  • Molasses is a dark brown with very low level sheen/pearl to it.
  • Rave is a pretty royal purple color with subtle sheen.

* Only Fly By Blu, Black Russian, Molasses, and Rave are being repromoted