MAC In the Groove Collection: Overall Review & Round-up

MAC In the Groove Collection: Overall Review & Round-up

In the Groove debuts in-store on Thursday, July 8th, but it’s been online since Tuesday morning.  It’s a pretty massive launch with over thirty pieces and nearly all of them new and limited edition.  Personally, it feels too big–it’s a little overwhelming and hard to focus on which products really stand out amongst the rest.

These are definitely some of the better formulated mineralize products that MAC has put out.  I say this as someone who is, generally, not a fan of mineralize eyeshadows.  I have always found them to look pretty in the pan than in practice–even using them wet never generated the look and feel I wanted out of them.  The payoff on the lids is very much like what you see in a swatch–it doesn’t look faded.  I also noticed that these were significantly less powdery and have a creamier, buttery texture.

Video review… grab some popcorn–it’s about 10 minutes longer than I wanted!

I think the pigmentation is good across the board with a couple of misses, and it’s important to realize that there really aren’t any bright, in-your-face kind of shades here.  These are softer, subtler shades–more universally wearable–and the textures reflect that.

The blushes aren’t too glittery, though they’re all shimmery, but you can choose your shimmer level, since only half of each duo is really shimmery.  If you’re more of a matte or semi-matte finish kind of person for cheeks, I’d recommend skipping the blushes and mineralize skinfinishes.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-haves:In the Groove Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Making It Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Happy Together Blush Duo, By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish, Jazzed Lipstick

Nice-to-haves:Togetherness Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Love to Love Mineralize Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Band of Roses Blush Duo, Hang Loose Blush Duo, Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish, Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish, Chillin’ Cremesheen Glass

Skip: Cool, Calm, Collected Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio

Skip if…

  • Skip ALL STYLED UP if you have VIVA GLAM GAGA, SAINT GERMAIN, SNOB, OR REAL DOLL.  (They are not 100% identical, but they are all in the same family and very close.)
  • Skip GO FOR IT if you have VIOLETTA (PRO)–unless you want something sheerer and less red-toned.
  • Skip the CREMESHEEN GLASSES if you want pigmented lip color.  They are not it.
  • Skip JAZZED if you have RAVISHING (permanent) & VEGAS VOLT (permanent)–you can mix the two to get something very similar.
  • Skip I LIKE IT LIKE THAT if you get ALL STYLED UP (or vice versa) but you don’t need both.
  • Skip CALL MY BLUFF if you have FRESH BREW–it’s a smidgen cooler and they have different finishes.
  • Skip YOU’VE GOT IT if you have CHAI (permanent)–unless you prefer a non-sticky texture.
  • Skip HANG LOOSE if you have WELL-DRESSED (permanent)–unless you want more shimmer.
  • Skip BAND OF ROSES if you have DOLLYMIX (permanent)–but the former is more versatile as you can lighten/darken as you desire.
  • Skip STYLE INFLUENCER if you have DEEP TRUTH (permanent) or one of its many limited edition variations.

Don’t forget to…

Check your stash for CREME D’NUDE (permanent), BY CANDLELIGHT (from Warm & Cozy), STEREO ROSE (from Goldplay), COMFORT (from Warm& Cozy), PETTICOAT (from Sheer Minerals).

Recommendations by Skin Tone

  • Best Picks for Lighter Skin Tones: Cool, Calm, Collected Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Making it Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Hang Loose Blush Duo, Band of Roses Blush Duo, By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish, Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish, Going Casual Cremesheen Glass, All Styled Up Lipstick, Creme d’Nude Lipstick
  • Best Picks for Medium Skin Tones: Love to Love Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Making it Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Happy Together Blush Duo, Band of Roses Blush Duo, Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish, Right Image Cremesheen Glass, Jazzed Lipstick
  • Best Picks for Darker Skin Tones: Togetherness Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Blue My Mind Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, A Little Bit of Sunshine Blush Duo, Band of Roses Blush Duo, Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish, Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish, You’ve Got It Cremesheen Glass, Go For It Lipstick

Product Photos, Swatches, & Reviews

What are you loving? What are you looking forward to?

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What a huge compare/contrast/advise and analyze job you’ve done! Now grab a nice sandwich and cold drink!

I was in Nordies today and tried on Petticoat. The gal brought it to me in a special box which also held the Stereo Rose and I thought of you. I hope you can get the “lost” one. It was wayyy too pink for my NW20 skin, but there was very little veining in the pan. When I first saw the promo for this collection, I’d liked the Cool, Calm, and Collected, but ditched the idea when I saw swatches, and you’ve confirmed my rejection. Green eyeshadow is my biggest weakness in makeup.

Good luck on Lost Rose.

Ahaha, love it – Lost Rose. Here’s hoping — we’ll find out tomorrow. I just want it to complete the swatches, LOL!

Yeah, I’m a sucker for greens, too — it’s very soft and subtle… but not enough to LOVE.

Wow! Great round-up. I thought the pics of the swatches were helpful, but seeing the swatches in real-time changed my mind completely about my original pics! The line comes out tmrw in stores in my city (Canada). I cannooooot wait to see it all in person!

I’m looking forward to Stereo Rose.. Go for it lipstick looks interesting but I just purchased Up the Amp last weekend.. Hmm.. will have to swatch it in person to decide 🙂 30 new products=Swatchfest heehee

thanks for doing such an extensive overview for us! your awesome!

quick question. ive been looking for eyeshadows that look like the New Vibe blush and was wondering if you knew of any so i wouldnt be tempted to pay the $23 dollars just to use them as an eyeshadow. or do you think it would be cheaper just to get the blush?

christine, do you know how similar New Vibe to Bi-Tone from the Too Fabulous collection is?

On pictures they look so similar, but i haven’t seen them directly compared to each other. What do you think?

CHRISTINE! You’re the best! Thanks so much for doing all of this! You’re like the source you trust about all makeup stuff, always! Like a makeup CNN! jajaja Love from Guatemala!

I absolutely love that you’ve added recommendations by skin tone. Your reviews are always superb and so helpful, but this addition is just the icing on top. I love your website and your dedication. We definitely appreciate all that you do!

I already ordered I Like It Like That and Chillin’ and pre-paid for Stereo Rose and Petticoat. I really want In The Groove and Soften The Mood and I’m seriously considering Togetherness and Jazzed. I also want Happy Together. I love the way it looks, but I thought I had a blush duo from Too Faced that was very similar. I compared the two and they’re actually pretty different, so Happy Together seems like a must-have. It’s the only Blush Duo that stood out to me.

Thanks for the review and suggestions (of you have.. you don’t need…)
I do have Ravishing lipstick but I don’t have the Vegas Volt to blend it with. Is Jazzed than still a lipstick you would recommend or is it very similar to Ravishing on its own?

If you wear a lot of peaches/corals, I think you’d like Jazzed. Like I love me a coral, and since I don’t have one quite like this, I’d have gotten it for sure.

Christine! The video was GREAT!! Thank you SO much!! (I watched it twice.. I know. I’m odd.) It really helped me to solidify which products I wanted to go back and get. I pre-saled Stereo Rose, Fashion Whim and Going Casual, knowing I’d love those just from the photos. Same with Cool, Calm & Collected, Blue My Mind and Petticoat, which I grabbed online at MAC.
After looking at your swatches however, I’ve decided to go back for Soften the Mood, Call My Bluff, and You’ve Got It, all of which I tried on in store but wasn’t sure I needed. So, thanks!
Also, I LOOOOVE MSF’s so was thinking I should go back for Comfort and By Candlelight as well, but I had some concerns. I have Golden and Refined Golden bronzing powders and find them too dark for much other than contouring in the summer. I also have Soft & Gentle and use it for highlighting, though it’s a bit light on me. (I’m NW25) With all of that said, would you still recommend Comfort and By Candlelight?? I don’t want to miss out on them if they are amazing!

By Candlelight yes, but Comfort can be pretty orange, SO it’s not really a shade I’d use to contour with either.

Thanks Christine! I picked up By Candlelight. It looked lovely on you and came highly recommended by the MAC girl. I’m excited to play around with it tonight. What lipstick are you wearing with By Candlelight in the Skinfinish Review? Is that I Like It Like That?

I myself love cool, calm & collected. My friend and I thought the middle shimmery green beautiful and pigmented. I tried this eyeshadow (all 3 colors) on my lids the other day and it showed up clearly. Maybe it’s because I like this kind of soft pastel colors. I wish more people can share my love of this shadow.

Oh God! This is the collection I’ve been looking forward to for months now. And I want every single product! Unfortunately I can’t afford it. 🙁 Anyway, my haul is what I would call semi-large: Petticoat, Stereo Rose x2, Comfort x2 (by accident), Togetherness x2, Calm, Cool & Collected, Happy Together, Hang Loose, Jazzed, Call My Bluff, You’ve Got It, Chillin’ and On The Scene. 😀

Now it’s time to save money for Fabulous Felines and Venomous Villains.

Hey Christine, thanks for the huge work you’ve made here. I have 2 questions actually. “Fresh Brew” is my favorite MAC lipstick and I wouldn’t mind getting a variation of it. I don’t have any creamsheen, how does the feel and opacity of creamsheen compare to lustre lipticks? (which are my fav finish due to their sheerness and creamy comfort). Also you say to skip “Call my Bluff”, if we have “Fresh Brew” cause it’s a smidgen cooler. Which is cooler, “Fresh Brew” or “Call My Bluff”? Thank you for helping! 🙂


Call My Bluff seems a lil’ cooler to me. Lustres definitely seem creamier/more moisturizing to me than Cremesheens. I don’t have issues with cremesheens, but I have heard other readers complain they’re drying. Cremesheens are a lot more opaque, though.

my MAC released the collection a day early, and all i grabbed was a stereo rose (they had 1 left after i purchased mine). i thought the eyeshadows were beautiful, but i just ordered both of urban decay’s new palettes, so decided i didn’t need any of those. i also found the blue/grey lipgloss interesting, but couldn’t justify it since i rarely wear lipgloss anyway. overall i think it’s a lovely collection, but i have to agree with you on that it is definitely too overwhelming.

I was thinking that I was going to skip their eyeshadows this time because the ones from Colour Craft were way too glittery for my taste. But if they have re-formulated them as you said I might have to give them to a go through. I also want A little bit of Sunshine and Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish.

I went through all the hassle to get the stereo rose MSF on Tuesday, but now I’m thinking I should have instead picked up By Candlelight! Such a gorgeous sheen of color on your skin! Thanks a bunch.

hey christine! i ordered stereo rose at 8:55 am EST. I’m reading other’s comments about getting the dreaded backorder email! I have not received this email, but my order is still pending on MAC’s website 🙁 In the groove hits stores here in roughly an hour, and I am contemplating whether I should try and purchase in store?! What are you thoughts? Had I not ordered in time, wouldn’t I have already received the email?

I ordered Stereo Rose and Petticoat 1/2 hour after they showed up online and I just got the following email from MAC:

Regrettably, we are unable to fulfill your order for the following item(s) as it is temporarily out-of-stock. We expect to ship the item(s) below within two weeks. If you wish to cancel the shipment of any item, please contact us at 1-800-588-0070. We will ship any non-canceled item(s) as soon as it is available, with no additional shipping charges.


Arrgh! They better not email me again later and say they can’t fulfill my order at all!

Thanks alot for these!! I just ordered happy is soo pretty! I might get hang loose..if it is still available in two weeks (haha thats the next time i get paid). I am still waiting on my stereo rase and jazzed..I ordered it 6 min after it it was released..I hope I at least get jazzed..I will get over stereo rose like I did marine’s just makeup I guess..but I really dislike those people who buy more than one (for any reason at all!!!) you will never use up one and you are just taking from others really..Oh well..the is no rule against it..just venting!!

Thanks Christine for this review. I ordered By candlelight and the Green Eyeshadow Trio (Cool, Calm, Collected) – cannot wait!! I love greens in general as they seem to work best with my blue eyes and medium,but just a tad on the cold side, complexion.

I just got back from Mac. I got there right when it opened and it was busy! Which is shocking because I live in a small city. I managed to get one of two stereo rose MSF!!!!! Wooooo. If you can get your hands on it, then do it!!! Its very beautiful!!!!

Went to my local MAC when they opened and got 2 blushes, 3 lipglasses and 2 MSFs. (I also got a pigment from Alice and Olivia and a nail polish) Now after reading this I’m wondering if I should go back for an eyeshadow trio! I luckily had a lipstick and MSF already! Really loved this collection!

Yeeeeah I am sooo excited. I went to MAC this morning bright and early and was able to get 2 stereo rose, petticoat, by candelight, jazzed and all styled up! I am sooooooo excited!!! 🙂

Thank you so much for all the information on this collection! I just picked up Happy Together, Jazzed, I Like It Like That and Stereo Rose. I knew more about the collection than the MA thanks to you 🙂

I went to my MAC just as they opened and to my disappointment, no alice + olivia so no Later. pigment for me. 🙁
However, I did buy Stereo Rose and the MA told me that there were only 3 left hehe. I also bought a Jazzed lipstic and I must say, it looks very lovely on me. 🙂

Thanks – you totally confirmed my suspicions about Style Influencer. I do have deep truth – I think it’s in one of my Cult of Cherry palettes from 3 yrs ago. Yay, you just saved me $20!

Omg it’s Stereo Rose madness! I got Blue My Mind, Fresh & Easy, and Soften the Mood eyeshadow trios. I was in love with this Chanel eyeshadow quad I had years ago that was stolen from me called Frisson that contained this beautiful “dove” blue color that seems to be similar to the ones in these shadows, so I couldn’t resist! Also got Jazzed lipstick and Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish. Thank you so much for posting this!

Thank you so much, Christine! All the time, effort, etc. that you put in to your reviews is amazing, and we all appreciate it so much 🙂 This makes my day (week? month? maybe!)

hi im going into middle school into seventh grade and im more into natural colors at this age. do you have anything in this collection you would recommend? thankyou.

I picked up Making it Easy, Love to Love Eyeshadow trios, Jazzed Lipstick, Happy Together Blush Duo, and Comfort and Stereo Rose Skinfinish. I might want to pick up a few other items but those were my must haves so I made sure to grab them today.

Christine – Would you say New Vibe blush is more like a deeper version of Nars Orgasm?
In the Love to Love mineralize e/s (the dark brown), would you say that is a bit more matte than satin?

These are the best reviews! I love how you give recommendations by skin tone, and reminders to check what we have! Your readers are very grateful :]
Surprisingly, I wasn’t too excited about this collection! I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I think I’m in a funk or something. Although it was very good for my bank account. Hahaha.

Thanks for the comprehensive review and comparisons! I got Stereo Rose and it is seriously HAWT! After hitting up MAC online (got the dreaded back order email), Nordstrom (store had pre-sold their stock), Nordie online (sold out), Bloomie’s online (sold out), I finally hit the jackpot at Macy’s. They were nice enough to hold one for me.

And I also got By Candlelight, Jazzed, Making It Easy, and Togetherness. I agree the eyeshadows are more buttery and wear better. I’m so excited to get home and play with it all!!

Thank you Christine for taking the time to use all these products & then let us know your picks & misses. I just got an email that my stuff was shipped. Hurray! Cannot wait. I’m dying for my purple lipstick. I wish they would make it more amplified with more blue tone than the red tone like Violetta, which I do love.
Can’t wait for the Feline collection photos & swatches when they are available.

I just came from macy’s with jazzed and stereo rose at got there at 10:30 am pst. and they told me in less than half hour they sold 5 of the stereo rose. they only have 8 left.

Call me crazy, but I swear I read somewhere that two of the Cremesheen Glasses were going permanent… I don’t remember which ones, though. Have you heard anything about this?

Also, totally snagged the last Stereo Rose at my counter. For once, happy with myself for buying into the hype, LOL.

Wow, great video and a great analysis too with all the recommendations for different skintones!
I’m so excited, I’m going to get to the store really early on Saturday (I live in Holland, the collection will be launched on Saturday here) I actually swapped working hours with my colleague so I’ll be able to get in early instead of during my lunch break. I feel a bit silly about that, hahahahaha!

Thanks to your blog, I’m in love with Chanel and Guerlain now. Anyway, I went to buy 300 dollars worth of MAC stuff. Christine have you tried dusting the MSFs on your bare lips? It gives a really lovely effect with some colour! Also Digi Pops came out today at the Bay, I love the Hellraiser and Sweet Bits, but my favourite is the Win Win lipstick.

Thanks so much for doing this I absolutely love that you’ve added recommendations by skin tone. Your reviews are always on point and so helpful, and this addition is just the best. I love your website and your dedication to your passion for makeup, We definitely appreciate all that you do!

A true MAC addict! With my order for two stereo rose still pending, I refused to risk missing out. I rushed to the store to beat the “crowd.” Imagine my shock when I was the sole addict waiting outside of the store for my MAC fix! I was even more surprised at the puzzled look on the salesgirl’s face when I referenced the stereo rose hype. She responded that it was a new shade. I politely informed her that it in fact was… in 2005 😉

hi christine this collection is amazing thanks for the swatches and everything i just wanted to ask you if you can do a comparison between the by candlelight msf and the happy together blush i heard they are really similar can you do a swatch side by side:D the collection hasnt launched yet to mexico so it would be really helpful 😀

Sorry but Jazzed is nothing like Ravishing or Vegas Volt. If you are a pale person like me then Jazzed is a lot lighter than either of those.

So in MSF Natural’s I am a Medium or Medium Deep – so which category according to your skin-tone color suggestions would be best for me – do I still fall into the Medium category or Dark?

I ordered Happy Together online – hoping it’ll do more than just be a highlighter.

What do you think? Should I try out ‘A little bit of Sunshine’ as well?

Hi Christine! I was wondering if you thought that the light blue in the Soften the Mood eyeshadow trio was similar to the blue in Nars’ Cleo duo or the Unconditional Love duo? Thank you so much for your time! Jessica

Is petticoat and stereo rose permanent at MAC pro? I went to the site and under msf is only says that comfort is limited not the other two. Do you think this is a typo?

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