MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Overall & Round-up

MAC Liberty of London Collection

MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Overall & Round-up

Now available online at MAC Cosmetics & Nordstrom.  Use LIBERTY for free shipping on all orders on!

OVERALL, I like the packaging a lot — I just think it’s spring-y and fun. It’s not actually my personal style/taste, but I dig it. I really liked the lipsticks (so creamy and pigmented!) and beauty powders (even though both were previously released); the lipglasses are nice but since I haven’t seen two, I’m still just waiting to see whether they grab me or not. While the eyeshadow shades fit the theme of the collection, I definitely see myself mixing the shades more with other shades I already own than just using them altogether!

Edited: Give Me Liberty of London eyeshadow, Perennial High Style & A Different Groove lipglasses, and Peachstock lipstick reviews, photos, and swatches now up. 🙂

There are several permanent/repromoted shades in this collection, so you may want to check your stash to make sure you don’t already have them. Permanent shades are Peachstock (PRO), Free to Be, and Dirty Plum (PRO). Repromoted shades are Dame’s Desire (Dame Edna), Shell Pearl (various), Summer Rose (Rose Romance), and Vestral White (Hello Kitty).

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: Ever Hip Lipstick, Frankly Fresh Lipglass, Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Bough Grey Eyeshadow, Prim & Proper Blush

Nice-to-Haves: Blue India Nail Lacquer, English Accents Lipglass, Petals & Peacocks Lipstick, Blooming Lovely Lipstick

Skip: Vestral White Nail Lacquer, Free to Be Eyeshadow (permanent–unless you want it for packaging!)

Reviews, Photos, Swatches

What’s on your list?  What are you loving?

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All this morning I’ve been checking out your reviews and making a list of the things I want once the collection gets out. What’s funny is that everything on my list is in your “must-haves” category! hahha!
I am in love with the packaging on this collection!
On the Bough-grey eyeshadow I notice it has a hint of green, and I’m wondering if it will clash with my blue eyes..?

I have to say that after seeing your swatches there’s even more from this collection than I thought I’d want… eek! It’s all so pretty!

Still don’t like the packaging, but whatever, it’s only packaging and it’s fun to have a change now and again 🙂

Omg I love love looove the packaging, it’s absolutely adorable! Unfortunately, the city I live in doesn’t even have a MAC store and I can only get it at the Bay which isn’t very well stocked with the latest MAC stuff…boo!!

I’m relieved and disappointed at the same time, lol. I thought I’d want more of this collection, because everything looked so pretty in the promo pictures. But so far I only want a beauty powder and a lipstick. The shades just don’t appeal to me much, don’t like the creaminess of the lipglasses, the matte eyeshadows, the blushes are too dirty or just dull, etc. Oh well, at least I won’t be spending a fortune. 🙂 I have just ordered $365 worth of stuff from Spring Colour Forecast and Too Fabulous, so it’s not a bad thing not to want a lot of things from this, lol.

When did MAC start packaging for 14 year olds? that’s not really a lipstick you’d take out in an elegant setting is it? PASS

i wouldnt buy any of the products… i really dont like the packaging it looks very childish, like something i would give to my 4 year old cousin to play with

I LOVE the packaging hah, on my to buy list :
Birds&Berries Eyeshadow
Summer Rose or Shell Pearl BP
Prim & Proper blush
English Accents Lipglass
Blue India Nailpolish 🙂

Thank you so much for posting this, really helped !

From the swatches I TOTALLY AGREE w/your must-haves!! Except, I most likely will skip out on Prim & Proper blush. But everything I will most likely get! Can’t wait!

I think it’s worth it if you’re a fan of MAC/Liberty – it’s really more in the memorabilia category than anything else, IMO!

I agree with Christine that this collection has some challenging colour combinations. Corals and cool greenish teals? I have to try Dear Cupcake with Photorealism quad! We’ll see… Anyway, the packaging is ok with me, looks best in lipsticks and blushes.

this is the first time mac has released a collection with special packaging where i don’t want anything. the colors aren’t for me, and the packaging is quite childish. 🙁

I agree….I wanted the dirty plum blush but I’ll probably buy it from the permanent collection so I don’t have to look at those angry birds! lol

surprisingly I want nothing from this collection. Woot! Saving up for the next one =) I think the Art Supply one with all the grease sticks will slaughter me! Thanks for the review/swatches Christine.

no , u cant get a discount with your pro card. u cant even do a back to mac on these items either- (i tried today). bc its special packaging, so i just got 2 dazzleglasscreams with my B2M.

I got my 40% Pro Discount I live in Canada, if you like I could scan a copy of my receipt so you can take it into your counter? Although they had to phone around to see how to give the discount because it was not coming up in the computer, but they double checked there memo and gave me the discount, maybe I got lucky?? Let me know if I can help you

I’m really liking this collection, cause i feel like MAC’s has put alot of effort in it, and did its best to come up with a lot of new colours and fresh products that seem to be perfect for spring. I will only grab the Shell Pearl beauty powder, since i’m saving up for Spring Forecast and Too Fabulous!

Thanks so much for this Christine!!! I have been SUPER EXCITED for this collection!! Here is my list:

blue india nail polish
english accents lipglass
frankly fresh lipglass
birds & berries eyeshadow
prim & proper blush
ever hip lipstick
blooming lovely lipstick

Christine….thank you so much for the review and swatching! I can’t wait for this to come out.

I’ll be getting: Dame’s Desire, Bough Grey, Shell Pearl, Prim & Proper, Blue India and possibly Peachstock….good thing i got a bonus this year! :o)

Based on the swatches I’m definitely going to get:

Blue India nail polish & Bough Grey eye shadow.

English Accent lip glass is a maybe.

I will need to test the following at the store: Blooming Lovely, Petals & Peacocks, Ever Hip lipsticks before making a decision but I am not brave enough for P&P I can tell.

Yay! I’m only getting Petals & Peacocks Lipstick. Since I’m not interested in anything for a while in up coming collection. I might be able to get some perm items! lol

They have the same print as the beauty powders, just expanded and enlarged – there are two birds (basically, the same mirror image deal as the beauty powders), and the zipper-pull has a flower attached.

I’m thinking Petals and Peacock l/s and maybe Dirty Plum blush. That’s manageable 🙂 Thanks for the detailed overview and swatches Christine!

I am really not interested in anything from this collection…I am tempted by the Brough Grey e/s, but not enough to buy. I dont like the texture of the lipglass and the colors of the e/s really dont appeal to me. The blushes will be too light for me and I really dont like all that sparkle on my face…oh well, more money for the Art Supply collection. Cant wait for those marker lippies!

did you not get any of the makeup mags because i wanted to see what they looked like if you didnt get one please could you tell me were i could find a picture of one.
thank you

Not crazy about the packaging but that won’t stop me from getting a few things. I want Birds & Berries e/s, English Accents l/g, and Ever Hip and Blooming Lovely l/s.

I have to say.. I hate the packaging. That alone would turn me away from a purchase.

Especially with gloss, I would not want to use that out in public.

It just looks like a 5 year old girl was playing with her sticker book and raided her mom’s makeup and slathered the stickers all over her cosmetics.

When I first saw this collection was coming out, I thought I’d want everything. The packaging is so cute! But after seeing these, and keeping in mind that I’m trying to cut back on my makeup buying, all I want to buy are Ever Hip and Petals & Peacocks. REALLY loving Ever Hip though!

As I was going through this, I made a list of what I wanted and all but one turned up on your must have list hehe . . . I think prim & proper is somewhat seems interchangable with Shell pearl beauty power isn’t it? I mean shell pearl isn’t as pigmented and is more muted than the blush, but over all they seems like the same thing . . . I’m debating between bough grey and birds & berries. Which do you think would go better with brown eyes and yellow undertone? I’m trying to limit myself!

I don’t think they’re interchangeable, really – one has way more shimmer, one leans peach and warm (Shell Pearl); while Prim & Proper has a very beige-y look and no warmth.

I think either eyeshadow would work for you!

Christine, I was wondering if you go to the “unveiling” ( i think it’s called) to get pictures & swatches or if you’re sent these products to review? I heart this collection and your site(:

No, these were sent. Sometimes I go and purchase myself, sometimes I don’t. It just depends 🙂 My usual freestanding store wasn’t having any unveiling event for this launch, unfortunately!

I always buy the products, though, because I’m not allowed to take photos in store, so I have to have them at home one way or another 🙂

Hi Christine,
I am fairly new to your website, but so far I’m loving it! Thanks for posting reviews and photos, they make my day 🙂
PS: i’m also loving this collection! oh my it’s all about the packaging…

Shell Beauty powder blush

MUST HAVE but can wait:
Frankly Fresh lipglass
ever hip lipstick

could get:
english accents lipglass

Ugh, MAC has to stop producing these awesome collections. I really love the packaging on these. I’m going to get the Shell Pearl beauty powder, all of the eyeshadows, the Ever Hip lipstick and the Frankly Fresh lipglass. I’m trying to do a project 10 pan and MAC is making me totally fail!

I plan to get all the things you listed in the must have acept for the blush (have lots of bronzy colors) and the eyeshadow (trying to stick to neutrals that I will wear a lot). Thanks for this… I can’t wait until next Thursday.

They have the same print as the beauty powder blushes, just all over, and the zipper-pull has a flower on it (blue for the small bag, orange for the large bag).

I just got back from the unveiling event, and I’m wholly unimpressed. The light grey color was very faint, and it was the only color I was vaguely interested in.

Ooh, I don’t know what to choose! I know I want a lipglass (my most used MAC products)- but I usually like them more pigmented. And if you had to choose between Shell Pearl Beauty Powder and Prim & Proper Blush, what would you choose? How do they compare?

Like someone else posted here, I’m happy but disappointed. I’m happy I won’t be spending that much money in this collection, but disappointed that I don’t like more of it!
I’m going to try Ever Hip l/s, B&B e/s and the blushes. I don’t know if I’ll like any of them.

Ooo!!! I am really loving the Prim and Proper blush and the Shell Pearl beauty powder. I’ve been really into peachy shades lately since it gives me such a nice natural glow. I missed out on the peach blush ombre so this will be highly satisfying!

*sigh* Although I have emptied my wallet into buying my new iMac, I am going to buy a few things from this collection. Both products mentioned above, Dame’s Desire & Birds+Berries eyeshadow (maybe Bough Gray), and Blue India nail lacquer. I am going to hold off on the lip products until I can see the last lagging few that you have yet to swatch. Can’t wait!

Hi Christine!
I got back from the Launch Party earlier..was my first one and I had alot of fun!

Sp I picked up two Birds and Berries e/s, one for me and one for my mom! Also scored two Peachstocks, love the color and packaging 🙂
After your Q&A, I got my color match (NC25) and tried the Studio Fix Powder also! Finally, picked up a Lipglass in Florabundance (Not usually a Lipgloss girl but why not!)
Whew, what a day!! 😀

Was a little disappointed in the bags. Thought I’d get one, but decided against it..

Yeah I want NOTHING from this collection.

First of all like people said the packaging is childish. Who pick this?

Secondly I am in MAC overload right now. It seems they release a LE collection every other week. I think after Spring Forecast they could of waited at least 4 to 6 weeks to release something new. But they havent its hasnt even been a full month yet as Spring Forecast was release in the US on february 7th.

Mac has since released:
Riveting Collection
Too faboulous collection
Tabloid beauty
Now ……Liberty of London

camille, you’re not crazy. it’s makeup to us and business for them, remember? it’s definitely cosmetic overload. no doubt they are dreaming-up SEVERAL new lines and shades as we speak. they gotta feed their crack, er…makeup addicts need for speed otherwise there’ll be no more junkies to line their pockets and keep their thriving empire alive and relevant, capisce?

yeah i know im kinda getting irritated that mac has come out with so many collections and its only march! i wish first – they make all collections have diff packaging from their reg line, and second- wish they would just come out with 1 collection a month- NOT 3-4!

Very cute packaging, but I must agree, it looks very teenage-y. Lots of women would find it not elegant enough. I like it, but I think it looks like a line for teenagers.

I went to a launch party for the collection and picked up two of your must haves (Frankly Fresh and Bough Grey) and two of your nice to haves (Blue India and Blooming Lovely). I also picked up Birds and Berries.

seriously? this packaging is swap-meet tacky cheap if not creepy. i suppose if the mac gods slapped their name on gold-dipped poop, people would buy it.

I don’t think the packaging is childish–but then again I think I tend to care more about what’s in the actual package than the package itself. And I think the packaging’s pretty cool-looking, anyway!

Anyway, that being said, I like a lot of the colors–they’re nothing like what I normally wear, so I want to check them out. Thanks for the swatches and review as always, Christine!

So after going to the launch party, I realized this collection isn’t really my thing. Whew! Spring Colour Forecast really (REALLY!) was, so I’m glad I didn’t spend too much. All I picked up was Bough Grey eyeshadow. I tried on the 3 lighter lipglasses, and none of them were that special to me (I loved English Accents on its own, but on my lips it just brought out the yellow/olive in my skin and I looked sallow, ugh). None of the lipsticks interested me at all – I prefer a bit of shimmer! Shell Pearl ended up being TOO subtle for me to get excited about. The only thing I might go back for is Prim & Proper blush, but only if it’s still around in a few weeks when I have more money. This is a relief!

I wish I could make shades like Blooming lovely work on me. I’d either look dead or like a stripper. Oh well. But will definitely pick up the Blue India nail lacquer and will check out the perennial style lipglass and bough grey eyeshadow 🙂

MAC is the devil the way they indulge my horrible instant gratification. It’s a good thing that so far I’ve never bought the whole of any of their collections EVER, since I started buying from MAC since the late 90s.

Dame’s Desire and Birds & Berries e/s, Ever Hip l/s, and Shell Pearl are my must haves! I’m pretty impressed with this collection MAC!

Hi christine this may be a lot to ask but do u know if the beauty powder contains talc? Im very allergic. I hope it doesn’t cuz I really want shell pearl 🙁

For all those who are complaining about the packaging this collection is based on a high end London department store who are famous for these type of prints. You should all know now that English people are quirky, so I think this collection should do better in the UK.

OK, it comes out on the 11th, but does anyone know when it will be online? I’m itching to place an order for other stuff, but want to do it all at once!

I plan to get the Shell Pearl BP and Ever Hip Lipstick.. both because of color & packaging. I’d like the Perennial High Style Lipgloss as well, but you cant always buy everything, so that will be about it I guess.

Well, it will be because this collection will be extremely hard to get here in Germany where I live. 🙁
It seems MAC Germany doesn’t want my money, so, alright, I’ll order the minimal amount of items I have to have from the US.

I’m pretty annoyed by this marketing style, especially when the products are much more expensive and you can only get them at 4 or 5 southern german stores, and I won’t sit on my computer at midnight to order at one of those two shops that sell online. Nah. *annoyed*

So I will be reasonable and purchase the two cute items I think I need, and I’m exited to get them once my order arrives. 🙂

I think the packaging is adorable! It’s nice to have something bright and fun to contrast with all the sleek black plastic currently in my makeup case.

Thanks for all the swatches! I’m definitely picking up Birds & Berries and Blue India, possibly Bough Grey and A Different Groove (can’t wait to see that one, it sounds gorgeous!) I’m sure there will be a few other things I won’t be able to resist once I actually see them in the store.

hey Christine! Thanks for the swatches, i realli love your dedication for the site i check it almost everyday! But i wanted to know since these are in LE are we dont allowed to B2M for anything in this collection or are we?

Thanks a lot, Jas!

I am not sure – it’ll probably vary from store to store. I think the policy is no, though.

BCM is never allowed for limited edition packaging at any store or counter, just the regular items and new collections that don’t have special edition packaging on them as well. So normally, if this collection didn’t have it’s special packaging you would still be able to BCM, but this one is a “no go”.

rly, because i just talked mac cosmetics live chat and they said that yes they do B2M limited edition packaging. I will print and bring to my store I suppose…! Anybody else who wants to should too!

First off, the packaging is ADORABLE!! I love it! I was wondering when the collection will be available for sale? I already have a big list of what I want and the Blue India nail polish is definitely at the top! I’ve never seen a color like that before

When I was at MAC last week, I asked since a few readers had asked previously, and the artists told me they weren’t getting their employee discount on them, so I would imagine no PRO discount either.

HI Christine,
Is the ever hip lipstick is similar to brave new bronze? I know brave new bronze probably have more coverage, but color? Thank you!

IMO, not at all. On my lips, the way it looks, is kind of similar, but the color itself is so, so different.

you know I’m really just loving the packaging – I saw the colors in person at the Pro store last week and I’m kinda meh about it. I think I may only get the blue nail polish. Maybe a blush as well – we’ll see.

I ordered this morning:
Ever Hip l/s
Perennial High Style l/g
and to make it free shipping I got “Birds and Berries.”
I know if I waited for later today or tomorrow I would have gotten a code for free shipping from MAC, but I just couldn’t be bothered to wait.

I went to the MAC Pro store for the first time yesterday. I only had 10 minutes in the store as I had to get to a charity event and now feel the need to go back to fully explore all the extra Pro goodies.

While there I noticed that the Liberty of London collection was for sale! The MUA said the Pro stores usually get the collections a week in advance… umm HELLO, I had no idea! So I picked up Ever Hip l/s and Bough Grey e/s along with my other Pro products.

I plan on picking up Blooming Lovely and Frankly Fresh on Thursday at my regular MAC stand alone store. Might check out Shell Pearle BP but am not sure.

I’m not a packaging type-gal but they are so beautiful I’m wondering if I will actually depot the e/s (although the OCD in me will eventually cave, I’m certain). I even kept the cardboard packaging and have it on display in my vanity area. So pretty!

While I LOVE the packaging, I’m just not crazy about the products. I depot most things anyways, so it wouldn’t be worth getting it for the cute packages. Oh well. Gives me a nice break for a change! 😀

Thanks Christine, I couldn’t resist and today I made my purchase.
Awesome review, it helped me a lot to decide which products are worth get!!! ♥x♥x♥

i just ordered Peachstock l/s
Shell Pearl beauty powder
Blue India
i saw the collection on the website & couldnt wait

i forced myself not to get anything i didnt need (just for the packaging lol)

I can only afford to get about 3 or 4 things this week, and I want almost the whole collection eventually, so I’m wondering which items you think will sell out the fastest. I’m guessing Blue India nailpolish and the makeup bags, but I’m not sure other than that!

Bough Grey and Birds & Berries are on my list! Can’t wait to pick them up this weekend, although a bit sad that the pro discount won’t work. Am I a freak for wanting to depot them regardless of the packaging?

I just called my MAC store and confirmed that we DO get our Pro discount on this collection except for the scarf and bag, I live in Canada but have confirmed WE DO GET THE PRO discount! Yah

I think the packaging is great. I like that it’s white, a little quirky, and very appropriate for Spring. Love the birds. I also love that each eye shadow appears to have a different flower on the cover. Nordstrom started selling these products online yesterday, so I already ordered a bunch of stuff. I ordered a blush, a beauty powder, 2 lipsticks, 2 lipglasses, the teal nail polish, and all of the eye shadows. I had only planned to get 1 or 2, but they’re all so different from anything that I own. I’m definitely excited about this pretty collection.

happyyy! i got shell pearl, birds & berries, free to be, ever hip, and blue india this morning! can’t wait for them to arrive! thank you so much for your reviews and swatches!

I live in a small-ish town in South Africa, and we most certainly don’t have a MAC store anywhere near here! BUT I do have a friend who is an air hostess who does international flights and she is a MAC addict, so if I want something, I ask her and she gets it for me! 🙂

Yes, as soon as my store opens & I can purchase them – which isn’t for another few hours, unfortunately, since I am on the west coast 🙁

Thanks for the update! I quite like A Different Groove, but I’ll have to see it in person first. Otherwise I will just stick to Shell Pearl and Ever Hip. 🙂

Wore Fresh Salmon today and I’m in love, it’s so pretty! 🙂 Just thought I’d say it. 🙂

Do they just not make enough products? the retail stores just got them today right? no wonder they can keep come out with a new collection every week.

I’m debating on this! I am trying to be good since I bought some stuff from the Spring Colour Forecast collection AND some new Mally Beauty stuff like two hours ago. I am mostly interested in the glosses, but the Birds & Berries shadow interests me.

Am not really a fan of her products but that’s cool. Maybe she is not really making sales so why bother present it when they can present something else and make more sales. QVC works with numbers. By the way am a QVC addict…love em

Hi Christine I just purchased 5 of the Blooming Lovelies, 3 English Accents and 5 of the Petals and Peacocks- I am over the moon with respect to the uber smooth pigmented slip to the lipsticks – however I was somewhat taken aback upon my return home to discover that all of the lipstick bullets had striation grooves running down their back sides!! Long story short I went back to my Montreal Mac Pro store and was informed by the manager that they had received a Memo from Mac acknowledging that a Manufacturing glitch had occurred for the run of its ENTIRE production line of lipsticks. Has anyone else heard this? And would you attempt a reorder from the company website. (Incidentally, yours is the most informative best run websites of it nature on the Net! Thank you!–A Theatre professor from Montreal.

its b/c stupid mac has been coming out with soooo many collections so close together and so many that they only get just a few items now from each collection- so pretty much if u want something , u gotta get it the first or 2nd day or else it might be gone! =(

GEEZ! I had to call my MAC store and put Ever Hip, Shell Pearl, and the medium makeup bag on hold because they are already sold out online!

Blue India and Blooming lovely are sold out too!

Phew! What a collection 🙂 I wound up getting more than I expected: Ever Hip, Petals & Peacocks and Blooming Lovely [which were all part of the original plan] Bough Grey and Dame’s Desire [not part of the plan] and English Accents and Perennial High Style [REALLY not part of the plan, but they look awesome on top of the lipsticks]. The packaging is so cute and the lips in particular are just fabulous!

‘Had Birds & Berries and Give me LoL in my hands, but finally passed since Sense of Style kohl is quite similar and Give me LoL was more like tinted face powder on me – hardly visible. Also almost got Blue India, but I’ll find a similar color somewhere else and survive.

Just get me through the Art Supplies collection in one piece and I’ll have survived Mac until fall.

Thanks again to you, Christine, for your great site – really glad I found it!

Im not crazy about this collection. Packaging is not my style. I do like the lipstick packaging, i will admit .. but since i am not a regular lipstick wearer .. I don’t see myself getting anything from this collection.

I checked it out today, the packaging is beautiful! I only picked up Shell Pearl bp and Give me Liberty of London e/s. I tried on English Accents which for someone who only wears peaches/corals/pinky colours, it was a big step!! I liked it (i think) however I have been finding MAC glosses have been destroying my lips!!

I may go back and pick up Free to Be (i like the package!) and Prim and Proper blush. The lipsticks didn’t really appeal to me.

I’ve been looking and evaluating on what I wanted ALL morning today on this website. I made out with the Shell Pearl beauty powder, Prim and Proper blush, Dame’s Desire and Birds & Berries eyeshadows. I had a really bad day at work today but as soon as I got into my MAC store, everything bad seemed to lift away! Whoever said that money can’t buy you happiness does not know how to shop. I am still debating the lippies though. I think I will check out Ever Hip lipstick and the Frankly Fresh lip gloss since I know I will use these.

Happy happy! Birds & Berries is GORGEOUS. I love it!

I got all of my stuff from Nordstrom last night! I really hope I like it all! I ended up getting: Birds&Berries, Frankly Fresh, Perennial High Style, Dame’s Desire, Bough Grey, and a Different Groove (I think that’s it’s name).

And I have you to blame, er, I mean thank. LOL! =)

Ever Hip L/S is sold out on the mac website…Good thing I ordered and it was shipped today….Phew.
That really was the best color of the l/s in this collection. I got the pink-coral l/g as well. I can’t wait!

I am so addicted to corals. I have never worn a coral lip before last year (Weird I know). I like it however when the coral leans more on the pink side, it is the best color ever on me!

hi christine, thanks for the recommend. i got all your must haves except the e/s because i have similar colors. i actually haven’t bought previous collect., maybe it’s the packaging, maybe it’s the colors but i actually like the packaging. like you, it’s not really my taste but i do. it reminds me of old english tea sets and not at all childish. i love that it’s white, too. i think they look better in person than in pics. i also like that you have a choice of neutrals and hot pinks, love it.

Hi Guys!
Does anybody know if the Dirty Plum blush in this collection and the Riveting Collection any different than the one you can get through MAC Pro? I was looking at the new dirty plum and it seems to be a deeper color with shimmer than the one I have from MAC Pro. I’d appreciate the help!
Thank you, LannetKrystle

I went to pick up the stuff I had put on hold today and the makeup artist informed me that it was good that I did because all of the lipsticks were sold out! LOL unbelieveable. She said they got a lot of product in too but most of it was gone at the unveiling party!

honestly i was not impressed with this collection the shadows were horrible in my opinion the only thing that i really liked wasthe packaging on shell pearl but still debating whether I should buy it ;/ THe lipsticks were ok i guess nothing special

It all looks lovely! Already my list of things to get in this collection (8 items in all!!)
I’m in the UK (London). Does anyone know when the release date is for the UK????
It will save me from going into MAC (or checking the website) every minute like a MAD Woman!! Would be greatfull if someone could help?

Thank you, Christine, for your wonderful website.
The packagng of the Liberty collection is entirely consistent
with the history of Liberty textile history, so those of us who
love that history and context will probably like the way this
collection updates Morris’s late 19th-century Strawberry Thief
print. To say this
pattern is childish shows a lack of knowledge of the context.
Anyway, I bought an SP Beauty powder, Ever Hip l/s, Birds & Berries
e/s and two of the larger makeup bags. Ever Hip becomes
really wearable on a pale gal like me when applied over a more
neutral lip liner. The makep bags are very petite.

Sorry about the typos in my earlier post. BTW I meant no disrespect in my comments about the pattern for this collection and the fact that some folks find it to be childish. Knowing about the 1883 origin of the pattern etc might be interesting for some folks. You can Google “Strawberry Thief” +Morris for more info. PS I ordered Bough Grey e/s, Frankly Fresh l/g, and another medium bag (they are quite small) in addition to my previous order :-]

Hello and thanks for all your reviews. Upon reading your description, and seeing pictures I wondered how Prime & Proper compared to Bobbi Brown’s Antigua bronzer. Are you able to vompare them? Thanks in advance.

Thank you and sorry for the typos. As I mentioned, I love your reviews and swatches. I don’t buy as much anymore. What I do buy, I check here for reviews.

Frankly fresh lipglass is a great color 🙂 Thanks Christine! What did you think of Birds and Berries e/s? Is there another similar MAC or UD color? One of the MAC counters near me still had it and I was considering it…

I am thinking about getting Shell Pearl BP, But do you think that i should get this or the By Candlelight MSF (when it’s repromoted)?
I’m NC37, and planning to use these as highlights, thanks 🙂 x

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