MAC Fabulous Felines: Overall Review & Recommendations

MAC Fabulous Felines

MAC Fabulous Felines: Overall Review & Recommendations

OVERALL, Fabulous Felines has a lot of tones and shades perfect for autumn and certainly a plethora of products to choose from. Despite some of the darker and deeper tones, the collection feels rather sheer, muted, and tame. It doesn’t feel like a bold, rich mix of colors once you actually start to swatch through some of the products. Burmese Beauty is a set of products that easily work for both cooler and warmer skin tones, while Palace Pedigreed complements cooler skin tones best and Leopard Luxe for warmer skin tones. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can’t wear cooler-toned products on your warmer skin!

Edited @ 8/26All products have now been added with full reviews, swatches, and photos.

Product Photos, Swatches, & Reviews

The SUPERSLICK LIQUID EYE LINERS have a very watery, thin consistency that’s soaked into a long, narrow-tipped pen. The applicator is soft against the skin, and it has enough give to allow you to maneuver around the natural curves of the eye lid. With a light hand, you can get a very thin, precise line, but you can more easily get a thicker line. They’re incredibly smooth to apply, because the consistency is so thin, but it also makes for a very long drying time. The liner was still a bit sticky five minutes after application, though it wasn’t smudging or budging (just sticky to the touch). If you want to use these as a base, I would suggest using a brush or your finger to thin out application so it will dry faster–otherwise it will just crease and dry creased (and then not budge!).

See more of my thoughts on the liners, must-haves, recommendations, and the whole nine yards…

Once dry, these eyeliners are very budge-, smudge-, and crease-resistant. They do seem fairly water-resistant, too. I put it to the accelerated speed test, which is a very hot, steamy shower (about fifteen minutes in length), and it looked as good as new when I stepped out of the shower. I ran my face under the water, splashed it with water, and it passed those tests with flying colors. However, what I will say is that after the shower, it was very easy to rub off the product. This is an eyeliner that reminds me of tube-mascara, which flakes off in tubes with warm water–this product will sort of roll and flake off when you go to remover. I just noticed that post-shower, a simple rub of my finger against my eye lid, and a ton of the liner was flaking off. It’ll hold up if you go swimming, cry, etc., but be careful about how much you rub your eyes afterward. I really like the eyeliners dry very true-to-color and are rather pigmented without having to build up a lot of layers.

I was most disappointed in the eyeshadow quads, because I felt like too many shades applied on the sheerer side and needed layering to get a nice level of pigmentation. None of the quads really stood out to me; there was just something about each one that fell flat for me, so I didn’t even include any in my recommendations. They’re not necessarily skip-worthy, but I feel no pull towards them. I like the pigments, even though over half are repromotes, because nearly all of them nicely pigmented (except Mauvement). The lipsticks and lipglasses have some nice textures, finishes, and a good variety of shades to choose from.

There’s something about this collection that didn’t resonate with me. It’s all very wearable (which isn’t a bad thing!), and I like that the general feel and tone of the collection is just right for fall. As a long-time collector, I’m always eager for new over repromoted items, I recognize the value of repromotes–there are new beauty fans coming into the fold everyday, so it’s a nice opportunity for them to experience old favorites.  It also means less spending for those who have been fans for awhile! I’d rather repromotes than products just renamed!  Unexpectedly, the new eyeliner seems to be the product I liked most.

Even after many years of methodically reviewing MAC collections, the launches like these are still overwhelming.  There is just so much to look at–a lot of information to digest and colors and textures and finishes to dissect.  Not to mention?  Soo cost-prohibitive to buy it all.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-haves: Kittenish Lipstick, Drive Me Wild Lipstick, Lap of Luxury Lipglass, Superslick Liquid Eye Liner (whatever shade catches your eye), Old Gold Pigment

Nice-to-haves: Docile Lipglass, Liquid Lurex/Out Minxed Lipstick, Antique Green Pigment, Lithe Pigment, Bloodline Pigment, Pet Me Mineralize Blush

Skip: The Prowl Lipstick (streaky), A Quiet Roar Lipglass (hard to wear), Mauvement Pigment (chunky)

Skip if you have…

(I’m indicating skip on eyeshadows on an individual level, but keep in mind, you can only purchase the quads as-is; so you may find yourself still picking up a quad, even if one color is a skip–similarly, you may skip a quad because you don’t want any overlay.)

  • Skip BURMESE BEAUTY EYESHADOW if you have CLUB or BLUE BROWN; the eyeshadow is merely a lighter version of Club and less intense version of Blue Brown pigment.
  • Skip PRIZED if you have DAZZLELIGHT or SHROOM; it’s a beautiful satiny highlighter, but it’s easily duped by other existing highlighter shades.
  • Skip TO PAMPER if you have CALL MY BLUFF, as they’re very similar.
  • Skip PALACE PEDIGREED if you have PLUM DRESSING or NOCTURNELLE, they’re all close siblings.
  • Skip RUSSIAN BLUE if you have PLUMAGE, which is a slightly lighter version of Russian Blue but with much better pay off and texture.
  • Skip BEST OF BREED if you have CHILLIN’, as they serve essentially the same function, though Chillin’ is shimmer-free.
  • Skip DOCILE if you have CULTURED, LUMINARY, ICESCAPE, ETC.; it’s just an icy milky pink with iridescent shimmer–very pretty but there are many past and present options, too.
  • Skip LAP OF LUXURY if you have ODYSSEY; though Odyssey is a lipstick, the two are similar enough that you could skip if you’re on a budget.
  • Skip STYLE PREDATOR if you have STRAW HARVEST–the two are close in color, but the reflective qualities differ.
  • Skip LITHE if you have DAZZLERAY or JARDIN AIRES–unless you want something with less frost in it.
  • Skip A QUIET ROAR if you have ALMONDINE; they’re pretty much indistinguishable from each other.
  • Skip SCHEMER if you have GOLD DUST–the former seems a little more pigmented, but they’re similar enough.
  • Skip POWERFUL if you have INFUSED WITH GLAM; they are so close, I’m not even sure what the difference is between the two.
  • Skip OF ROYALTY if you have VG GAGA, SNOB, SAINT GERMAIN, ETC.; they’re all quite similar.

Don’t forget to…

Check your stash for SHOWSTOPPER (repromote), SKINTONE 2 (repromote), ANTIQUE GREEN (repromote), GOLD STROKE (repromote), LIQUID LUREX (repromote), MAUVEMENT (repromote), NOTORIETY (repromote), OLD GOLD (permanent).

Recommendations by Skin Tone

Please note that this section is merely suggesting shades that would complement a particular skin tone better than other shades, but these lists are meant to be rather exhaustive of the entire collection; it’s not reflective of must-haves for your skin tone. When it comes to cooler/warmer skin tones, these are products that lean noticeably cool/warm and therefore complement the corresponding skin tone better (but it does not mean you can’t wear a warmer product if you’re cooler!).

  • Best Picks for Lighter Skin Tones: Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow Quad; Superslick Liquid Eyeliners: Defiantly Feline, Signature Blue, Marked for Glamour; Pigments: Antique Green, Mauvement, Lithe; Lipglasses: Fancy Cat, Best of Breed, Docile; Lipsticks: Kittenish, Pet Me Please, Aristo-cat, Cunning, Out Minxed, Of Royalty, Superior; Pet Me Mineralize Blush
  • Best Picks for Medium Skin Tones: Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow Quad; Superslick Liquid Eyeliners: Treat Me Nice, Signature Blue, Smoky Heir, Pure Show; Pigments: Antique Green, Gold Stroke, Old Gold; Lipglasses: Spree, Lap of Luxury, Wildly Refined; Lipsticks: Kittenish, Drive Me Wild, Out Minxed, Powerful; Pet Me Mineralize Blush
  • Best Picks for Darker Skin Tones: Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad; Superslick Liquid Eyeliners: Treat Me Nice, Signature Blue, Smoky Heir, Pure Show; Pigments: Antique Green, Gold Stroke, Bloodline, Old Gold; Lipglasses: Lap of Luxury; Lipsticks: Kitennish, Cunning, Drive Me Wild, The Prowl
  • Best Picks for Cooler Skin Tones: Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow Quad, Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow Quad, Superslick Liquid Eyeliners: Nocturnal, Signature Blue, Smoky Heir, Marked for Glamour; Pigments: Antique Green, Gold Stroke, Bloodline, Mauvement, Old Gold; Lipglasses: Fancy Cat, Spree, Best of Breed, Docile, Lap of Luxury, Jealous; Lipsticks: Kittenish, Pet Me Please, Aristo-cat, Of Royalty, Superior, Cunning; The Soft Meow Mineralize Blush
  • Best Picks for Warmer Skin Tones: Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow Quad, Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad; Superslick Liquid Eyeliners: Defiantly Feline, Treat Me Nice, Signature Blue, Smoky Heir, Pure Show; Pigments: Antique Green, Gold Stroke, Lithe, Old Gold; Lipglasses: Schemer, ; Lipsticks: Kttenish, Liquid Lurex, Aristo-cat, Drive Me Wild, Out Minxed; Pet Me Mineralize Blush

What are you loving? What are you looking forward to?


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Linnea Avatar

Love everything about this review. Awesome job. The eyeliners are catching my eye, and as a pale cooler toned girl, I might have to pick up Marked for Glamour, which caught my eye in the first place!

I get the same feeling about the eyequads.. they’re.. unexciting.

Melissa (divinem) Avatar

Prior to your swatches/review, I thought I would break the bank on this collection. I find, however, that there is nothing here I really need or want. Kind of a bummer. I was looking forward to chomping at the bit over some new MAC items. Oh well. I’m hoping their 2010 Couture line is something that excites me because Venomous Villains doesn’t have anything I can’t dupe.

Thank you for this exhaustive review, Christine. I know you must be worn out after school starting AND having to deal with another high-volume MAC release review.

Melissa (divinem) Avatar

I know. I got KILLED last year, but I love what I got and have no regrets on any of my purchases. Well, maybe one — the purple quad. Chalky and lower quality than I’d hoped. The BB compact and the l/s were fantastic. I still use/cherish them. 🙂

Diana B Avatar

I just want to let you know that you are so AMAZING to go all out of your way to have all this posted for us in the blink of an eye. I really appreciate it. You’re the best!!

Jamie Avatar

I have an extra feline eye kohl new in it’s box. I bought 2 last time it was out and I don’t care for it. I was going to put it on ebay but if you’re interested let me know.

Amy Avatar

Christine-you did such a wonderful job–thank you so much! I appreciate your honesty about the collection, too. I’m always so tempted to pick up a quad, but I agree with you here. I swatched a display playing at a local Nordstrom, and this just didn’t have the same wow factor as some of the MAC Fall shades in the past. Those pigments look lovely.

Sally Avatar

Christine, thank you so much! I could tell in the comments that people were getting antsy and impatient, but thank you for going to all this hard work! Your readers are incredibly grateful, even if some forget their manners at times :]

cybele Avatar

the eyeshadows were hugely disappointing to me in person as well, but i’m glad to see you liked the eyeliners as much as i did! they’re more expensive than i’d hoped, however… i’ll be getting lap of luxury, maybe kittenish, a couple eyeliners (how am i going to choose which colors?!), and maybe liquid lurex. thanks for the reviews as always, christine!

cybele Avatar

pure show, on the hunt, and smoky heir. i don’t need another black eyeliner, but i just love the formula so much! pure show is just so gorgeous and i love gold ANYTHING, so i’m thrilled for that and will probably end up repurchasing (i can already tell, haha!)… and purples are also one of my other favorite colors for makeup (or for anything!) so i’m definitely getting smoky heir. purples also flatter dark hair and eyes well, i think, so i can’t wait! maybe i’ll finally get the perfect cat eye now.

Elaine Avatar

I was completely expecting to come out of my no buy with this collection. The only thing I ended up wanting after looking at all of this is Aristo-cat lipstick, but I think I can skip it.

Venomous Villains will probably bring me out of my no-buy if anything. Must have Bad Fairy nail lacquer!

Martina Avatar

hello christine, i am martina and i am italian (so please forgive me for any mistake), i’m following you and i really LOVE your blog, it makes me love makeup and it makes me want more and more products that you show!
but there are 2 questions that i am always thinking about…
do you afford all of this makeup with your own money??? i cant’ believe that… you must be really really rich… for this last collection only you have bought more than 500$ beauty products!
and the second is: how do you find your time to upload everyday so many posts? and there is a lot of written in them -so i suppose that it takes time to write them- is it a kind of job for you, to review beauty products? do you get payed somehow?
i hope you don’t feel offended by this comment, and i just want to say again that i LOVE your blog!!!!

Christine Avatar

Hey Martina,

I don’t have any sugar daddies if that’s what you mean, LOL! The blog runs many advertisements (see the perimeter of the site!), and Temptalia is very much ad-supported. The ads help pay for costs like hosting, servers, products to review, tech support, etc.

I make a to-do list to help me stay on task and focus my energy 🙂

Hope Avatar

I am happy to say I won’t be getting anything from this collection. Thanks for your swatches, that convinced me that I do not need a thing.

Pamela Avatar

Thank you so much Christine for these swatches and your honesty. Man, I was so excited about this collection, but now I’m indifferent. I probably will get a few lipsticks and lipglasses, but I’m passing on everything else. Venomous Villains doesnt seem exciting either…whats goin’ on with Mac? Thanks again Christine, you are saving me some money ha ha ha.

Bobbie C. Avatar

i am so happy you were honest about this collection. It really bores me…I was interested in the quads but I felt as if they would be too sheer. Thanks again for being honest!

Bell Avatar

The only product I’m getting from this collection is the Palace Pedigreed Quad, just because I really love the colors and use them a lot! I thought I was getting some more products but neah! I’ll save up for Venomous Villians that I really liked!!

Thank you Christine for the photos and swatches, I always love these posts!!

Phoebe Avatar

I’m sad to hear that you didn’t care for the quads. The eye shadows are usually what I get most excited for seeing as I’m not a fan of lipsticks and glosses. I suppose I’ll just have to test them out for myself. I hate to be a bother because I know you worked so hard on the swatches for the items you were able to get, but do you know when you’ll be getting Utterly Game? That’s the blush I was most interested in because Pet Me is so similar to Dainty (which I have). Thank you so much for these reviews though, you’ve helped me save quite a bit of money(:

Phoebe Avatar

Oh awesome! Thanks so much for replying. I hope you don’t think I’m nagging – I really do appreciate all the reviews you did today 😀

Mickee Avatar

Wow! I am so disappointed with the entire collection. Even the other fall collections look like flunkers to me, lol. I wish I would have been into makeup a year ago, since now I want everything from last year and nothing from this year =(

cmferrets Avatar

meee tooo! i wish i got into mac when they had fafi, heatherette, neo scifi, cool heat, nauty nauticals, and the collection that had the spiced chocolate quad. this year w/ mac has been very overwhelming.

MatryoshkaDoll Avatar

Thanks so much Christine for that great in-depth review! I love how you broke everything down not just by must-haves, but also by skin tone. I’m starting to regret preordering two of the e/s palettes now, since it sounds like they may just be CCO bound.

hababkuktwofour Avatar

Once again thanks Christine you did a fantastic job getting this long post up I appreciate it. Looking at the swatches I’m disappointed. I really have no use for eyeliner due to my eye allergies which never cease. I also don’t wear mascara for this reason. The eyeshadows are ho hum. I may pick up the pedigree quad or the leapard quad not both. The blushes are a major bummer on my NC50/55 skintone they will def not show up so I guess I will save money with this collection.

April Avatar

I am new to MAC (2 months in lol) and I can’t wait for these to come out. I love bright colors just like the next girl, but I will be starting an internship next spring in a human services related field and bright colors aren’t the best makeup option for that:) This collection seems to be just what I needed and wanted.

Thank you very much for providing all these information, it is very much appreciated.

SunlitCactus Avatar

The only thing I’m really excited about are the eyeliners. Do you think anything from the collection will sell out quickly?

Thanks so much for getting this up so fast. You are the best girl.


JayJay Avatar

Wow, I’m shocked that nothing in this collection is all that interesting to me. I may pick up Antique Green, since I missed it previously, but it looks pretty dupeable.

Thank you so much for the in depth review! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the items; maybe there will be something that interests me!


hmm so far i want 2-3 Quads and ALL the liquid liners lol! Im glad the liquid liners are Perm so it gives me time to pick and choose cuz i sure cant buy all of the liners at the same time haha. And i might b2m for 1 or 2 gloss, thinking of “Wildly Refined lipgloss” not sure so i’ll wait till you swatch them when you get it. Oh and maybe the SH brushes too! I’ll have to see how short are the brushes though, if they are really really short then its a Yes! And thinking of the makeup bag too lol! Hopefully when you get it you’ll tell us nah its ugly… so i wont buy it lol! =D

dana Avatar

I originally was so excited for this collection but now I feel very meh about it. I am very underwhelmed 🙁

Thanks Christine for your hard work in getting the products so quickly and getting up your photos and reviews so fast!

Mayra Avatar

I’ve been saving and saving….and saving for this collection and I am so disappointed!!! I seriously thought I was going to spend everything I had saved and now Im having a hard time even coming up with 5 items that I want!!! And im only leaning towards them because of your “must-haves” list hehehe! I take your recommendations very seriosly! =)

Thanks so much Christine for being on top of this and posting it as fast as humanly possible. I love your blog and I think you are the best beauty blogger out there. You take your blog serious and I think thats why its my favorite!!! I appreciate your hard work and thanks to this super helpful review I will have more money for Venemous Villains!!! hehehe 😀

Sara Avatar

I haven’t felt the pull towards this collection much either and the swatches sealed the deal for me. They’re all very pretty and I appreciate your hard work but like… nah. I have enough dupes in enough brands that I don’t really NEED anything. My credit card bill is sighing in relief. 😉

Steph Avatar

The only thing that caught my attention was Bloodline pigment. This collection for me, overall, was a total fail. I hope to see something more exciting later in the fall/winter and I can save my coins for that. I won’t be spending much on the Disney Villians collection either, I only saw 1 unique looking lipstick that would suit my skin tone. Thanks for the review!

Nessa Avatar

thank you Christine!:) these reviews that u make are really really helpful..they help me choose what to buy or skip..:) i was really excited with this but after i’ve read your review, i find that what draws me in the most are the superslick liquid eyeliners..

Natalie Avatar

Thank you so much for such honest, insightful and detailed review. I love how you have dupes list now, so I don’t have to pest you with questions like ‘is it like —?’ 😀 Anyway, you are the best! Thanks Christine!

Aimee Avatar

Hey Christine, do you think the quality of the eyeshadow in the quads are as good as single/pan eyeshadows from MAC? Weird question, but I’m curious hah.

cmferrets Avatar

thanxs so muach christine for being so up to date on the mac collections, i get so excited whenever i see one on your site- my boyfriend thinks im crazy.
but i have 1 question…….. how come mac didnt have a friends and family sale this yeear? are they still going to?

Maria Avatar

Thank you so much for going through all the hard work and inconvenience to cover a huge launch like this. Your reviews are always so useful and fun (though my bank account doesn’t like them! ;)) and I really appreciate them.

livnzoe Avatar

thank you for the awesome reviews!! i’ve never planned to buy a lot of things from this collection.. but after i saw the swatches i’m sure that i won’t buy anything.. maybe the pet me blush, but that’s it!!

thank you christine for all the great posts you do EVERYDAY!!

Adhya Avatar

Christine u are doing an amazing job girl 🙂 . I reallly appreciate alllll the hard work u put in the blog , u r simply the best . Loveeeeeeeeeeee this blog .

Rita Avatar

I agree that something is missing from this collections. The colours seem too monotonous. I think this would have been a great opportunity to have some brighter jewel-like colours for the eyes!

t_zwiggy Avatar

Such a huge disappointment! I’ve been looking forward to this collection since I first heard about it and expected to spend about $300 on it. After seeing your swatches there are only a couple of products that I feel I need.

I’ll be getting the Leopard Luxe palette only because of the darker brown color. Seems like the kind of color I’ve been looking for for ages, and I love veluxe pearls. The eyeliners look really gorgeous, so I’ll pick up a couple of those as well.

scarlettholly Avatar

I actually really like your review. When I first saw this collection, I was very excited. Then when I started to see more and more promo pictures, I decided that the whole thing was very skip-worthy, and you’ve kind of reinforced that here! I’ll maybe try one of the eyeliners, but that’s going to be about it (and save my money for the Disney villains!)

julie Avatar

Christine, thanks so much for these reviews and your organization! I’m sorry to hear about the pigmentation of the e/s quads but I’m glad my wallet is safe! I am liking the liquid eyeliners, so they may be my small indulgence from this collection.

NeenaJ Avatar


Thank you soooo much for your exhaustive review of the FF collection. (Really, you must be exhausted!)
After seeing all of your swatches and now knowing that the SS eyeliners will be permanent, I think my list is down to:

Marked for Glamour SS e/l
Signature Blue or Desires & Devices SS e/l
Kittenish l/s (if not too streaky) or Aristo-cat (if not too cool)

Which means, I’m out for just under $50. YEA!!! Thanks again!

I am still interested to try Pet Me blush, but the pink blush in NARS’s holiday collection (Lipglossiping’s review has since been removed) looks similar and I love NARS blushes so much more than MAC’s.

Andrea Avatar

Christine thank you sooooo much for the review and swatches!!!!!

I will be picking up at least a couple of the Superslick eyeliners, but probably nothing else!

Cherie Avatar

I was very happy to see your reviews and early too! Thank you so much for putting so much time into it 🙂

I find I am actually a bit disappointed in the quads. As usuasl there are some e/s that I’d love to buy individually but cannot justify the quad for one colour.

I’m excited to see the liners. I’m totally wanting a nice taupe and green liner and loooove liquids 🙂

Thanks again!!!

jess Avatar

Good Review–very honest and spot on. I had been excited for this collection–palace pedigree looked hot with a bold cranberry color, gray, pink and a highlight. But seeing the swatch=thumbs down. All of the colors DO look muted and tame. I feel like if they would have amped up everything 3 notches this could be a WOW collection. The colors are lacking pigment, too many golds and browns and rather tame lipcolors and blushes. I am disappointed but my wallet is happy.

My two black cats at home are also shaking their heads in dismay!

jess Avatar

P.S. HEY MAC–Wheres the nail polishes?!! lol. I like the red in the print ads and it seems no nail polishes were released with this collection.

Maritza Avatar

I’m glad i was finally able to see this. I wasn’t sure if I wanted anything from this collection but after seeing the swatches I know I don’t want anything.. The quads look alright.. but ehh I can skip on it.. not really interested in anything… wonderful for my pockets 🙂

Ashley Avatar

It’s sad because on the surface this looked like an incredible unique collection but then mostly everything seemed to fall flat a bit. :\ I think I’ll buy Aristo-cat and Kittenish, which are both new kinds of colors for me, and that will most likely be all, but that’s okay because I am way excited for Venomous Villains! Thank you so much for being the best swatcher out there, and giving helpful recommendations and advice!

jessica Avatar

Great review! I was excitied about this launch but after seeing the collection ans swatches from you, the colors do not wow mw like I thought they would..I only like the eyeliners..thanx christine for saving me money 🙂

Stefanie Avatar

I was really looking forward to some of these quads. Now that I’ve seen the swatches, most of it looks like stuff I already have! I just hope they have a good holiday collection…

Abby Avatar

I highly disagree on skip Russian Blue if you have Plumage. Plumage was my 1st MAC eyeshadow and I hate it sooo much. It’s streaky and I have to pack it on to get that intense color even with a base.

Rachael Avatar

This was a huge launch. It’s taken me about 3 days to dig through and really decide what i like. I’m looking forward to when you get the last remaining products but right now I’m most excited for the eyeliners. I’m hoping to hit bloomingdale’s this weekend and see them in person. 🙂 Thanks for your awesome reviews.

Jazz Avatar

Christine ,
I have a quick question for you. I need a bronzey-coppery lipgloss. It can be any brand , as long as its under 30 bucks( preferably cheaper). I am an nw45 complexion. The closest I have found is Brandy Twist by Clinique , but it doesnt have the shimmer that I want. What other brands should I look at ?

Kimberly Avatar

Great job on this review! It must have been exhausting and super time consuming! I’m so glad I read this, I was really excited but after seeing this I can save myself a trip and the money. Thanks 🙂

Kat Avatar

I think I’ll check these items out in the store…but nothing really grabs me.

On the positive note…I’m saving money in my pockets! Thanks for the review Christine, as always, your work is wonderful.

McKenna Avatar

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t plan on buying anything from this collection. I’m actually a little relieved I didn’t find anything I want so I can start saving money for Venomous Villians and the holiday collection later in the year. Great swatched and everything though, you always do a fabulous job of keeping everyone updated on the newest collections!

cmferrets Avatar

im not, i loved the colors in the rodarte collection- especially the blush , mineralized e/s and nailpolishes. i hope they have them come out in another collection next year.

mochamishmash Avatar

Love your in depth reviews! Really the only products that interest me in this collection are the liquid liners. Everything else seems kind of neutral-bland. The colors are pretty enough and super wearable, but I expected to see more depth and texture in the collection.

Dusty Avatar

all the collections are up and available to purchase on the pro site. fabulous felines, the fall trend bags and the f/w nail collection. just letting you know 🙂 i know most people don’t shop from that one but if you want to look at the swatch photos or anything… woohoo! 🙂

Jess Avatar

Thanks so much for the review! There isn’t anything that i want from this collection which is shocking to me lol. i will probably check it out in person when its available just to make sure :p but so far everything seems kinda ‘blah’ to me.

Kathie Avatar

This is a nice collection. I saw it in person today at my MAC store in Berkeley. I only picked up five of the eyeliners and three of the nail lacquers (the green one, the blue one and the orange/red one are gorgerous!).

Meesh Avatar

Once again I walk away with all lip products. Like you said, this collection is way to big, just like the color forecast, and you’re forced to pick and choose and possibly regret later. But thank you so much for the honest review and the time you spent on this!

Amanda Avatar

Hey Christine!

I was wondering if you new if all of the short handled brushes being released with this collection are the machine made ones like the holiday sets or made like the full sized ones, hand made I guess?

The holiday sets to me just shed are not worth it. Whats your take?

Thank you so much!!

bxboricua Avatar

Thanks for the reviews Christine! Just picked up Lap of Luxury, Drive Me Wild and Smoky Heir..still thinking about Bloodline pigment. It’s gorgeous but I feel like I have an eyeshadow that color…did you think of any dupes for it?

AnGeLwInGz Avatar

I received Best of Breed in the mail today and I absolutely love it. My lips are naturally very bright pink and I like how Best of Breed tones them down, yet adds shine and shimmer at the same time.

Hilary♥ Avatar

Hi Christine!!! I have a question, do you think Club and Burmese Beauty eyeshadow (from the brand new Burmese Beauty quad) are similar? It seems to me that Burmese Beauty has more of a green glitter in it. I don’t have Club but would love to get the Burmese Beauty quad even though Burmese Beauty seems to be the most interesting eyeshadow from the quad.

Maisie Avatar

i went to the mac counter this morning to check this out… the superslick liquid eye liners are gorgeous!! and, the ma told me that they are now a permanent part of mac’s lineup!! yay! also, they stay on really well. i went at 9 am this morning, it is now almost 6 and after a grueling volleyball practice, the swatches are all still perfect. my birthday is coming up in 10 days and i am hoping/wishing to get all of them:)

Emma Avatar

I went to my local MAC store today expecting to lay down close to $200, but I only left with one lipstick. I love the idea of this collection, and the colors are beautiful, but I just wasn’t pulled in by it. I was disappointingly underwhelmed….
I may go back and buy one of the Superslick Liquid Liners, though.

elly Avatar

I am super surprised that out of everything, I picked up To Pamper lipstick today. It’s very unlike me (I’m an NW15 with a love of baby pink lips!) but because I’m so fair, it almost gives off a kind of silent-film-star vibe (think super skinny penciled on brows, dark smokey eyes and super bare skin). I love it!

Michelle Avatar

I loved To Pamper as well… even though I just bought Call My Bluff from In The Groove. I’m NW25 but have really pink lips so I love to cover them up with a nude stick and liner! Yay for cool nudes on warm skin!

Michelle Avatar

I LOVED this collection… Nearly all of the shades I could see myself wearing. Unfortunately I had to make some decisions!!! I had to have Mauvement, Old Gold (had been wanting for awhile), Lithe, Antique Green, and Bloodline (passed on Gold Stroke) and fell in love with Docile and To Pamper which are both rather predictable of me. Also surprisingly picked up a Burmese Beauty quad… It had me at gold and green…. HELLO! Might go back for the other two just because I enjoy the more subtle ranges and some of the similarities in the shades. Had to try the brown and black Superslick Liquid Liners which are so fun to mix with powerpoints and teknakohls. And pigments. (: I’m pretty excited about my goodies and as nothing was too crazy, I look forward to mixing my new products into my favorite looks. I’m sorry you were so underwhelmed with this collection, Christine!!! ): But you did a great job will all the posts, swatching and suggestions and we are all truly indebted to you… THANK YOU!

Amy Avatar

I went to MAC today and nothing really stood out to me… so disappointed! Just got two of the eyeliners, will try them out soon and see if I want anything else from this collection.

monique Avatar

I feel the same way about the fab felines. I went to the counter today and it was released early. I did not see ONE thing that I wanted not one. I agree about the quads. Very sheer, paint pot would be completely necessary.

I instead got some things that I didnt see from to the beach and in the groove

piggles Avatar

Finishes aside, Courtly e/s looks very similar in color to All Races and Quite Spoiled looks like Winter Sky.

I brought my palettes with me to the store. Just to be sure.

TONYA Avatar

I’m in love with “Kittenish” lipstick but I’m afraid it’s too dark for aomeone with NW15/brunette/blueeyed. What do you think Christine, will the lipstick work anyway?

Laura Avatar

Seems like I’m one of the relatively few people who really liked this collection! I got Aristo-cat, Cunning, Pet Me Please, Kittenish and Drive Me Wild lipsticks; Burmese Beauty and Palace Pedigreed quads; Docile, Lap Of Luxury, Spree and Wildly Refined lipglasses, and four of the eyeliners! Really liking everything so far, especially Aristo-Cat <3

Maria Avatar

Just bought some pieces today!
Eyeliners: Nocturnal (silver), Pure Show (gold) and Desires&Devices (khaki) and they are fantastic! And also the golden lipglass “SCHEMER” which is fantastic. Can also be worn on its own although I am pale enough! THink I am gonna go back for more… Overall fantastic with great colours!

Madelaine S Avatar

I went to MAC today to pick up Cunning because it has an amazing color. The artist there tried to convince me I needed to buy the quad. It’s not worth it to me since I already have very similar colors, and the color combination didn’t seem that great.

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