MAC Emanuel Ungaro Collection Review, Pictures, and Swatches

OVERALL, Ungaro is almost like a relief from the darker, more intense fall and winter launches we have been seeing lately. I suppose if I had to describe it in a word, I would say natural. I picked up both of the CCBs as well as Mineral eyeshadow (which I didn’t think would appeal to me).

What did you haul?

Individual product reviews and swatches…


  • Pure Rose is a cool, pale pink. It’s not too frosty, and it feels really creamy. I imagine it would be a bit sheer on the lips, but not overly so.
  • Freckletone is a creamy peachy-beige color–it would make a nice nude for warm skin tones for sure.


  • Pastel Emotion is a pretty creamy, milky pink with shimmer. It’s not something that stands out, but if you don’t have a nice, sheer pink, it’s not a bad choice.

See Thru Lip Colour

  • Not So Shy! is a wine-berry color that lightly stains lips. The color might look dark and intimidating in the tube, but it’s really not so bold once you apply it. I have this from a previous launch, and I never could get it to stain evenly for me. I asked the MA about application, and he advised using your finger to smooth it into lips.


  • Phloof! is a frosty white highlighter color — it’s not 100% white, it has a little beige in it, but mostly white. I find it is it generally too frosty on my skin tone, though I know others adore it for a highlighter. This is a permanent color, but in limited edition packaging.
  • Soft Flower didn’t really show up on me at all. Seriously, I really tried to get it to show up on my skin, but all you could see was the faintest pink tint. The color in the pot is a soft, pink — not too pastel, but not bright — and matte. Pretty, but even when I swatched it over Fresh Morning CCB as a base, it was tough to get it to show up.I was the first to swatch, too!
  • Lilac Touch was a subdued lavender with low shimmer (it’s a satin, afterall). It reminds me a bit of the lilacy color from Suite Array. The pay off is slightly better, and the color itself is nice. Reminds me a bit of Creme de Violet.
  • Mineral is a cool-toned brown with no real shimmer (satin, again) that you can distinguish. It reminds me a little of Mothbrown, actually, but not as pigmented/intense. (Not that Mothbrown was WHOA! in your face or anything!) I picked this one up, actually.

Cream Color Base

  • Fresh Morning is a white-pink color that isn’t eye-safe. I mention this because you might actually use it as an eye base, because of its lightness. Nevertheless, I could see this working as a nice natural skin highlighter for lighter tones and hopefully deeper ones, too. Got this one, too.
  • Crushed Bougainvillea is a pretty pink-wine color, almost a soft raspberry. It’s not as dark as it looks, but it still has good pigmentation. I think this would make a really lovely blush or lip stain. This completed my three-piece haul.

Beauty Powder

  • Flower Mist Dew is a very fine, soft powder that comes off a milky pink with very subtle shimmer. I personally found it a little chalky, and I didn’t feel like it would do anything for my skin tone. Perhaps on top of one of the CCBs? I wasn’t curious enough to buy to find out, though!

Other Items

  • Auto-de-blu Technakohl is a pretty, navy blue liner. I love the technakohl formula!
  • Mink Brown Brow Set for your brow filling needs if you’re this particular shade in eyebrow color! I have a colored brow set as well as clear, and I prefer clear and filling in with a shadow instead. Great for keeping brows in place!