MAC Double Dazzle Collection Review

OVERALL, if you’re a dazzleglass fan, MAC Double Dazzle is the collection you’ve been waiting for. With eighteen dazzleglasses–six new and twelve repromotes–it’s hard not to find at least a few that catch your eye. Dazzleglass as a formula is a thick, ultra glittery sheer sticky gloss. Some of them are less sticky than others, but the majority have a thick consistency and reapplying isn’t always easy. The glitter isn’t subtle in the least bit (don’t think they’re like Chanel Glossimers); the glitter is obvious and bright. If you’ve handled Reflects Glitters, the glitter in these is very similar. (In fact, if you can’t afford any of these right now, mix any gloss with Reflects Glitter for a DIY version.)

Can’t get to the store? Buy online: Double Dazzleglass @ Nordstromicon.

I bought them all (as you can see), so I could take photos and do lip swatches (forthcoming) for my dearest readers. Normally, I’d say I’d have bought Goldyrocks, and Smile from the new ones. I had originally bought a ton of them, but I passed them along to my sister and only kept a couple (four to be exact). I may have repurchased Extra Amps and Rags to Riches. What did you end up buying? What are you planning to get?

Don’t forget to check out: product photos & swatches.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Have: Goldyrocks, Smile, Funtabulous, Extra Amps, Money Honey,

Nice-to-Have: Steppin’ Out, Utterly Posh, Love Alert, Like Venus, Rags to Riches, Baby Sparks

Skip: Sugarrimmed, Girl’s Delight, Stop! Look!

Get in-depth review color by color…

  • Sugarrimmed is the sheerest/most colorless dazzleglass, as it’s a sheer, frosty white with multi-colored glitter. This was released previously.
  • Goldyrocks is a sheer, bright spring yellow with gold glitter reflects. It’s not ultra pigmented, and I would classify it as one of the lighter colored/pigmented dazzleglasses. This one is limited edition for your reference.
  • Moth to Flame to is a sheer, peachy-orange gloss with frosty white and gold glitter shimmer. It is fairly sheer and does not provide a ton of color to lips when applied. This is new to the dazzleglass line-up.
  • Smile is an apricot-pink mixed with pink glitter with more color than the previously listed dazzleglasses. I do anticipate this color being fairly popular, because it is new to the dazzleglass line-up, and it is a wearable shade for most skintones.
  • Steppin’ Out is a fairly bright hot pink with pink and white glitter reflects. It does provide a nice glossy pink look to lips, and it is one of the more pigmented dazzleglasses. This was previously released.
  • Utterly Posh is a coppery color mixed with lighter gold-orange (almost molten) glitter reflects. It’s moderately pigmented for a dazzleglass. This is new, but it is limited edition.
  • Love Alert is a reddish-pink with light pink/white glitter reflects as shimmer. It gives a very slicked pinkish-red look to lips, and it is very glossy. This was previously released.
  • Date Night is a deep berryish shade with a touch of brown in it and lighter pink glitter. It does darken lips when applied, but it doesn’t do it too much to make it brown/boring. This was previously released.
  • Funtabulous is a fuchsia-purple with iridescent purple-pink glitter reflects. It has some color, but it’s not super pigmented; I do feel this is one of the more “dazzling” of the dazzleglasses. This was previously released.
  • Extra Amps is a soft pink with a bit of mauve to it, and the gltiter in it is a match-y pale pink. This shade, like Funtabulous, feels like it has a lot of “dazzle” to it. This was previously released.
  • Like Venus a slightly pinker version of Extra Amps, and it has an almost silvery-pink glitter used in it. It’s fairly sheer, though, so it doesn’t provide a lot of color on lips. This was previously released.
  • Stop! Look! is a raspberryish pink that’s extremely sheer. It mostly looks like glitter bits on the lips rather than giving much color. This is new to the dazzleglass line-up, but it is limited edition.
  • Money, Honey is a semi-sheer pale raspberry-pink with lots of pink glitter. This is one of my favorite dazzleglass shades. This was previously released.
  • Rags to Riches is a browner version of Money, Honey; it’s a slightly browner pink with multicolored glitter reflects. This was previously released.
  • Baby Sparks is a milky baby pink with multicolored glitter reflects. It’s fairly sheer, but it does appear milky on lips. This was previously released.
  • Bare Necessity is a light beigey-nude kind of color, and it is quite sheer. It has less “dazzle” from what I can tell compared to most of the other dazzleglasses. This was previously released.
  • Girl’s Delight is a sheer, warm brown with gold glitter reflects shade. I wasn’t particularly wow-ed by this color; it was kind of boring! This is a new shade to the dazzleglass line-up.
  • Get Rich Quick is a dirty brown with pink and gold glitter reflects. It’s fairly pigmented, and it has a good amount of “dazzle.” This as previously released.