MAC Cult of Cherry Comparison Swatches for Sharp

Sharp from MAC’s Cult of Cherry Tempting quad has defnitely caught some buzz. While I love a good chartreuse color, it does come housed in a quad with two repromotes and one permanent color. I think the quad is cute, and it stands out, but I just don’t see myself reaching for it too often. Even if I did, I expect I would go strictly for the green or else a more neutral look just using the other three colors. So, what do you do when you LOVE the color but already have/don’t want the other colors in the quad?

Find a dupe! Most of MAC’s chartreuse eyeshadows resemble each other; they will differ mostly in pigmentation and texture. Sharp has a great texture and decent pay off – I’m not dissing on it in any way, I just keep hearing people lament having to buy a quad for just one color. I don’t believe you should have to!

PRO: The closest eyeshadow dupe is Sour Lemon, which is a PRO color–but permanent–and it has great texture and color pay off. I know if you live in the US, you can call up any PRO store and have them ship you products for $7. While you’re at it, True Chartreuse pigment is also a PRO pigment that’s permanent and really resembles Sharp (and it’s one of my favorite pigments ever).

Regular: Bitter is your closest permanent eyeshadow available, though the pay off is not as good, and it might be a little less yellow.

Limited Edition: Overgrown came out quite awhile ago, and it definitely resembles Sharp. It’s a shade or two lighter (not as yellow), but it works for me. I used to have Sour Lemon, but I found it very similar to Overgrown, so I gave it away (otherwise I would have swatched it!). Don’t forget Alexander McQueen’s Pagan eyeshadow and Pharoah paint pot–both chartreuse colors; Pagan is less of a dupe (greener), and Pagan may not be as pigmented.