FIVE WAYS . . . to prevent eye wrinkles!

When it comes to aging, prevention is key. Trying to repair the damage or turn back the clock once the aging process has started to show signs (or has set in) is a lot harder than preventing aging!

#1 Use your ring finger when pulling at your eyelid – whether it’s to put in contacts or apply eyeliner! Your ring finger applies less pressure than the other fingers. If you can’t manage with the ring finger, try your middle finger instead.

#2 Start an anti-aging regimen sooner rather than later. Because prevention is easier than repair, finding a good eye cream is a great idea. Hold those fine lines back! Many eye creams also work on reducing puffiness or dark circles as well as have anti-aging properties.

#3 Don’t forget sunscreen on your eyes! I hope everybody knows the importance of wearing sunscreen, but don’t forget to apply it around your eyes. (And your neck!)

#4 Wear sunglasses. Squinting is so not cute, and when you go out on bright, sunny days without sunglasses, you aren’t opting to protect both your eyeballs nor the area around your eyes from the harsh rays.

#5 Avoid rubbing your eyes. Itchy, burning, red eyes aren’t fun–trust me, I have terrible allergies so I know it–but the vigorousness of rubbing isn’t so pleasant to your eye area. The skin on your lids as well as around the eye area (usually known as the eye orbital area) is delicate, so rubbing is a no-no.

Do you have a way to prevent eye wrinkles? Share it with everyone!