MAC Cosmetics – Victor Cembellin Shares Metal-X Tips!

Luckily, I haven’t experienced any real trouble with the new Metal-X shadows, but I have heard plenty of those who have been unsure about their application, ease, and lasting power. Of course, this means I must enlist the help of an expert, and who better than Victor Cembellin, Senior MAC Artist, to guide us all?

Here are a couple of quick tips on how to play with the Metal X collection!

  • With a unique ‘cream powder’ formula the Metal X colors may stand on their own as a metallic lid color (with little to no creasing) simple apply with a MAC #242 or #252 brush and pat across a bare eye lid.
  • For an unbeatable intensity- use the Metal X colors as a base for any MAC eyes shadow on top make shadows perform like their on steroids J.
  • Add glitter liners thinly on top of any perfectly applied fluid eyeliner to create a modernized 50’s cat eye. VERY CHIC.
  • Using the litter gold and silver Metal X tones, apply sparingly to the high cheek bones for a beautiful ‘plastic’ effect on the skin.
  • Use glitter liners sparingly below the eye to add interest and a unique spin on any eye make up application.
  • Use glitter liner on the tips of any style of MAC lashes to create a diamond-like effect to the lash.

Hope these help some of you! Let me know what tips and tricks you’ve found that would really help others, too.