MAC Cosmetics – The Stylistics Review, Swatches, and Product Images

Overall, The Stylistics proves to be a very lovely, dazzling collection of pearls, baubles, and all-around classy packaging. Indeed, the packaging is incredibly reminiscent of last year’s Couture collection, with a few exceptions; obviously, the embellishments are different from last year’s, but instead of gunmetal, they’ve used a shiny, black metal instead. Last year’s held fingerprints like crazy, and over time, parts of my lipstick tubes have tarnished a bit. As a result, I have to say I like this year’s go-round better, because I always hated how easily you could see smudges on Couture’s packaging. The lipsticks are all luxuriously rich and pigmented, which makes them to-die-for. The lipglasses are lovely, but I’m not as stunned by them as I had hoped to be (I adore this formula – it’s sheer and yet adds so much dimension on top of any lipstick). I was 100% utterly disappointed in the Sheerspark Pressed Powders–they did not give me any pay off except for some chunky glitter. I’m personally wondering if perhaps too much oil had accumulated in the testers from customers, and it just made the product unusable, but we’ll see. I’ll ask at The Stylistics’ party tonight, just to get a clear answer!

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  • In Vogue is a neutral-tan with pink undertones with a fair amount of sheen, but no real shimmer. This would make an excellent everyday lipstick or a go-to to compliment a smoky eye.
  • Soft Pout is a light pink with gold sheen, sheerest of the four lipsticks, but it’s such a gorgeous color. I am in love with the golden sheen that reflects off your lips.
  • Stylistic is a darling bright red with just a touch of pink to lighten it up. It reminds of Rockocco lipstick, which was launched several collections ago, and it was quite a popular one then (it was limited edition).
  • The Scene is my favorite, but when am I not attracted to deep raspberry colors? The Scene is this year’s Red No. 5, but definitely more berry than red. They are very similar, though – Red No. 5 was my favorite from last year, so I’m happy to have a semi-dupe lined up for it.


  • Conversational is an incredibly sheer white-gold gloss with lots of glossiness, but not a lot of color. I found this the most passable out of the four.
  • Witty is a vibrant red, sure to be a great complementing gloss to both Stylistic and The Scene lipsticks. However, it’s not overly unique compared to several of the glosses in the red family that MAC has put out. The formula makes it worth getting despite that, because it’s such a smooth, non-tacky finish.
  • Tastemaker is a deep raspberry with red reflects, high sheen, and just a gorgeous all-around color. This is my favorite, but like I said, I’m drawn to this color family.
  • Hyper Chic is a neutralish color, a bit pinkish in its undertones, but love the sheen.

Sheerspark Pressed Powders

  • Pave is a light cool pink, but it doesn’t show up as anything other than chunks of shimmer/glitter.
  • Fashionette is the best out of the four, because I can actually see some pay off with this one, but even that took a lot of swipes.
  • Solitaire is a bright white with lots of glitter chunks. A bit too frosty, I would say, for most.
  • Warm Ice is similar to Solitaire – it gives the same effect.

Sheer Mystery Powders are a silky-sheer pressed powder that goes on like velvet. It is the lightest and softest powder I’ve played with, to date. While the price may seem steep, please keep in mind that each compact comes with an additional refill pan, so you actually get two for the price of one compact.

  • Model Chic is ideal for NC/NW15-25 (25s might find this a bit too light, though).
  • Lighthearted is ideal for NC/NW30-45 (45s might find this too light, though).
  • Dark Secret is ideal for NC/NW45 and higher (though it maybe too light for the darkest skin tones).


  • Air of Style has not been released in most [if not all] stores yet — apparently there’s been a delay in production.
  • Clutch is fun to look at, but at $75, I can pass on it. I’d rather go for a high-end clutch from a purse designer over a makeup designer, I guess.
  • 129 Brush is absolutely stunning. It is the softest MAC brush I have ever touched, besides the 182 (Couture edition!). I’m definitely debating about adding this one to my collection!
  • 224 Brush is soft, but I didn’t feel like it was very different from the normal 224.
  • 316 Brush is lovely in its vintage-chic casing. If I used a lip brush, I’d probably get this.