MAC Cosmetics Suite Array Review and Swatches for Eyeshadow Suites & Pearlglide Eyeliners

** Blue Zone and Ocean 2 are mixed up in the photos! Sorry 🙁

OVERALL, the eyeshadow suites were disappointing because too many of them had chalky textures, which I just know won’t work out well for me. I picked up two, one because I liked it a lot (Team Violets), and the other because the colors weren’t like ones I already had (Blue Zone). The liners were lovely – all rich and intensely pigmented, with a good variety of colors to choose from. I see myself going back to collect more of them, but I wanted to see how they wear throughout the day first. I asked about waterline safety, and I was told these are like powerpoints and aren’t waterline safe because they shrink. Take that for what you will!

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Eyeshadow Suites

  • Sweet Liason is a duo of a soft white-gold and dark brown with gold reflects. The gold color is a bit chalky, while the brown color has better texture.
  • Shallow V. is a pale, pastel green with a touch of blue paired with a darker, blue-teal color. The blue-teal color has come out at least three other times under other names (A Bluer Blue, Big T, etc.). The paler green color is pretty, reminds me of Aquavert, with a chalkier texture. This one reminded me of a velvet texture.
  • Ocean 2 is an icy blue that looks more like lavender depending on the lighting. The darker color is a deep, cool-toned brown – like a very brown Club.
  • Blue Zone is totally named wrong, because the colors are PURPLE! The light color is a very pretty lavender shade, not something I’ve seen often by MAC, but very chalky. The darker color is a blueish-purple… periwinkle.
  • Smoke & Ash is a smoky eye duo, with the silvery gray color (but not over the top silver) and darker brownish-black color (this one is stand out in terms of texture – goes on like a dream).
  • Rose Suites is a pretty pink duo with a chalky light pastel pink paired with a darker, more matte rose-pink.
  • Team Violets is my favorite duo for both colors are well pigmented. The brighter purple color is a mix of fuchsia-purple, richly pigmented. The darker color reminds me of Beauty Marked, but lighter and with a tinge more red shimmer.
  • Counterparts is a beigey-peach color, nothing too special, though it’d be nice for highlighting on warmer skin tones. The green pairing is a olive-emerald-green color with gold bits in it.

Pearlglide Eyeliners

  • Black Russian is not an intense black; it’s a silvery-gray black.
  • Wolf is a gunmetal color, very silvery.
  • Molasses is a dark brown with very low level sheen/pearl to it.
  • Spare Change is shiny like a copper penny, not shimmery so much has pearlescent.
  • Miss Fortune is a nice reddish color, interesting to see this shade as an eyeliner, actually.
  • Rave is a pretty royal purple color – loved this one.
  • Bankroll is a money-green (duh!) color with golden pearl.
  • Fly-By-Blu is a rich, dark blue with an almost duochrome nature.