MAC Cosmetics – Painterly Collection Review

Overall, I really love the texture and consistency of the paint pots, because they are very creamy and easy to apply. They blend seamlessly over the skin and just absorb into it and dry quickly. They have great, long lasting power, which means they’re perfect to use as bases. I like the container they come in so much better than MAC’s paints, because those tubes can get messy and it’s hard to be exact. I also love the technakohl formula, so I am happy to see more colors for that line come out.

Artifact – Cranberry eyeshadow in paint pot form, and of course, lacking intense shimmer.
Bare Study – Oh, man, I loved this color! Not sure how I would use it, but it sure looks lovely when swatched; in fact, it totally reminded me of Astral Rays glimmer shimmer (which I love, but hardly wear).
Blackground – Black, but it wasn’t quite pitch black to me, which I was kind of wanting. I would probably prefer Blacktrack for my smokey eye base in comparison to this.
Constructivist – Deep, dark brown with a bit of an amber tint to it, and it seems a bit overpowering for most uses, because of how dark it is. It would be lovely in dramatic looks, but I don’t see this as versatile as some of the other colors launched.
Delft – The swatch doesn’t even do the color justice – this is truly a gorgeous teal base. It is similar to Shimmermoss, but more matte. It also has great payoff.
Fresco Rose – A muted pale pink, which is lovely, but I’m not sure I would find enough uses for it; could be great as a base for Passionate eyeshadow, to really get it to pop, though, or even notoriously hard to use Sushi Flower eyeshadow.
Greenstroke – It reminded me of Surreal eyeshadow, and I think it would be great for smokey eyes or gray and blue looks as well.
Groundwork – A muted pale brown color, which would work well under shadows as a base – kind of like Fresh Cement shadestick (but better, because it is creamy and easy to use – plus, not harsh on your lids).
Indianwood – I am always a sucker for golds and the like, so of course, I loved the look of this. It didn’t remind me instantly of any particular eyeshadow that MAC has, which is always a good thing.
Moss Scape – This was not even out at my MAC store! I could not try it.
Painterly – This is very similar to Bare Canvas paint, so I think a lot of people will like this new form, because this is an excellent base.
Rubenesque – Lighter than Indianwood, but still in the goldesque family. It is lovely, and it would be a great color to use under browns, golds, and even greens.

Antiquity – Lovely olive green liner, and it goes on smoothly, too!
Archival – I can’t see myself needing to use blue liner very often, since I prefer to use black almost all the time on my actual waterline, but this is a pretty royal blue.
Foxtail – A cranberry color, with a touch of brown, and I can see this not working for some people, because it might make eyes appear swollen, but it could also be great to warm up neutral looks.
Photogravure – Kind of a very dark greenish-brown-gray color. Sort of blah to look at, but it would be a great alternative liner for smokey eyes.
Plank – More of a true brown than Foxtail, because it is deep and dark, with a touch of warmth, but not much.
Steelpoint – Dark, gunmetal gray, and this is probably one I am most interested in purchasing later on down the road.

213 – Small, fluffy little brush, which I don’t feel would be my choice for use with the paint pots – I could see using this for more precise shadow application, though.
231 – This is such a tiny, tiny brush, but it would be great for initially getting some of the paint pot product out and onto your lid.

Featherette lashes – I actually think these look quite lovely, and they’re much smaller than the ones in the promotional photograph, which makes them more wearable. I can’t imagine myself ever wearing these, as I can hardly get regular false lashes on (not to mention, what occasion do I have?).