MAC Cosmetics – In 3d Collection Review, Photos, & Swatches

Overall, I really enjoyed that MAC came out with two new formulations/products, because I like seeing innovation in the company’s repetoire. In terms of whether or not they’re products I can’t wait to have? I can wait a bit longer. The 3D Glass comes in numerous gorgeous colors, and they should be thought as similar to lipglass in terms of opacity and color payoff, but with the texture of a lip gelee and lustreglass. I sort of was reminded of the way Vaseline feels like on my lips when I put on Boundless. I did wish that there were some more opaque colors, especially since some looked so great in the tube, but quite sheer in use!

Algorithm – This is a pretty purple, a very light version of Sexy Ray lipglass, sort of, with plenty of shimemr/glitter in it.
Apex – Very much an orange coral lip color, but easily sheered out and perfect for complimenting many lipsticks when paired with green looks.
Backlit – I have a thing for this color family, I think, very sheer, irridescent type glosses. I was briefly reminded of Vibrational lipglass (limited).
Boundless – Oh, how I fell in love with this color, just by sight. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed when I put it on my lips – quite sheer. It made my lips look slightly tinted, which is nice, but I guess I was hoping for a bit more color potency!
Energy – This just seemed really similar to Synched Up; kind of a pinkish coral with a lot of shimmer.
In 3D – A pinker coral than Energy/Synced Up, and way less orange than Apex. Pretty, but not too exciting – similar to Lychee Luxe lipglass with more pink.
Lightswitch – I just loved this one! I don’t particularly need to run head first to buy it, just because I have enough glosses similar to this, but it doesn’t keep me from wanting to make it an impuse buy. It’s like a pinker Luminary lustreglass!
Optical – Kind of dull, just didn’t catch my fancy, too muddied for me, I guess.
Racy – This is a really pretty pink color, and I imagine it makes for a lovely pink pout on the go.
Synched Up – As mentioned earlier, similar to Energy & In 3D; more pink glitter/sheen than Energy.
Touchpoint – A medium pink, which is sheer when swatched, so I picture this working mostly as a top coat on lipstick or as a very quick gloss for neutral days.
Wondershine – Pinks are always pretty, especially when they’re hot (the hotter the better, right?), but it was similar to Racy.

Brickmate – A warm brown in color with a good consistency.
Coral Craze – The perfect coral liner for one of my favorite lipsticks, Mari-sheeno!
Fuchsia Lining – I like this color a lot, because it will work wonderfully with dark pink and plum lipsticks, without being over the top.
Neutralzone – This is definitely going to be a MLBB color for some people.
Part Nude – A deep medium brown, cool, unlike Brickmate.
Pink Edge – Another great MLBB liner color, and it reminded me of Sweetie cremestick liner.
Plum Mate – More pigmented lips might find this a MLBB color, but it is a great liner color for deep plum lip colors.
Red Stroke – A softer red liner, which will go well with all those red lipsticks I have hanging around. Might not be great with matte finishes (if intended to stay matte), since it is glossy.
Rosebound – A less saturated pink liner with enough lightness to make it wearable.