MAC Cosmetics – Novel Twist Collection Review & Additional Swatches

The launch had a good mixture of products that would appeal to both new and old collectors, because of how many products were included in this collection. Personally I was not that enthused and found little that I really, really just had to have to add to my stash, but I still found plenty of things that caught my eye. The paint pots are a potential item I’d like to test out, and the PRO brush set was lovely. Of course, the darling miniaturized version of the 182 brush was my favorite part of Novel Twist.

Paint Pots
Artifact – Smooth and dark like Cranberry eyeshadow, only less shimmer and sheen.
Delft – I was slightly entranced by this, because it was just so gorgeous swatched, but since I’m wearing less and less teals and blues, I just couldn’t justify it.
Indianwood – I am a sucker for gold colors, and this one was no exception; it was beautiful in the soft sheen and the color of bronzy gold. Like all the other paint pots, it was extremely smooth in texture and went on easily.
Painterly – I was definitely reminded of Untitled or Bare Canvas paint when I swatched this one, and I imagine this would make an amazing base.
Stray Grey – True to description, it is a gray with purple undertones and has little to no shimmer to it.
Stringalone – This wasn’t warm enough for my liking; it just looked a bit dull for me.

Gadabout – This is the perfect pornstar pink color in lipglass form. I imagine it will smooth out and be less opaque when applied to lips, and it would look lovely on top of a pale pink lipstick like Fun Fun.
Spree – A darker cranberry-brown color with plenty of shimmer; it didn’t really spark anything for me.
Sprightly – One of MAC’s traditional pink sheer colors they launch with the majority of collections.
Wander – This is a deep warm brown with reflecting glitter in the lipglass; it’s not a color I would wear, but it wasn’t a color I remember seeing often in previous collections.

Powder Blush
Out Of Bounds – A very sheer brown-based blush that just did not go on darkly at all, which might be ideal for lighter complexions who have wanted browner blushes without intense color payoff.
Whim – I thought I would be drawn to this color and love it immediately, but I was not impressed. It is a pale pink, but it did not go on very well – too sheer, like the other blush from Novel Twist.

Beauty Powder
Softdew – This is a repromote from a previous launch (Catherine Deneuve), and while it seems like it might be a pretty highlight powder, I passed on this easily.
Sun twist – A peachy color with a lot of pink undertones, which could work well as a pink-based bronzer or a light blusher.

5 Warm Eyes (LE)
Adlib – This looked more blue gray to me than anything, and it was pretty, but I couldn’t see myself using it often.
Unwind – Possibly the most gorgeous eyeshadow out of both eye palettes, but I am always a fan of dirty or antique gold colors.
Vanilla – Part of permanent line.
Folie – Part of permanent line.
Club – Part of permanent line.

5 Cool Eyes (LE)
Novel Twist – The color hardly showed up – it was a bit chalky/chunky and just no pay off.
Twirl Twirl – It was the same story as Novel Twist – where is the color pay off? No thanks!
Phloof! – Part of permanent line.
Beauty Marked – Part of permanent line.
Deep Truth – Part of permanent line.

3 Tan Lips (LE)
Fetish (lipstick) – Gorgeous when swatched, but it isn’t a color I see myself wearing often.
Frenzy (lipstick) – Part of permanent line.
Spunlight (gloss) – Pretty, but too pale for me.

3 Coral Lips (LE)
Ramblin’ Rose (lipstick) – This is a pretty color, but I think it is part of the permanent line?
Sway (lipstick) – Too sheer for my liking, a bit of a pale pink in it.
Rambling (gloss) – Too similar to Sway to really make it worth getting this palette!

3 Pink Lips (LE)
High Strung (lipstick) – A very shimmery plum-pink lipstick with a good, smooth texture.
Swirl (lipstick) – Pretty, but very, very sheer, so there wasn’t a lot of color pay off.
Loop Around (gloss) – A nice gloss, but too similar to past glosses to make it a must-get.

3 Plum Lips (LE)
Darkside (lipstick) – Gorgeous in color, with its rich raspberry coloring.
New York Apple (lipstick) – A less intense version of Dark Side when I swatched it, even though I know that this is part of the permanent line (and have it already), and it isn’t that sheer.
Scribbles (gloss) – An extremely light pink gloss with lots of glitter.

5 Basic Brushes (LE)
This set included 129, 190, 224, 242, and 266 brushes. It is a good set for really… the basics. The 129 brush is great for blush or powders, and the 266 is a great brush for filling in brows or dealing with liner. I’m not a huge fan of the 190, because I never use flat brushes for foundation. The 224 is good and fluffy for great crease application or blending. The 242 is also a good shadow brush to use.

5 Pro Brushes (LE)
This set included 168, 187, 212, 219, amd 275 brushes. I really loved the brushes included in this set because they are great and versatile tools. The 187 is perfect for mineralized products, as well as applying dark blushes lightly. I always contour, so the 168 is a must! The other there eye brushes included in this set are great for defining eyes. If I didn’t already have the 168 and 187 in both full size and minature size, then I would have gotten this.

Warm Pearlizer + Brush (LE)
Quiver is a really gorgeous color, with a lot of warmth and peach to it; it erminded me instantly of Melo pigment, which is lovely. it is extremely shimmery, though, and it does have a lot of color pay off. The mini 182 buffer brush is pretty small, so it is not necessarily a real contender against the full size 182, but it is still usable and would be great for spot buffing.

Cool Pearlizer + Brush (LE)
Hundred Degrees is a gorgeous cool pink that isn’t that cool, which makes it a great pastel pink color with lots of shimmer for cheeks.