MAC Cosmetics – Neo Sci Fi Launch Review

OVERALL, Neo Sci Fi is much more impressive than the initial addict reaction made it seem. I think many people were thrown off (or turned off) by the bright orange packaging, and it definitely felt like there were plenty who were writing the entire launch off. I have to disagree, because I think this collection comes out with many wearable colors that are fun and friendly to consumers as a whole.

Have we seen some of these colors before? Yes, probably, most likely. But at the same time, there are some great colors that haven’t come out or haven’t been out in awhile. I think as dupe-able as some of the shadows are (three of the five), they still make amazing combinations together.

I originally thought I would love the blushes, but they were just so-so to me. Pretty, but I didn’t feel like I had to get them right away, you know? I’ll give myself some time to think about what else I want. The lipglasses had three repromotes, so those could have been more exciting.

The neon orange packaging (truly, day-glo construction orange) didn’t turn me off as I thought it would. It was just kind of sleek and fun. I admit, I’d have loved to see the orange packaging in October and MAC rocking a terrifying Halloween-esque collection, but alas, we get it now.

All in all, I walked out with Evening Aura, Femme-Fi, Sci Fi Delity, Supreme, and Black Ore (more out of curiosity than “omg, I have to have this!”). What did you get? What were your favorites?

Make sure you check out the swatches here.

Read my detailed review for each product…


  • Pleasureseeker is a sheer, low-level frost (it is a glaze afterall) pink with peach undertones. The color is subtle, and I imagine those with more pigmented lips may find that it doesn’t do enough for them. I loved the color, though, if only because it’s a great “grab and go” summer lipstick.
  • Sunsonic is a gorgeous bronzy gold color, which makes you think “would I ever wear this?” but I can tell you that this is a great color to start with, and then layer lipglasses over. Never rule out a lipstick/lipglass until you try some combos!
  • Sci Fi Delity was my favorite of the five lipsticks, because it is a great raspberry red with gold shimmer. For all my ladies avoiding the red lipsticks, try this for something softer, but still with some punch. I picked this one up!
  • Electro is truly a bright orange, though it’s more of an orange with some burnt red in it. It’s not quite the orange of the packaging, but it’s still “electrifying.” I don’t know if I’d wear this alone, but it might be nice with Naked Space or Soft & Slow lipglasses over it.
  • Astral is a rich, warm brown with bronzy-gold shimmer. The pearlized pigments in it really make it pop, and I think the ladies of color will need to take a peek at this one. To be honest, I don’t own very many brown-based lipsticks, but this one made me consider it.


  • Naked Space is a soft pop of peachy-orange with gold shimmer, which makes a really pretty light lipglass for wearing alone or on top of other lipsticks (like Electro). It does remind me of Orangedescence lipglass from some launches ago.
  • Pink Grapefruit is such a pretty pink-coral with gold/bronze shimmer. It is one of my favorite lipglasses of all-time, and even though it’s come out before, I’m glad they’re repromoting it for those who weren’t able to get one in the past!
  • Supreme is ridiculously rich and pigmented; it is a deep, warm brown with bronze and gold reflects. I couldn’t get over how pretty this looked swatched, and I had to get it. Haven’t owned a brown lipglass before!  By the by, this lipglass did come out some time ago… three of four are repromotes this launch, geez!
  • Soft & Slow has come out before I think (I believe in Smoke Signals?), but it is also a very nice color to see repromoted (rather than a nude or something). If you’re going to repromote a color, I want to see something that was really popular or unique amongst the line. Soft & Slow is a muted, deep pink-berry with gold reflects.


  • Femme-fi is a frosty cream with gold sheen, and it comes in my favorite finish: veluxe pearl. Even though I have plenty of highlighters, and I tend to fall back on favorites (like Ricepaper or Shroom), this one caught my eye. It is just so smooth, rich, and pigmented–it would look great on the lid, on the brow, or even as an eye-opener on the inner tearduct.
  • Expensive Pink is another veluxe pearl (can we say yay for four VPs in this launch?) that’s a lovely melony-pink color. It is permanent, so you can pick it up any time you wish (and available in regular black packaging for those who loathe the orange).
  • Evening Aura is a pop of peachy-orange with nice pearl shimmer. I thought this one was quite lovely, and though it did remind me of Orange Tangent (or at least C-Squeeze shadows), but I long ago swapped that away, so I couldn’t tell you just how similar they were (I want to say it may have been more orange, rather than peach-gold).
  • Time & Space is so rich in pigment it’s insane–it is a deep copper brown with a lot of warm in its gold sheen. It is a lot like Woodwinked eyeshadow, but with a little more of a copper edge and gold feel to it. Surprisingly, this is a frost finish, despite feeling and looking like a veluxe pearl.
  • Magnetic Fields is a cooler, deep, dark brown with low level shimmer. It’s similar to Satin Taupe, but darker, more of an ashy tone to it.

Sheertone Shimmer Blush

  • X-Rocks is a shimmery mauvey-brown with lots of gold sheen. It is quite pigmented, so those who lust after blushes with punch will enjoy this one.
  • Spaced Out actually reminds me a bit of Pleasureflush mineralize skinfinish (someone who owns Pleasureflush will have to compare for us!) with more pigmentation/orange base. If not Pleasureflush, then Motif eyeshadow, which is a lovely color, and I have used it as a blush/highlighter before. It is a soft, peachy color with pink duochrome undertones.

Nail Lacquer

  • Phosphor is a bright pop of yellow with gold shimmer, very in-your-face.
  • Neon 8 is a coppery red with low level shimmer and gold sheen.
  • Plasma Blue is a bright sky blue (well, a little deeper and neon) with shimmer.
  • Metalist is a softer cool, taupe brown with less shimmer than the others. Obviously, this one is probably the most wearable out of the four.