MAC Cosmetics – Naughty Nauticals Review, Images, Swatches, and Product Photos

OVERALL, Naughty Nauticals releases something that will probably tickle your fancy–from the pigments to the pop of red lipstick to the duochrome lustreglass. My favorites from this launch were Loveknot lustreglass, Port Red lipstick, Illegal Cargo eyeshadow, and Mutiny pigment. Anyone who loves pinks for lips should be sure to take a peek at Loveknot and Ensign lustrglasses, and all of the lipsticks (except Port Red) are pink-based.

The Stowaways quad is worth a look, but I think those who don’t have access shouldn’t fear that it is a huge must-have quad!

Skinsheen was out, and the sprays look like typical summer self-tan sprays (I didn’t try it out as I didn’t want to just have a blotch of tan on my arm, ha). I adored the body brush, though; it is so thick and lush and luxurious. I really want it, but it is a bit pricey, and I’m not entirely sure what I would be using it for!

What did you think about the launch? What were your favorites? What’d you get, and what did you wish you could get?

Check out detailed reviews of each product, as well as swatches and product photos!


  • Bateaux is a coral brown with lots of frostiness in its finish, but it has decent color when swatched.
  • Loveknot is one of my favorite lipglasses to come out in a long time, because it has a cool duochrome nature to it! It is a blue-pink with purple sheen, and it reminds me if you mixed Pink Pearl pigment with clear gloss (though this is probably pinker).
  • Ensign is a bright pink, not fuchsia or red, nor is it a hot pink, which makes it a fun color for summer. I’m sure there have been previous colors that are relatively similar to this out there, though.
  • Hey, Sailor is a deeper pink with a little bit of mauvey-berry in it. It is the darkest of the four lustreglasses, but all of them do seem like they have good pigmentation (especially for the lustreglass formula).


  • Buoy-o-buoy is a light, creamy beige with pink undertones and looks like a lot of other neutral/nude lipsticks out there. I don’t consider this a must-have, since the shade itself is not very unique.
  • Party Mate is a neutral-to-cool medium pink that goes on semi-sheer, but it is a little bit buildable. It’s a fun pink for those who have been aching for something without too much color but girly.
  • Port Red is a gorgeous ruby red with gold sheen, and I would definitely say it is an eye-catcher. I really loved the shade, and I think it is up there with my favorite red, Queen’s Sin. They aren’t identical, as Queen’s Sin is a little deeper, I think, with more berry as an undertone. I love the gold flecks that you see in this lipstick.
  • Ahoy, There is a creamy, sheer medium-warm pink with subtle reflects in it. It’s a pretty color, but it didn’t have me jumping around or anything. I feel like I’ve seen it and/or variations of it often enough that I could skip it as a long-time MAC addict.

Indoor Light



  • Shore Leave is a frosty ivory color with a little bit of gold in the undertone. It’s a bit stark on darker skin, so you may want to try it out and think about how you’d use it if your skin tone is beyond NC30, but I really do like the sheen of pink and gold in it.
  • Illegal Cargo is a cool, pale mauve with plum in it. I like the frost and sheen levels in this, because they’re definitely there, but they aren’t too much. I thought this was one of the prettiest colors in the launch. By the way, this is similar to Thunder from the Thunder Eyes quad once upon a time, as well as Pearl of the Earth from one of the holiday palettes two years ago or so.
  • Meet the Fleet is a chalky, matte navy gray. Unlike Matte2s, this is similar to the typical matte formula, so it may be harder to work with. In terms of blendability, it was just okay — I wasn’t loving it on sight or anything. The color is nice, but I think I could get away with just using Print or something.
  • Pandamonium is a lighter gray than Meet the Fleet, and it doesn’t have any of the blue in it. I found that this had the least color pay off, so you really need to pack it on (it’s a lustre).
  • Submarine is a satiny dark blue with a subtle sheen that really does look gorgeous, but it is like Blue Storm. It might be a bit brighter, but they are definitely cousins!


  • Bell Bottom Blue is a rich navy blue with these cool darker blue particles in it. It reminds me of Deep Truth eyeshadow (or even Submarine eyeshadow from this launch).
  • Lark About is a cool white color with a blue cast to it, and it is relatively frosty, so it’s not my favorite for a highlight (because I prefer lighter frosts or veluxe pearl finishes for that area). It may make an awesome shimmer to a body lotion, though!
  • Lovely Lily is prettier than I remember it being, honest! It’s very smooth and is a lovely warm lilac color with some frost in its finish, but not too over the top.
  • Mutiny is a pale aqua with decent brightness and OK color payoff. It is the least “pigmented” out of the bunch, but I think that this is a great way for those who have been scared of teal to get into it.


  • Awash is a pale, frosty white with a lot of yellow/gold tones, so it’s actually quite pretty. I would say I like it the most out of the four in the quad.
  • Crest the Wave is a bright pop of yellow with a frosty finish, a little chunky in texture, but still blendable. It’s pretty, and it does remind me of Going Bananas from C-Shock.
  • Satin Taupe is a permanent MAC color, and it is a gorgeous brown with a gray cast to it.
  • Sea Cadet is a chalky pale gray-navy blue. It’s not my favorite texture, but it has decent payoff.

Nail Lacquers

  • Shirelle is truly a classic bright red, and I would say it almost has a coralness about it.
  • Naughty Nauticals is just gorgeous as a rich, dark blue with purple-blue sheen and shimmer. OPI’s Russian Navy seemed to have a lot of purple sheen to it, and I would say the shimmer and effect of Naughty Nauticals is bluer than Russian Navy.