MAC Cosmetics Monogram Collection Review

Distinguished, Identity, Monodramatic, Posh Life

OVERALL, Monogram offers a nice selection of lipglosses and lipsticks, but you can probably skip the rest! This year’s lipgloss formula is very similar to Dazzleglasses–both the chunkier shimmer (dazzle!) and the nonsticky formula really make them similar. They do not feel like the formulas they used in Couture or Stylistics (unfortunately for me). I picked up one gloss (Identity), but I wasn’t sold on it, which just made me sad, because I look forward to the luxe lipglosses every year. I did like the lipsticks more this year, even though the packaging felt cheap and plasticky (despite looking like “gold”). The pigmentation was good, none of the colors were overly frosty, and the shades are suitable for most people. I ended up getting All Mine and Flourish–I admit, I do not need another red, but I picked up because I seem to get every luxe red, so why not? I passed on the Sheer Mystery Powder, as I already have one from last year that never gets used. The Sheerspark powders were like past years–so utterly disappointing for me. I really wish MAC would replace the Sheersparks with something else–they just never seem to be a huge hit with most addicts I’ve talked to (including me!). I find them not pigmented enough to use as blushes/shadows and the glitter is too chunky to be a highlighter. I’m so pleased to see the Air of Style perfume housed in a much more practical bottle this year. I purchased last year’s version, which has cool packaging, but the perfume cannot stand up at all, which means it stays in its box and out of reach.

You can find collection details and photos in past posts.

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  • Flourish is a deep holiday red that’s not too bright. It has some shimmer/frost to it, but not too much. I might even compare it to Queen’s Sin in some ways, though not as bright. I hope I remember to compare it later on.
  • All Mine is a medium blue-based pink that I imagine will look great with Identity or Posh Life lipgloss from the launch. Lots of pigmentation and the formula itself is very creamy.
  • Marque is a light pinky beige color. It is the sheerest of the four lipsticks, but it still has more pigmentation than the average nude lipstick.
  • Status Symbol is a rich, warm brown with low shimmer and good sheen.


  • Posh Life is a bright medium pink, almost a deeper, brighter pink. It has pretty gold flecks in it.
  • Identity is a pastel pink with gold shimmer. Good pigmentation for a light pink gloss.
  • Distinguished is a milky nude-beige gloss with subtle gold shimmer. It’s a pretty sheer gloss.
  • Monodramatic is a warm, deep chocolate bronzy brown with gold glitter.

Sheerspark Powder

  • Commemorate is a gritty/chunky glittery product that doesn’t have much color other than some shimmer.
  • Keepsake has the same texture as Commemorate, and to be honest, the color showed up little to none at all. It looked almost the same as Commemorate.
  • Personal Touch [I didn’t get to review this–my MAC store did not get this in.]
  • Old English [I didn’t get to review this–my MAC store did not get this in.]

Sheer Mystery Powder is a silky, lightweight pressed powder housed in a heavy “gold” compact. I did find the compact bulky (the product itself looks so small housed within that huge compact!), but the weight was a turn off, too. Like last year’s, it weighs somewhere in the same realm, I would say. You do get a refill, for those cautious of the $50 price tag.

Air of Style is just like last year’s–only way better packaged. Makes me wish I had waited! You can read my full review of the scent here.

Limited Edition Brushes [I didn’t get to review these–my MAC store did not get this in.]

Monogram Clutch is so small! I couldn’t believe how small it looked. I didn’t touch or feel it, but I saw it in the display dome. It can’t be more than six inches wide. I wasn’t drawn to it; looked a little cheap to me.