MAC Cosmetics – Metal-X Review & Swatches

Overall, I found the texture and consistency of the new cream shadows to be heavenly–smooth and rich in color. These are not crease-resistant, at least not on their own, and perhaps with the right base and setting tools (shadows or maybe even Invisible Set) would be needed to optimize their lasting power. MAC Make Up Artist Paula advised to use these on the lid and brow, but avoid using it in the crease if you fear creasing problems. I’ve been given other tips like using a base underneath the new cream shadows or to ensure you pack on enough powder products (like shadows, for instance) to maximize staying power. The glitter liners were pretty, and a first for me (in person, at least), so I made sure to pick up one. I felt that the liners had good color payoff – they were clearly different colors when swatched. I only purchased Plum Electric & Pure Ore cream shadows and Blitzed glitter liner.

You can see what I had to say about individual colors, just


Metal-X Cream Shadows

Cyber is a shimmery smoky silver-gray, very reminiscent of Silver Fog pigment or a lighter version of Silver Ring eyeshadow (maybe more like Rondelle eyeshadow). It’s a pretty color, but I thought it would be best suited around eyes, rather than cheeks or body (for themed or special occasions, perhaps, but not on a regular basis).
6th Sin is this gorgeous dark emerald green with yellow-gold shimmering reflects. It’s absolutely stunning, and it’s such a perfect holiday color.
Fusion Gold is a beigey color with pink undertones and very shimmery. I see this being a great browbone highlighter and cheek highlighter – you might find the color itself a bit boring, but it’s quite wearable, and I love a multi-tasking product.
Goldspice is a bright bronzy-orange shadow, with plenty of gold shimmer reflects. I thought it was quite like Bronze eyeshadow, so I was able to skip past this one for now.
Metalblu is this gorgeous deep navy blue with purplish reflects in it. Very sultry and jewel-toned, much like Deep Truth eyeshadow.
Pink Ingot is a rosy pink with gold undertones, which was quite sheer, but all of the shadows have good building abilities, so I was able to get it to the right shade. This would make a lovely cream blush color or even a lip color.
Plum Electric is, by far, the prettiest color in the colletion because it’s insanely vibrant, and the shimmer is subtle and sets off the color without being overpowering. I loved the color pay off of this, and I’ve always wanted MAC to come out with a real purple like this.
Pure Ore is a lovely antique gold hued shadow–reminded me of Reflects Antique Gold with less metallic shimmer–that is totally up my alley.
Virgin Silver is more silver than white from what I saw; it isn’t flat out silver, but I would definitely classify it as a light silver. I could see this working as a brow highlighter, but I am not sure I’d love it on cheeks.

Glitter Liners

Blitzed is a great combination of gold with bronze reflects. I see this as a great versatile color, because it can wear well on its own or over another color to add another dimension to it.
Enbronze is my pick for anyone who is glitter-conscious, because of its brown-base, the glitter is subtle rather than overt. You can easily wear this as a quick, out-the-door liner for the holidays, because the glitter particles really kick it up a notch.
Lime Dandy is really lime green with glitter (seems like a lot of gold undertones in the glitter to me). I think MAC addicts will adore this as a way to accent bold looks or jazz up a more natural look.
Pewterpink is a nice mixture of blue and purple with lots of multicolored glitter to spice it up. I liked this one for its wearability, since it wasn’t over the top on its own.
Wonderwhite is more white than silver, in my opinion. It’s very glittery/shimmery, and if you want something incredibly versatile, this might be the one for you, because of the whiteness, it can be worn over a multitude of colors while adding glitter effects.

P.S. – We would LOVE to see additional swatches as well as actual product photos, so if you picked up something from today’s collection, send us the pictures!