MAC Cosmetics – Matte2 & Plush Lash Reviews

Overall, I found that Matte2 (pronounced Matte Squared, for those who were unsure!) was a collection of some new colors, some duplicates, but I also realize that these are all using a new matte formula, and as a result, have replaced (and probably will end up replacing more in the future) existing shades with the old matte formula. These are like butter; creamy, smooth, and the pay off is incredible. I like that they came right out with 16 shades, rather than giving us a few now, and then throwing us more limited edition ones as time went on. They really are revamping the permanent collection by putting 16 new eyeshadows into the mix, and I really love that. Liquidlast liner is always fun, and I must have missed Inky and Inkspill, because they seem totally new to me!

Plush Lash: Okay, I didn’t have much time to really play with this, but I did get to put a few coats on quickly, and I really did love the length, thickness, and subtle curl of the mascara. I’m thinking it just might be a keeper, but I have to use it in a real look first.

Blanc Type — If you’ve ever wanted a bright matte white, this is it! No shimmer to be found, just pure white. It isn’t gray, it isn’t pink, just white.
Brown Script — I’m reminded of Texture eyeshadow, but of course, this is matte texture, which means it is an excellent crease color to increase the depth and definition of your natural eyes.
Clarity — A lot of people are comparing this to Electric Eel, and it isn’t a bad comparison; they really are alike. I do like this formula better, even though Electric Eel has great color pay off. However, if you already own Electric Eel and find yourself rarely reaching for it, Clarity probably isn’t of much value to you!
Copperplate — A gray-plum, which will make a great lid color for a more subtle or downplayed smoky eye this fall.
Fig. 1 — This is such a gorgeous purple; it reminded me of what I wished Creme de Violet would have looked like. It’s a lovely grape purple, with a bit more brightness.
Flourishing — A subtle shade of olive green, which I think is fabulous, because the line really needed this shade of green. I love the matte greens like Femme Noir and Velvet Moss (I think this is a satin) – and now there’s something more toned down but still matte.
Graphology — Dark, smoldering purple – deliciously smooth and perfect for that sultry smoky eye.
Handwritten — This might end up being a new brow filler color for me! It’s a warm chocolate brown, and because of the texture, the pay off is excellent and velvet smooth.
Newly Minted — Remember Melody? It was discontinued quite a while ago, but here it is, revamped and better than ever with a new name. Truly, I immediately thought of Melody, which had pretty good pay off, but this seemed like it would apply even smoother and with more pop.
Pen ‘N’ Pink — There is a color in the Liza AM quad (old, limited edition) that’s very similar to this, because it is the same light white-pink and matte finish, but this has far better payoff. The other one ends up being a bit chalky, whereas this one is creamy. I found this had a bit less color pay off than the other 15, though.
Poison Pen — Another grayish purple color, but this time, it’s more purple than gray. It’s almost like a chalky purple, but not in texture, just in the color – toned down, wearable.
Post Haste — If you have Passionate, you’ll find yourself wondering if these two are twins. Their difference is in texture, in feel. I would say I’d pick Post Haste over Passionate, though. It’s such a pretty hot pink.
Prussian — I love the name! A dark blue, not quite navy, because there is still some brightness to it, but this gorgeous shade of a deep sea blue. I’m reminded a tad of Deep Truth, without all of the shimmer.
Signed, Sealed — A darker chocolate brown in color, and I think a lot will love this color for its earth tone and how easy it will be to incorporate it into neutral and work-safe looks.
Tete-A-Tint — An orange-pink, peachy almost, which reminds me more of spring than the fall, but I think it is a gorgeous shade. I can’t think of a similar color in the MAC line that would compare well against this.
Typographic — Ever wished for a less black Carbon? This is it. A gray-black in the this new creamy formula, and I can’t wait to see people use it in some smokey eyes.

Electrolady — This is one of my favorite liquidlast liners; it such a vibrant violet color, and one of my favorite ways to line my lower lash line (and then add a touch of Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow on top for a real pop!).
Coco Bar — I don’t think I’ve ever really been a huge fan of brown liner for myself, so I found this color passable, though it’s a lovely rich deep brown.
Inkspill — Oh, what a gorgeous deep teal color. Looking at these, I was reminded of the jewel tones of fall.
Inky — Another jewel tone, a deep blue, not too bright or bold, and I, of course, fell in love with it.
Point Black — Who doesn’t love a pitch black liquid liner?

You can see all of the swatches here.