MAC Cosmetics – Fafi for MAC Review

OVERALL, Fafi offers a lot of bright girly colors, lots of pinks, for this launch. There’s a few surprising colors that popped up, more sophisticated with darker tones or less shimmer, so I think most will find an item or two to pick up. I really liked the lip products, because of the cute, girliness of it all, but I would say that they’re not all unique so you could pass easily on some of them. The paint pots have excellent textures–they are all incredibly creamy, rich, and the color pay off is divine for all of them. I liked the quad with the green and peach-orange shadows, because I feel like you get more for your money, since the other quad has two permanent eyeshadows in it and the other two colors aren’t enough to persuade me to buy it anyway. I loved Sassed Up iridescent powder, and the blushes were lovely, but I’m not sure if I’ll cave for those yet. Oh, and by the way, the designs on the products are stickers, not actually printed on the products, which is a huge disappointment. It just seems cheap to me, and I know it’ll wear off easily (and heaven forbid it gets wet!). I wasn’t completely blown away by the launch personally, but I think it is a fun collection that offers just that, some fun. I picked up only a few items yesterday, because I’m going to a Fafi event on the 10th, so I’ll probably get more then. I just got Fun N Sexy lipstick, Squeeze It lipglass, and Cash Flow paint pot (plus, I had to get some PRO products, of course!).

See swatches here! Read a detailed review…


  • Flash N Dash is a frosty pink-poppy kind of color with a high shine finish. It’s quite pretty, and I think it’s a wearable color for many skintones, though it is a touch warm.
  • Strawbaby is fairly sheer peachy-nude color with just a touch of pink/fleshy undertones. I think people who found the N lipsticks too pale might enjoy this as a fun, sheer neutral lipstick.
  • Fun N Sexy is a bright pop of pink with purple iridescence. It looks incredibly bright in the tube, but it is misleading – it goes on more as a sheer/lustre texture, so color isn’t nearly as vibrant as it looks in the tube (which may or may not be a good thing in your opinion). I personally was hoping for more brightness and color pay off on the lips myself.
  • High Top is like a duochrome lipstick version of Club eyeshadow–not kidding. It looks exactly the same as Club does swatched, just in lipstick form. I’m not entirely sure how this will look on lips, but it may be incredible under a lipglass to add new dimension.
  • Utterly Frivolous is a pretty medium pink, and I think it is a lustre formula. It’s a touch sheer, but there is some nice color that you can get by building it up. I do like this color, but it isn’t a must-have, since it is not the most unique.
  • Not So Innocent is the sheerest of the six lipsticks from Fafi, and it is kind of like opalescent shimmer – much like Sugar Trance lipglass, but as a lipstick. It would not do much beyond add shimmer to my lips, so it wasn’t something I felt I had to have.


  • Cult Fave is a bubblegum pink with white shimmer that’s not totally sheer, as it does have decent color pay off to it. It’s a fun pink gloss to have, and I know I’ve seen a few others come out in this family–I want to say with a Nordstrom exclusive launch–but it’s a very giry color.
  • Sugar Trance is a cooler white-pink color, very sheer, with plenty of shimmer. Kind of reminded me of Luminary lustreglass, which is one I love, so I do like the color, but this probably isn’t a “must.”
  • Squeeze It is a rich, warm burgundy-plum color with shimmery purple reflects. I found this one to be a deeper, more “sophisticated” color considering there are a lot of bright pinks in this line.
  • Totally It is a bright pink with purple-pink opalescence. Very pretty, and I think it’s this year’s Malibu Barbie lipglass. I think it might have more shimmer than Malibu Barbie, but I’m not positive.

Quad #1

  • Hey Neutral a very shimmery/frosty tan color, kind of like Woodwinked only a bit lighter.
  • Howzat is a rich navy-gray with subtle shimmer, pretty but not essential.
  • Pink Venus is a nice bright pink with lots of frost, and it goes on quite nicely – the texture is great.
  • Vanilla is a bit chalky, more of a white with gray undertones. It’s a popular choice for a highlighter, though.

Quad #2

  • Bold as Gold is a lovely shade of yellow gold with some antique-color to it. I like the levevl of frost/shimmer, because it is there, but not overwhelmingly so.
  • You’re Fresh is a bright pastel green, like a warm minty green. The texture is the best, but it is definitely workable.
  • Shockwave is a bright peachy-orange color, kind of like what I always wanted Paradisco to be. I like the color pay off and the low shimmer.
  • Prankster is a very dark, dark gray with blue undertones (it’s darker than Howzat). It’d make a nice smoky eye, but it isn’t terribly original.

Paint Pots

  • Layin’ Low is a soft warm brown, creamy textxure, and it looks fairly matte/satin to me. It would make a nice all-over lid color for those opting for quick morning looks, as well as a great base for browns.
  • Nice Vice is a very rich, creamy purple-burgundy color with opal shimmer. It was a nice color, but I find it isn’t as versatile because of how dark it is; it’ll make an awesome smoky eye, though.
  • Girl Friendly is a cool, mauvey-pink. It is kind of a “dull” color in the sense because there’s no shimmer and it’s very flat, but it is also a great pink color that you don’t see come up very often. It’s easy to add shimmer with shadows, it’s harder to find a good base that looks matte.
  • Rollickin’ is a bright, shimmery teal, kind of like Aquadisiac eyeshadow. Unlike the paint pots from McQueen, which were fairly matte, this has a good bit of shimmer.
  • Cash Flow is a gorgeous antique gold color, so you know it’s right up my alley. Really subtle shimmer with good color pay off. This is one of my favorite items from the launch.
  • Perky is a warm rosy pink with slight shimmer, very smooth and good color pay off. This would make a great blush in addition to being used on the eyes. I think this is a good shade of wearable pink, too.

Powder Blush

  • Hipness is a warm coral-peach blush with some pink in it and very little shimmer (if any). It would make a great everyday blusher for a lot of people. It reminds me of Springsheen without all of the shimmer.
  • Fashion Frenzy is a brighter cool medium pink, very bold and the pay off is excellent. It would be easy to get heavy handed with this blush, but it can be wearable if you opt to go lighter and build up to your desired intensity.

Iridescent Pressed Powder

  • Sassed-up was definitely my favorite, because it’s a soft golden pink kind of color. It would make a great subtle blusher as well as a highlighter. I also feel like this will work on more skintones and is more versatile than the other two.
  • Verve-acaious is a very pretty bronzy gold color, warm on me, and I know it would do well on my skintone (NC30), because it has some warmth and yet shimmer, too.
  • Belightful is just a little cooler, more gold with a touch of “antique gold” in it. Pretty, not too frosty, kind of a subtle shimmer.

Nail Lacquer

  • Girls Will Be Girls is a really pretty medium pink polish with gold shimmer, and I think I will end up picking up one of these soon.
  • Boom! is a bold burgundy with pink shimmer, and it reminds me of Wild ‘Bout You lipstick! It’s very pretty, and it makes a great color for the nails.