MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches — Part 1

Patina, Charcoal Brown; Mystery, Haux; Satin Taupe, Filament

MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches, Part 1

I said I would try to find a pocket of time to head down to the MAC store and swatch eyeshadows for you, and I did! 🙂 All swatches are on swatch paper, so you can get an idea of the “true” color and not wonder if it’ll show up on your lighter/darker skin. I swatched all of the permanent eyeshadows my local MAC had on their displayer, so I apologize in advance if any permanent colors are absent.

See the rest of the eyeshadows!

Twinks, Courdoroy; Brown Down, Folie; Handwritten, Omega

Vex, Copperplate; Coquette, Concrete; Brun, Smut

Idol Eyes, Carbon, Gesso; Crystal Avalanche, White Frost; Forgery, Electra

All That Glitters, Swiss Chocolate; Brown Script, Antiqued; Wedge, Kid

Honesty, Honeylust; Mulch, Bronze; Quarry, Embark

Silver Ring, Scene; Print, Nehru; Typographic, Black Tied

Romp, Espresso; Bamboo, Arena; Saddle, Soft Brown

Retrospeck, Era; Soba, Cork; Tempting, Woodwinked

Swimming, Humid; Flourishing, Greensmoke; Sumptuous Olive, Aquadisiac

Shimmermoss, Club; Plumage, Newly Minted; Tilt, Moon’s Reflection

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