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Never, ever, ever, do I let anyone use my makeup! There is enough of our own personal bacteria in our personal stash that I can’t even fathom what the results would be if I let someone else use my stuff…especially my MAC!

NEVER! I never have anyone ask, but if I did I would say no. Every once in a while I try a product I don’t like and give it to my sister, but never mascara.

I’m the same. Noone uses my stuff (noone ever asks anyway), but I give unwanted things to my sister and mum.

i let my mama use any of my makeup that she wants! to be fair, she wears 99% navy and grey colours on her eyes, and likes viva glam v style lipsticks (similar shades), so its not like she digs through everything.

she is always welcome to use anything she wants, and likes trying my different foundations to see if she likes the texture etc.

nobody else though, i never share anything :s i never ask others to share theirs either tho!

Only my best, best friend when we’re on holiday and getting ready for nights out etc, she raids my makeup bag for something NARS, YSL etc. Sometimes my sister does the same, it doesn’t really bother me too much and reportedly no one’s died from dipping their brush in someone else’s blush powder, yet.

However, I don’t allow anyone to borrow, as in take anything away from me to return later, no way would I allow that! I’m generous with my unwanted items though.

Never!! haha.
I am suuuuuper protective over my make up… 🙁 kind ov have OCD about it!! lol.
They can use it if I do their make up..but that’s it! 😛

I’m amazed at how anal everyone is about this and yet plenty of us buy used items in sales, swatch things at the counter/store and have our make-up done by make-up artists, who (surprise!) don’t replace their entire kit everytime a new client comes along.

Usually nobody asks to borrow my make-up (I have 3 male flatmates). I did lend some to one of my friend once though when she came to visit me and the airline had lost her luggage. I see no problem with that at all. My mom and I tend to swap lipsticks as well. She gets the MAC shades that don’t suit me and I get her Shiseido lipsticks that she ends up not liking on herself.

I totally share your views. I said “only my big sister” because no one ever asked for my make up anyway but I wouldn’t mind a good friend to use it as long as they are careful and don’t break anything. We also exchange nail polish with my sis, I don’t mind. I never purchased anything used from anyone, though.

Hehe, yeah, I’m actually more concerned about people breaking my stuff than I am about bacteria. I mean brushes can be washed, Eyepencils can be sharpened and lipstick can be sterilised or be used with a brush to begin with. And powder products don’t harbour bacteria anyway.
I avoid sharing lipgloss (and don’t buy that used generally), but other than that I’m really not that bothered. 🙂

Only my big sister. I don’t mind her to borrow my blush, eyeshadows, any powder products. And she let me do the same. There’s no reason to be so over protective of what we own as make up, I don’t understand this reaction. We keep our mascara, eyeliner and lipglass personal though. As for lipsticks, we don’t wear the same colors at all (she got full lips, I’ve got /small medium ones, our skin tone is different and I tend to focus on eyes while she tend to focus on lips) so the problem of sharing doesn’t even occur.

I let my sister borrow things like blushers, lip or any other product which should nt be shared if its new or i dont want then ill give it

Oh God No !!

I’m VERY careful with my things. I even keep everything in their original boxes so they won’t scratch or get dirty.

Only to my mother, and for things powdery like blush, compact powder or eyeshadows 🙂 we keep our eyeliners and mascara personal 🙂

only my best friend. i dont like that she does, but im too much of a woos to say no. its only my cheap mascara and my chanel eyeliner which i can just sharpen anyway. and lipstick which doesnt matter to me. thats all i wear anyway. 🙂

Not borrow (because my friends are flaky and can’t remember to return), but I would absolutely let my friends use my makeup if they were over (or if I’m visiting) Obviously there are exceptions like mascara, but shadows can be sanitized and so can lipsticks. I mean when you get a makeover done at MAC, do you think that they’re breaking out fresh makeup just for you? I understand being careful, but I kind of figure life is short as it is, you can’t be terrified of everything.

No, no, no! Absolutely not. I would rather just give it to them or if its something like a pigment, pour it out in a jar for them to have. I am too concerned about eye infections & the transfer of bacteria. But then again, noone really asks me.

I wouldn’t let anyone borrow anything but before going out, my friends will often come over and play with my make-up beforehand. I have way more make-up than I’ll ever use up and it’s fun to help my friends pick colors out.

I don’t let my makeup leave the house. However, if my BF has a job interview and needs a reliable eyeshadow base I am happy to provide.

I have one friend who I’ll let use/borrow my stuff – like for certain nights we’ve gone out together I’ll lend her a lipstick or gloss. No big deal, but I trust her. Anyone else? Probably not.

None of my friends are asking either. I even lived in a sorority house and we rarely borrowed makeup! The only person I share with is my mom and she only wants to use my eyeshadows or lipstick. She wanted to use my mascara and I’m like “Nope sorry!”

Lol man people make this more of a big deal than i thought! i dont care if my girls use my makeup… at all.. borrowing it is completely different… because i ve had bad experiences with clothes let alone makeup.. but wearing when we go out? my girlfriend owns like every makeup possible and i use hers everytime we go out. Ive used my girlfriends eyeliner before but only one because its my best friend… so no i dont really care. unless its people i dont know.

My best friend and I do like a tri-monthly swap. My best friend will try out stuff and if she doesn’t like it she’ll let me try it out. We keep an eye out for colors and products that we think will look good on each other. I know that’s not really sharing, but it sort of is because if we don’t like what we swapped we swap back hehe…

I don’t mind if my friends borrow my makeup. They have their own, but if they need something I know I’ll eventually get it back =D

I never let anyone borrow anything. However, I will put my makeup on them if they want to use something (i.e. lipglass, eyeshadow, paints). I will never share mascara because that leads to nasty eye infections. My sister would love to run away with a few things of mine, but I keep a watchfull eye on her when she is around my stash! 🙂

It may sound selfish but I don’t allow anybody touch my makeup stash! I’m usually very protective of all of my things. If my mom likes something: I’d rather go out and buy her the item. Same would apply to my friends 🙂

I would not let my friends borrow it due to possible loss or whatnot. But they are welcome to use my makeup when they come over. Most of the time…they don’t even use it themselves but ask me to do their MU for them. 🙂

a lot of my friends share eyeliner and lipgloss and things like that and it grosses me out so much! i’ll give any makeup i don’t use to my mom if she wants it, but i think that’s different. the only thing i would let someone else borrow is blush and i’ll probably use my own eyeshadow if they ask me to do their makeup.

wow! I dont let any of my stuff (no matter what it is!) leave the house to be borrowed but if a friend wants to try a shadow I always let them. It’s really funny that you guys will use makeup at counters that random people did who knows what too but won’t let your friends! I had 2 best friends and during homeroom we would dump our make up bags on the desk and get ready together.

I’m definitely far more disgusted by the idea of using makeup at the counters. I have not, nor will I ever try any makeup on my face/eyes/lips. I only swatch colors on my hand. I try to stay away from conjunctivitis and cold sores as much as possible. Lol.

nope! im the only makeup addict out of my friends anyway 🙂
sometimes my mom asks me for certain eyeshadow colors but thats about it.

I’ll only share powder products. Share…. as in keeping the products at my house and leave it there, I’m not “lending” them and risk it not coming back. I wont allow myself to share eyeliners, lipliners, or glosses. Yuck, who knows what you can catch. I find it easier to just wipe the top of the face powder, blush, shadows and share 🙂 I know you can just sharpen the liners or lipliners but I just prefer not to share those 🙂 Then again it is just my sister and I at home so I’m alright with it, hehe

I rarely let anyone use my makeup 😛
I just hate the idea of using the same product that someone else used.

i would so love any makeup item at all as i have none my house burned down and no insurance and so life will never be the same ever again, to go from having all your fav pinks to nothing is devastating.. i am mypinkrainbow on twatter and on youtube.. have a beautiful pink rainbow day,, i love mascarra i used to have the white and hot p[ink mascara from mac

bunch o fibbers on here for sure…. girls are girls… if my friends are at my place or we’re out and they want to use my makeup i let them within reason (i have significantly more than they do). Mascara are certain lip products, brushes, LE or collector items are off limits. Or i apply it on them… but i wouldnt let them “borrow” it for fear they lose it or ruin it… no one takes care of you stuff they way you do! not concerned about germs and contamination among my close friends… shit if i let you in my home, car, personal space then obviously i think you are sanitary… and virtually any makeup product or tool can be sanitized so it really makes little difference if u know what you are doing. but for people who dont want to share or take the extra cleaning steps i can see why they may not want to share their makeup… it is a personal thing and choice.

Most definitely not. Never. Occasionally I will give some to family here and there, but never borrow. Yea I get called mean but I just call it being sanitary! =)

If the girls are meeting at my place to go out, I’ll do their makeup for them but they’ve all worked in the business and know how to be sanitary. Also the majority of my makeup is used for freelance work and gets used by me on a number of clients. I use disposable applicators and clean brushes for everything so it’s sanitary. Sometimes I’ll let my sis or best friend borrow a lipgloss for a night out but I usually let them keep it unless it’s a personal favorite of mine.

I don’t ‘borrow’ makeup, and I rarely let anyone use it. I think the only people I have shared with have been my boyfriend and my mother. In both cases, it was my Urban Decay black eyeliner.

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